Stardew Valley Fire Quartz: Where To Get & Common Uses

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Fire quartz is often found in the mines (level 80 or deeper), or in the river while fishing or panning. If you’ve completed the mines, you may also find it hiding in local trash cans.

This foraged mineral is great for smelting, making slime presses, and giving as gifts.

And for gift ideas, there are few people in the world of Stardew Valley who will be unhappy about receiving fire quartz as a present!


Fire Quartz Locations

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Dumpster Diving

After you’ve completed the mines near Pelican Town by reaching the absolute last floor, you might start to notice that the garbage cans around town get a little more interesting.

What I mean by that is that sometimes more valuable items might start showing up when you search through them.

One of these valuable treasures is fire quartz.

So don’t forget to rifle through everyone’s trash, but don’t get caught!


Water-Based Fire Quartz

Fishing for fire quartz in Stardew Valley
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While the mines are the most common location for finding fire quartz, you might find it in the water as well.

Those who like to spend a lot of time fishing can end up catching some treasure chests alongside their fish. Inside those chests, you might just find some fire quartz if you’re lucky!

Another way to get your hands on fire quartz is to go panning.

After you’ve unlocked enough bundles in the community center, a rock that blocks the river from the mines will be removed.

When that happens, little bubbles will start to show up in the river here and there.

Use your pan enough in those areas and you might find some fire quartz – along with other goodies.


Fire Quartz In the Mines

Just like regular quartz, fire quartz is often pretty easy to find in the various mines in the game.

But unlike regular quartz, you do have to dive pretty deep into the mines north of Pelican Town in order to find it.

If you can reach at least level 80, you’ll probably start seeing it on the ground of certain floors.

In the Skull Cavern, fire quartz can be found on pretty much any floor.

Another way to find fire quartz is to collect any omni geodes or magma geodes you find in any of the mines.

You can get all kinds of goodies when you take the geodes to be opened up by the local blacksmith, including fire quartz.


Uses For Fire Quartz



Slime egg press screenshot in Stardew Valley
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I’m sure you can probably imagine that fire quartz isn’t really an edible substance.

After all, it’s basically a rock.

However, you can combine fire quartz with a battery pack and some coal to make a slime egg press.

With this device, you can use slimes to create your very own slime eggs.

It’s perfect for those who want to raise any army!

Or for those who are in need of refined quartz and are out of regular quartz, fire quartz can also be smelted to make refined quartz.


Gifting Fire Quartz

Fire quartz is a pretty interesting substance.

So naturally, it’s something that many characters will be happy to receive. Almost all of the characters in Stardew Valley like fire quartz.

Only Linus, Leah, and Pierre won’t care much for receiving it as a gift.

Keep that in mind if you want to start some drama with any of them.


Bundles With Fire Quartz

When you’ve completed enough bundles to open up the boiler room, fire quartz will be useful to have on hand.

You’ll need a piece of this quartz to complete the geologist bundle.

Once you’ve filled up that bundle, you’ll get some free omni geodes that just might hold some nice surprises!


Is Fire Quartz Worth Getting?

Without any kind of special profession, fire quartz sells for about 100g.

More often than not, the value of fire quartz is based more on what you can make with it rather than how much it sells for.

When compared to other foraged minerals, it’s worth the most amount of gold.

That said, items like gems and geode minerals can earn a great deal more.

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