OSRS: The Best Ways To Level Up Woodcutting

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Woodcutting options are scattered all throughout OSRS. And there are literally trees everywhere.

But unless you want to be a mad man chopping down every tree, there are a few locations that offer the best experience rates – and most players agree that certain spots will get you to 99 the fastest.

So where are these locations, and why are they so good?

Let’s answer that right now:


5. Seers’ Village Trees

Magic Trees in Seers Village / OSRS Screenshot

Seers’ Village is a great place to start out your woodcutting journey.

There are maple trees conveniently located right behind seer’s bank, which offers an easy way to bank logs.

This is also true for oak logs, which you’ll need to start chopping at level 15 Woodcutting.

I highly recommend this location early, as your banked oak logs can be used to train construction at a later date. And your maple logs are great for early firemaking experience.

There are even a few high-level trees, such as Magic and Yew trees scattered throughout the area. So if you don’t have access to the Woodcutting Guild these make a fantastic alternative option.

This used to be the very best place for Woodcutting in OSRS before the guild was introduced.

Where to Find: All over Seers’ Village! There are trees in a variety of areas.


4. Sulliusceps (Fossil Island)

Sulliusceps mushroom trees in OSRS

Sulliusceps can be found on Fossil Island and offer some of the fastest Woodcutting experience in OSRS – provided you’re not using tick manipulation at teaks.

If you’re around level 75 Woodcutting, expect to earn about 80k experience per hour. While at level 90 you can expect roughly 97k experience per hour.

I would recommend having at least 11 hitpoints here, as there are monsters which will attack you on the way to the Sulliusceps.

But Sulliusceps are also a great way to earn fossils for the Varrock Museum.

Completing all the fossils in the museum grants about 120k experience in any skill.

This is fantastic, as you’ll just get this for free while woodcutting.

You’ll also get numulite, which is the currency used on Fossil Island. This can be used for a variety of things like charging the Ancient Wyvern shield.

Where to Find: Found only on Fossil Island. You’ll need to complete the quest Bone Voyage to access the Island.


3. Blisterwood Trees

Blisterwood tree being cut down in OSRS

The Blisterwood Tree is a new piece of content requiring you to finish the quest “Sins of the Father”, and you’ll need at least level 62 Woodcutting.

These are a very AFK method of training, and just require that the player click the tree every now and then, as they’ll automatically stop chopping after a while.

At level 90 Woodcutting you can expect to receive around 65k experience per an hour.

This can be further enhanced by dropping the Blisterwood logs on the floor, as opposed to banking them.

They provide mediocre firemaking experience, and I personally would not bank them as they’re also untradeable.

I recommend wearing the full Vyre outfit too, so that the citizens of Darkmeyer do not attack you.

Where to Find: Upper-tier of the Darkmeyer City inside of the Cathedral styled building.


2. Teaks

Teak trees in Old School RuneScape

Starting from level 35 you can chop teaks – and if you plan on using tick manipulation, you’ll net the fastest woodcutting experience in the game.

Note that tick manipulation is very click intensive, and will exhaust even the most veteran players.

You can do 1.5 tick woodcutting only on Fossil Island, provided you can plant your own trees to chop! It’s a challenge to learn, and even more click intensive than normal tick manipulation.

You’ll also need stamina potions and a ton of run energy.

But this method means you can often chop two logs at once! At level 90 this can provide almost 200k experience per hour.

Without tick manipulation, you can expect roughly 80k per hour in experience – which is still great!

Where to Find: Teaks are best chopped on Fossil Island, but you can also chop them near Castle Wars and on Ape Atoll.


1. Redwoods Trees

Half cut redwood trees in OSRS

Redwoods are my personal favorite. And I did these from level 90 – 99.

There’s a number of benefits to chopping Redwoods in OSRS. They’re very AFK, meaning you can chill while doing them.

And they offer you Redwood logs which can be used in bird house runs.

And lastly, they provide the best chance at the woodcutting pet, the Beaver!

At level 90 expect roughly 55k – 60k experience per hour. However, you can increase this by using a Crystal Axe to around 70k – 75k experience an hour.

Doing Redwoods to level 99 will take you about 2 or 3 weeks. But it’s by far one of the easier 99’s in OSRS – and you’ll be able to sell the logs for a tidy profit of a couple million once you’ve finished!

Where to Find: You can only find Redwoods in two places. The Woodcutting Guild, and one can be grown in the Farming Guild.

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