How To Farm Glowing Bones in Last Cloudia

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You can find Glowing Bones as drops or as sellable items from the following:

  • Autorunning Story Stages (best method)
  • Clearing Worldly Limit Break Field
  • Event Token Exchange Shops
  • Friend Point Exchange Shop
  • Friend Point Gacha

And the absolute best method to farm a lot of Glowing Bones is simply Autorunning Story Stages.

But occasionally doing all five of the farming methods listed above will make it so that you’ll never have to worry about Glowing Bones again.

Keep in mind that even though Glowing Bones aren’t that rare, they’re still one of the most used Unit Enhancing materials out there.

So it might be a good idea to stock up as much as you can!


Best Method: Story Stages (Autorun)

3-1 Malboria Caverns - Four Empty Seats (HARD) / Last Cloudia

There are plenty of Story Mode Stages that feature Glowing Bones as drops.

And since they’re relatively uncommon compared to other resources, you’re free to farm any Stage you want!

To check which Stages drop Glowing Bones, simply check the Quest Details by clicking the magnifying glass button on the upper-right corner of each Stage.

TIP: It’ll be far more efficient if you prioritize a much rarer resource to farm alongside Glowing Bones.

For example, it’s more advisable to farm Hard-Difficulty Stages that also drop resources like Crystal Clusters, Spellbooks, or Magic Tomes along with Glowing Bones – but to each their own.


Worldly Limit Breaker Field

Worldly Limit Break Field (NIGHTMARE) / Last Cloudia

If you need a huge influx of Glowing Bones ASAP at the cost of a few Stamina Orbs, then farming the Worldly Limit Breaker Field Stages will be the best move.

Doing this will give you the most Glowing Bones per Stage cleared — even more so than the Story Mode Stage with the highest drop rate of Glowing Bones out there!

You can farm Glowing Bones up to the NIGHTMARE Difficulty.

Going up to either GOD or GOD (Multi) Difficulty will give you little to no returns if you’re simply aiming to get Glowing Bones.


Event Token Exchange Shops

Trials of the Summoned Beast (Event Token Exchange Shop) / Last Cloudia

If you really want to never grind for Glowing Bones ever again, then it’ll be wise to buy as much as you can from Event Token Exchange Shops whenever they come around.

The good thing is that Glowing Bones are relatively cheap (token-wise), so you don’t really have to worry about overspending your Event Currencies on them.

Glowing Bones (along with a lot of other materials) are guaranteed to show up in the Exchange Shop whenever there’s a new Event or a Collab.

So keep an eye on them if you don’t want to miss out.


Friend Point Exchange Shop

Friend Point Exchange Shop / Last Cloudia

Friend Points are by far one of the easiest in-game currencies to earn in Last Cloudia.

You can get them from your friends, or by taking Friend Units into Battle.

So if you’re lacking Glowing Bones and you just don’t want to go through the hassle of farming them by clearing Stages, then you can just hop into the Friend Point Exchange Shop and buy them.

They’re fairly cheap too. And you can buy up to 20 of them per day.

Of course, you should only do this once in a while since there are better items in this shop worth saving up for.


Friend Point Gacha

Friend Point Gacha x10 (Glowing Bone x2) / Last Cloudia

Last but certainly not least, we have the Friend Point Gacha that will provide a ton of extra Glowing Bones over time.

Since Glowing Bones are a common drop, all you really need to do is use your three free 10x pulls and you’re basically guaranteed to come across a few Glowing Bones per day — several if you’re lucky!

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