What is the Twisted League in Old School RuneScape?

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The Twisted League is a temporary game mode which takes place in specific areas of OSRS and game specific worlds. Those who play can get faster XP, higher drop rates, and can earn points to trade in for rare items. The first Twisted League took place between November 14th, 2019 and January 16th,2020. This was held in the Great Kourend and was restricted to just this area and the Kebos Lowlands.

But why is this game mode so interesting?

Twisted League has increased experience rates, which means training goes by a lot faster. Plus it comes with increased drop rates, and various “relic rewards” which make the game mode easier – such as unlimited run, being able to choose your slayer task, and attacking at faster than normal speeds.

In the league, points are obtained for completing various tasks and milestones. And these points can be used to purchase rewards in the base game.

Easy tasks give 10 points, while master tasks give 500 points!

New versions of the Twisted League are coming to OSRS and will be playable for the foreseeable future, since the first version of this game mode was a massive success.


Twisted League Rewards

Depending on how many points you obtain, you can first off qualify for some really cool trophies.

The best trophy is the Dragon Trophy which requires 20,830 points – which is only available to the top 1% of players!

Other rewards include twisted-related cosmetic gear, a new home teleport animation, a twisted theme for your player owned house, a cosmetic banner, and twisted horns, which can be added to a player’s slayer helmet to give it a brand new look (great for fashionscape).

These items can also be sold to other players in the main game if you simply want to make a tidy profit.

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