What To Do with Extra Marks in Path to Nowhere

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The only way to get rid of excess Marks is to exchange them for Arrest Credits in the Supply Shop.

In this guide, I’ll show you the importance of Marks and exactly how to convert extra Marks into Arrest Credits – one detailed step at a time.


What Are Marks Used For?

Marks / Path to Nowhere
Marks Screen

Marks are used for Intensifying a Sinner’s Shackles. This increases their stats and improves their overall efficiency in battle.

Intensify Shackle (Labyrinth) / Path to Nowhere
Intensify Shackle (Labyrinth)

You can get Marks mainly by pulling duplicates of Sinners that you already have from Regular or Event Banners located on the “Arrest Sinners” page.


What To Do With Excess Marks (Step-by-Step)

If you have excess Marks that you want to get rid of, the first thing you need to do is go to your Supply Office from your Home Screen:

Home Screen > Supply Office / Path to Nowhere
Home Screen > Supply Office

With the Supply Office’s Recommended section now open, click the “Exchange” button located at the lower-left part of the Shop options:

Supply Office > Exchange / Path to Nowhere
Supply Office > Exchange

You can proceed by clicking the small “Fragment Redemption” button at the upper-right part of the Arrest Exchange Shop page:

Exchange > Fragment Redemption / Path to Nowhere
Exchange > Fragment Redemption

Here, you’ll finally be able to exchange the Marks that belong to Sinners whose Shackles you’ve already Intensified to Level 5 (Max Level) by clicking the “Redeem” button:

Exchange Prompt (Redeem) / Path to Nowhere
Exchange Prompt (Redeem)

And there we go – you can now get rid of extra Marks that would’ve been totally useless otherwise, and exchange them for some Arrest Credits!

x440 Standard Arrest Credits Obtained / Path to Nowhere
x440 Standard Arrest Credits Obtained

The amount and type of Arrest Credits you get by exchanging extra Marks depend on the class or rarity of the Marks:

Class/Rarity of Marks Type & Quantity of Arrest Credits Obtained
S-Class x10 Classified Arrest Credits
A-Class x2 Classified Arrest Credits
B-Class x20 Standard Arrest Credits
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