OSRS: The Best Ways To Level Up Crafting

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Crafting is a skill with a ton of options and lots of variations. And as a result, there are plenty of ways to grind up those levels fast.

It’s an especially important skill for ironmen in OSRS, as it’s the only way to get some of the best in slot jewelry.

With so many options it can be a challenge to pick the best method – especially an affordable one, as the skill can be very expensive to level up.

So let’s take a look at the absolute best methods for leveling up crafting quickly and easily!


5. Molten Glass

Molten Glass Crafting in Furnace / OSRS Screenshot

Molten glass can be done from level 1, all the way to level 99, and it’s one of the more affordable methods on this list – with some options even being profitable!

Starting off you can make beer glasses at level 1, which will get you 29k experience per hour.

This is very fast experience and it’s quite cheap compared to other methods – especially at such a low level.

At level 33 you can move onto vials for 60k experience per hour, and then onto unpowered orbs which should actually make you a small profit as you grind.

I would do unpowered orbs from level 46 to 87, and then light orbs all the way to 99.

This is a great ironman method too, since the resources are not too difficult to obtain, and the experience is pretty great.


4. Making Bracelets

Making Bracelets / OSRS Screenshot

Making bracelets also offers good experience, and is profitable all the way to level 99.

You’ll make small profits, sure. But profit is profit.

For crafting, you can start these from level 7 with gold bracelets, and ultimately end at level 74 with Dragonstone Bracelets.

At level 74 you can expect to get around 160k experience per hour – which is much better than glass making.

The best way to grind this method is to make use of the Edgeville furnace, as it’s close enough to a bank to ensure your experience per hour is maximized.

I would also recommend this method to players who want to make a profit, and don’t mind spending a bit more time working towards 99.

Reason being that this bracelet method is about half the speed of the other top methods further in this list.


3. Cutting Gems

Cutting Gems (Topaz) / OSRS Screenshot

Cutting gems can be a fairly expensive method of training – but it offers the fastest crafting experience to level 77.

So these are a viable option for those trying to be as efficient as possible.

You can start this method by cutting Sapphires at level 20 crafting. These are the most cost effective, and provide around 140k experience per hour.

In my opinion, using Rubies is the most cost effective for this grind, while still getting good experience too – because you’ll get 229k experience per hour and not break the bank.

Diamonds are at least four times as expensive for a marginal upgrade in experience, and I do not recommend them unless you have serious gp to spend.


2. Battlestaves

Making Battlestaves in Magic Guild / OSRS Screenshot

Battlestaves are really high experience for a very low cost.

And in some cases these could even be marginally profitable if you high alch after making them.

The only issue with battlestaves is that they require you have a ton of cash on hand to start them.

Reason being that buying the supplies in bulk can cost tens of millions. Of course, you’d sell them once they’re made to earn back 99% of your money.

The best option here is starting at level 66 with the Air Battlestaff, which can provide a whopping 337k experience per hour!

Better still, casting High Alchemy on them provides a tiny profit of 31 coins per a Battlestaff.

Or selling them on the Grand Exchange will result in a loss of roughly 140 coins per staff.

I highly recommend this as a method to use until 99, provided you can afford the setup costs (and don’t mind a bit of Alchemy!)


1. Black Dragonhide Bodies

Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies / OSRS Screenshot

Black D’hide Bodies are the fastest crafting experience in OSRS, and you can expect roughly 425k experience per hour making these.

That said, the method is very expensive, and can cost upwards of 100m.

I only recommend this method to very rich end game players who are working toward max.

You can also lower the overall cost of this method to roughly 60m if you choose to cast High Alchemy on the bodies instead of selling them directly.

This would take substantially longer, but would not hurt your bank balance near as much.

Also worth mentioning this method only becomes available at level 84, and requires very little effort to do, as you’ll be bank standing the entire time.

Going this route should provide around +100k more experience than Air Battlestaves – but is much more expensive.

On your way to 99, I’d say Black D’hide Bodies would save you roughly 18 hours compared to using Battlestaves.

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