How Do You Get Blue d’hide Chaps in OSRS? (Ironman + Regular)

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For those of you who are not restricted to ironman accounts, it’s possible to simply buy the chaps directly from the Grand Exchange for around 2k coins (the price as of this writing).

However if you are an ironman, or want some profit and experience by making them yourself, you can get the Blue d’hide chaps through impling hunting or by collecting the hides, then tanning and crafting the chaps.

Blue d’hide chaps are a ranged armour that require a Ranged level 50 to equip in the legs slot. With these on you’ll receive the following bonus:
Attack bonus:

  • -10 magic
  • +11 Ranged

Defense bonus:

  • +13 to stab style
  • +16 to slash style
  • +20 to crush style
  • +14 to magic
  • +20 to range

So let’s look at how you can make these chaps for yourself.


Making Blue d’hide Chaps Through Crafting

Crafting Blue d’hide Chaps / OSRS

Blue d’hide chaps can be crafted once you reach Crafting level 68 (boostable*).

And you will need a Needle, a Thread, and 2 Blue dragon leathers per chaps.

To make them, just use the Needle on the Blue dragon leather and choose the corresponding option on the menu.

Every pair of crafted d’hide chaps will grant you 140 Crafting experience.

*It’s possible to temporarily boost your Crafting level by:

  • Drinking Poison chalice, which grant +1 Crafting
  • Eating a Mushroom pie, which grant +4 Crafting
  • Drinking Spicy stew with 4 oranges spices, which can give positive or negative stats, ranging from 0 to 5 Crafting levels

Now that all seems easy enough – but how do you get the actual items to craft these?

We’ve got you covered.


Route 1: Buying the Resources

If you’re not restricted to an ironman account, then you could just buy the items from the Grand Exchange, use the Needle on the leather while having a Thread in your inventory, and select the chaps on the menu.

This is by far the fastest way to craft a Blue d’hide Chaps, and will cost you about 3950 gp per chaps, considering today’s margins.

Observation: It’s possible to buy Blue dragonhide from the GE and tan it (turn into Blue dragon leather), but it’s not recommended because it’ll just take longer and you won’t actually profit.


Route 2: Gathering The Resources

This route is mandatory for ironman accounts that want to make the Blue d’hide chaps via crafting.

And this route is suggested to normal players who want to make a tidy profit while training Combat and Crafting in the process.


Step #1: Getting The Blue dragonhides

There are 3 possible ways to get Blue dragonhides:

  1. You can low gamble your points from Barbarian Assault Minigame by talking to Commander Connad, with a chance of 1/32 to get 10-20 hides
  2. You can try to loot the Dark Chest in the basement of the Crumbling Tower with a uncommon chance of getting 5-10 noted Blue dragonhide (requires 28 Thieving and a Dark key)
  3. You can slay dragons to get Blue dragonhides, and this is the most efficient way. Blue dragons always drop 1 hide per kill, Brutal blue dragon always drop 2, and Vorkath always drops 2 & has a good chance to give you an additional of 25-30 noted ones.

Step #2: Tanning The leathers

Tanning a leather is the process to turn Blue dragonhides into Blue dragon leathers, required to make the d’hide chaps.

To tan, just take the amount of unnoted dragonhides you want in your inventory (and the respective amount of gp) to a tanner in any of the following locations:

  • Al Kharid
  • Ranging Guild
  • Canifs
  • Crafting Guild

Talk to the tanner and select the “tanning” option in the menu.

The fee for tanning is 20gp per Blue dragonhide, except for the Canifs tanner which costs 45 gp.

It is possible to tan a dragon leather with Magic too, once you reach lvl 78 in the skill and after completing the Fremennik Hard Diary. You can do this by using the Tan Leather lunar spell.

Every spell consumes 1 Nature rune, 2 Astral runes, and 5 Fire runes, which tans 5 leathers in total.

Doing this way will cost 914 gp per Blue dragonhide if equipped with a Bryophyta’s staff and a Tome of Fire (other combinations are possible but will result in less profit).


Step #3: Getting the Needle & Thread

Both Needles and Thread can simply be bought from general stores around RuneScape.

This is much faster than PvM, hunting, or thieving for the materials.

Probably the easiest stores to reach are the Fancy Clothes Store (Varrock) or the Dommik’s Crafting Store (Al Kharid).

Alternatively, if you’re not an ironman, you can buy this stuff directly from the Grand Exchange.

To finish the process you just use the Needle on the Blue dragon leather and choose the option for the chaps – and it’s done!


Step #4 (Extra): Turning Into profit

Non-ironman accounts can sell the Blue d’hide chaps on the Grand Exchange.

Ironmen can only profit by using the High Alchemy spell on the chaps (keep in mind that this can be done by normal players too, but will take longer).

By selling it on the GE you can expect something close to 2092 gp per Blue d’hide chaps (today’s price and 20 gp tan fee).

By alching it you can expect 2363 gp per Blue d’hide chaps (this price can increase a little bit if you have a Bryophyta’s staff and/or a Tome of fire).


Hunting For Chaps

Hunting Eclectic Implings for Blue d’hide Chaps at Puro-Puro / OSRS

Another possibility is getting the Blue d’hide chaps through Hunter, specifically by hunting Eclectic implings in Puro-Puro and Gielinor.

You’ll need to reach at least Hunter level 50 in order to catch them with a net.

Since Puro-Puro is the best location, you can get there by using the Fairy ring to Zanaris and then entering the Centre of crop circle.

Each impling jar has a 1/100 chance of rewarding you with the chaps, and each impling gives 30 Hunter experience (in Puro-Puro) or 32 experience (in Gielinor).

Note: do not forget to take runes to bind the implings – it’ll be much easier for you.

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