OSRS Chewed Bones: Where To Get & Common Uses

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Chewed Bones can only be obtained as a drop from Mithril Dragons in the Ancient Cavern. They drop at a rate of 3/128, or roughly 1 in 42.

It’s worth noting that other dragons (such as Brutal Greens) aren’t able to drop Chewed Bones. Same goes for looting skeletons.

You’ll have to face the big bad blue guys.



In order to reach and defeat mithril dragons, you will need:

  • Finish the first section of Barbarian Firemaking (35 Firemaking required)
  • Start the second section (no levels required)
  • Protection from dragonbreath (Details in Gear section)
  • No hard level requirements, but 90+ melees and Prayer strongly recommended
  • High level armor and supplies (Details in Gear section)

Gear & Supplies

Suggested gear build for Mithril Dragons / OSRS

The suggested setup here aims for a max Strength bonus.

Some possible replacements could be:

  • Neitiznot Faceguard > Neitiznot Helm
  • Infernal Cape > Fire Cape
  • Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury
  • Dragon Hunter Lance > Zamorakian Hasta
  • Torva top/bottoms > Bandos top/bottoms > Obsidian top/bottoms
  • Ferocious Gloves > Barrows Gloves > Combat Bracelet
  • Avernic Defender > Dragon Defender > Dragonfire Shield
  • Berserker Ring > Brimstone Ring

Keep in mind that Mithril Dragons have very high defence, so every upgrade helps a lot.

Using defenders means that you’ll have to bring a Super Antifire Potion. See the following section for more supplies info.

Suggested supplies inventory for Mithril Dragons / OSRS

As for supplies, you’ll need to bring:

  • Dragonbreath protection. You will need Super antifire if you’re bringing a defender, but an extended antifire will suffice if you’re bringing a dragonfire shield.
  • Super combat potions (Divines recommended). Mithril dragons don’t drain stats, so Divines let you dodge the stat drop every 60 seconds.
  • Prayer potions. 4 are enough with max melees and prayer.
  • High level food
  • POH teleport for Pool + Barb Assault teleport. If you’re missing either of those, get a place to heal (such as Ring of Dueling to Ferox Enclave), and a Games Necklace to bank and run back (Barbarian Assault teleport). In this case, replace 1 food.

Getting To Ancient Cavern & Mithril Dragons

Ancient Cavern Entrance Location / OSRS

Once you’re all set with your build, head to the whirlpool near Otto’s Grotto, south of the Barbarian Assault hut.

Left-click it to get inside the Ancient Cavern (you have to be standing on the pier!)

If after jumping inside you end up south of Baxtorian Falls, it’s because you haven’t started Part 2 of Barbarian Firemaking, and you’ll need to talk to Otto Godblessed to continue your training.

Ground Floor of the Ancient Cavern / OSRS

Turn on Protect From Magic, and go down the staircase to the east.

Head slightly south to find a staircase which you can climb.

There’s no danger of you dying to the Brutal Green Dragons or the Waterfiends, but try to run quickly, since they will deal some damage – which lowers your supplies.

The Mithril Dragons’ Lair / OSRS

Upstairs, you’ll find a bunch of Mithril Dragons.

Make sure Protect from Magic is up, then turn on Piety, and also Preserve if you didn’t bring Divine potions.

Drink a sip of your Super Combat and begin killing them!

Melee and Dragonbreath damage is completely negated, but you’ll still take damage from other attack styles.

It’s worth noting that this area is single combat, so you’ll only take damage from one dragon at a time.

Chewed bones dropped on the ground / OSRS

It can take a decent number of trips, but Chewed Bones will eventually drop.

Pot up and resupply as necessary, and then leave when you’ve got as many as you’d like.


Uses For Chewed Bones

Pyre Sites around the water / OSRS

Chewed Bones are used by burning them in Pyre Ships.

Doing so gives bonus experience for the next few bones you bury, the amount depending on which logs you use.

Additionally, you’ll get a random item from a pretty extensive loot table.

Head to the Pyre sites near the whirlpool, and bring:

  • Chewed bones
  • A tinderbox
  • Logs which you can burn (check the Firemaking guide)
  • An axe which you can use
Building a Pyre Ship / OSRS

Simply left click “Construct” on one of the sites, and your character will build a boat, burn the logs, and push the boat.

A barbarian spirit will thank you, and leave something in your inventory as a gift.

There’s a small chance you’ll get a Dragon Full Helm (worth 57m as of writing this article), so best of luck!

Note: all logs offer the same chance for the helm, but if you have 85 Firemaking, you might want to use Magic Logs since that will complete a Kandarin Elite Diary task.

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