OSRS: How Do You Get Magic Logs on Ironman?

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Magic logs can be obtained from cutting Magic trees, alongside some other activities like through the Wintertodt minigame, Barbarian Assault, Yommi trees, hunting Nature Implings, and killing certain monsters.

As an ironman you can’t access the Grand Exchange.

So it’s really important to understand the possible routes to get Magic logs before you choose one method – since every method tends to be long, and you’ll need the logs to complete three important quests:

  • Desert treasure (requires 12 Magic logs)
  • Monkey madness II (requires 3 Magic logs)
  • Mourning’s End Part I (requires 1 Magic logs)

With that in mind, this article will explain the possible methods so you can make the best choice according to your playing style.


Hunting For Magic Logs

Hunting a Nature impling in puro puro / OSRS

After reaching Hunter level 58 you’re able to hunt Nature implings with a Net, while carrying an Impling jar on your inventory.

By opening the Nature impling jar, you have a 1/10 chance to be rewarded with a Magic log – which is a good chance, and a nice route if you like to train Hunter.

Nature implings can be found throughout Puro-Puro and Gilenor, but you should choose to hunt them in Puro-Puro since it’s more effective.

To get there you need to use the Fairy ring teleport to Zanaris, run north-east into the crop field, and then enter the Centre of crop circle.

To make the hunting process easier, do not forget to bring along some runes to cast Bind, Snare or Entangle on the implings.


Woodcutting Methods


Chopping Magic Trees

Chopping Magic trees in the Woodcutting Guild / OSRS

To cut Magic trees you’ll need Woodcutting at level 75 (boostable).

You can find the trees in several locations, but probably the easiest places to reach are inside the Woodcutting Guild (requires 78% Hosidius favour) or outside of the Ranging guild, directly east from the eastern corner of the guild.

You can teleport to the WC guild with a Skill necklace, and you can get to the Ranging guild with the Combat bracelet.

You can also temporarily boost your Woodcutting level by:

  • Using the Dragon, 3rd age or Crystal axe special attacks, which will increase 3 levels
  • Drinking Axeman’s folly, which will increase 1 level
  • Drinking Mature axeman’s folly, which will increase 2 levels
  • Drinking Spicy stew with 4 brown spices, which can give you a boost up to 5 levels

Chopping Dead Yommi Trees

This is a special method which you can only do during the Legends’ quest, before you complete it.

There are several requirements in order to do the quest, such as 107 Quest points, certain levels, and other prerequisite quests.

Besides that, to properly get all the Magic logs you need, it will take something between 2-4 hours.

Although some players could consider it a tough route to obtain Magic logs, it’s generally considered a really good one – since the levels requirements will vary between 42-56 (boostable) so it’s not that hard.

The Woodcutting requirement here, for example, is level 50.

During the quest, after you kill Nezikchened, you’ll receive 3 Yommi tree seeds from Uglandu.

And at this point you should drop them and ask him for more, repeatedly.

It’s hard to determine the amount of seeds you should ask for, since there’s no certain information about the chances of obtaining Magic logs through Yommi trees. So you must stop the progress of the quest at this point, in order to be allowed to ask for more if needed – just to be safe.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use a Blessed gold bowl filled for each seed, so get as many as you can during the quest.

At this point, you need to go to one of the Fertile soil points in the Kharazi jungle (see the image below).

Map of Fertile Soil points in Kharazi jungle / OSRS

Plant the seed in the soil, use the water from the Gold bowl on it, and wait until the grown Yommi tree dies.

After this you can chop it down and hope to get some Magic logs.


Playing Minigames for Magic Logs



Once you reach Firemaking level 50 you’re allowed to play the Wintertodt minigame, which is a boss fight based on skilling.

You can get there really fast by using the Games necklace teleport to Wintertodt camp*.

* In order to unlock the teleport, you’ill have to (at least once) take Veos’s ship in the northern dock of Port Sarim and make a trip to Great Kourend.

After earning 500 points, you’ll receive a Supply crate at the end of the game. This will give you two rewards.

For every additional 500 points you’ll get one guaranteed additional reward (until you reach the 28 rewards cap).

To be able to get 10-20 noted Magic logs as a reward from opening the crates, you must have at least Woodcutting level 50.

The chance to get them will increase with your Woodcutting level, but they’re considered a rare drop.


Barbarian Assault

There are no requirements to play this team-based combat minigame.

Just find a team to play and start the first room.

The fastest method to get there is by using the Games necklace teleport to Barbarian Outpost and entering the east building.

By high gambling your Honour points with Commander Connad, you will have 1/32 chance to get 50-100 noted Magic logs as a reward.

Every High gamble costs a Penance queen kill and 500 Honour points (which can be from any role, but must come from a single one).

Although it seems like a good chance to get all the logs you need at once, this is not a commonly used method for Ironmen – since it’s not easy to find an efficient team, and players will expect you to have good combat stats either way.


Killing Monsters for Magic Logs

Taking out various monsters to get Magic logs as a reward is not a regular choice for ironmen, since most of the monsters require high combat stats to kill efficiently. And the majority of them are located in the Wilderness, which is not a safe place to be with restricted accounts – especially for hardcore and ultimate ironman players.

With this in mind, you should probably choose between killing Zombies (Tarn’s Lair), the Skeletal wyvern, or monsters assigned as a slayer task from Konar quo Maten (in order to get Brimstone keys).

We’ll look into each of these below.



After completing Haunted mine quest you will be able to access the Tarn’s lair and kill special Zombies in a multicombat area*.

* You cannot place a Dwarf cannon inside the labyrinth.

By far, the most efficient way to get here is by using the Slayer ring teleport to Tarn’s Lair.

But alternatively you can get here by going through the entrance of the Abandoned mine and heading north (this method requires a Salve amulet).

The Zombie levels vary between 40-100.

But only those leveled 61-80 can drop 1 Magic log, with a 1/64 chance.


Skeletal Wyvern

Skeletal wyvern is a 140 combat monster which requires Slayer level 72 to be killed.

It can be found at the Asgarnian ice dungeon.

To get there, the most viable methods are through Fairy ring teleports AIQ, using the Amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor village, or by using the House teleport with a house in Rimmington (you can use the redirect scroll too).

Check out the image below for more details:

All teleport options to get to AIQ / OSRS

Each wyvern has a chance of close to 1/22 to drop 35 noted Magic logs.

And to be able to efficiently kill them, do not forget to bring an Elemental shield, Mind shield, Dragonfire shield, or Ancient Wyvern shield (or even a Dragonfire ward).


Konar’s Slayer Assignments

Looting the Brimstone chest / Old School RuneScape

After reaching combat level 75 you’ll be allowed to get slayer tasks from Konar, by talking to her at the summit of Mount Karuulm.

The most viable ways to get here are:

  • By using the Fairy ring teleport to CIR and running north
  • By using any teleport to the Faming guild, and then running north-east
  • By using Rada’s blessing 3 or 4 to teleport to the top of Mount Karuulm

The monster you’ll have to kill (as well as the specific location you’ll have to go) will be decided by Konar.

During any task you get from her, you’ll have a chance to obtain Brimstone keys.

This chance starts at 1/100 and will increase with the slayer monster’s level (capped at level 350, giving 1/50 chance).

By using the Brimstone key on the Brimstone chest located near Konar, you have 1/30 chance to get between 120-160 noted Magic logs as a reward.

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