Where Do You Get Moon Stones in Pokémon HG/SS?

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The best way to get Moon Stones is by using a Pokémon with the Pickup ability that’s at least level 41 (or higher).

After any battle, a Pokémon in your party with the Pickup ability will have a chance to randomly “pick up” a held item out of nowhere, even if it didn’t fight in the battle. In HGSS you can pick up unlimited Moon Stones this way.

But the chances of getting a Moon Stone pickup vary based on the Pokémon’s level. Here’s how it breaks down.

Pickup Pokémon’s Level Chance of Getting a Moon Stone
1-40 0%
41-60 4%
61-100 10%

If that process feels a bit too complicated, then a great 2nd option is to visit Mt. Moon Square on Monday nights, because this area has a recurring event that will always give you a Moon Stone.

Although you can also find a couple stones just lying around – specifically one in Tohjo Falls, and another one in Ruins of Alph. But those are one-time finds. Also, if you let your mom save some of your money then she might buy you a Moon Stone. But this is a random event, so it’s not the most reliable method.

Unfortunately, Moon Stones are not sold in PokéMarts, nor are they unlockable through regular game progression. So using Pickup or waiting until Monday night will often be your two best methods.

But let’s look at all of our options for getting Moon Stones in more detail below.


Method 1: Mom’s Savings

At the start of your journey, Mom will present you with the option to let her save 25% of your PokéDollars.

Doing this will send 25% of all earned PokéDollars home, allowing you to withdraw your savings whenever you need it. You can also go back home at any time to enable this if you haven’t already.

Occasionally she’ll purchase items for you with your savings, and one of the possible items is a Moon Stone.

If she purchases an item, she’ll call and let you know. Then you can then visit a PokéMart and talk to the Delivery Clerk (dressed in a red outfit) beside the counter to collect your items.


Method 2: Ruins of Alph

The Ruins of Alph are a location you’ll visit throughout the story, but you may have missed the hidden Moon Stone.

To get this, bring Pokémon with the moves HM03: Surf and TM70: Flash.

If you don’t remember where the Ruins of Alph are, they’re accessible from Route 32 right under Violet City. Turn left after entering the Route, and you’ll find the gate which leads to the Ruins of Alph.

Once you’re in, head to the left side of the lake and surf over it.

Left side of the lake in the Ruins of Alph / Pokemon HGSS

After this, walk down and you’ll find two buildings to your right.

Walking next to two ancient buildings in the Ruins of Alph / Pokemon HGSS

Head inside the bottom building, then once you’re inside just walk up and enter the ancient building.

You’ll be put into a room of ruins.

Go to the very top of this room and stand in front of the pillar with the yellow light. Use the move Flash and it’ll open up a secret room.

Room of ruins inside the bottom building in the Ruins of Alph / Pokemon HGSS

In the newly unsealed secret room, to your immediate right there will be a Moon Stone on the ground.

You can also collect the other 3 items in this room – an Energy Root, Heal Powder, and Sitrus Berry.


Method 3: Tohjo Falls

Tohjo Falls is a location you’ll find on your way to Kanto and Victory Road, so it won’t be accessible until later in the game.

You’ll need HM03: Surf and HM07: Waterfall to get this Moon Stone.

To access it, head to New Bark Town and use Surf on the river located at the right side of town.

Swim upwards and to the right, and eventually you’ll reach a small island with Tohjo Falls. Head into the cave entrance to access the falls.

The river to the right of New Bark Town / Pokemon HGSS

Once you’re in, surf on the water to the left, and go up the waterfall.

Going up the waterfall inside the Tohjo Falls cave using HM07 / Pokemon HGSS

After you climb up the waterfall, just go to the right and then swim down on the second waterfall.

Once you’re down you’ll be taken to the right side of the cave, containing an exit and a set of stairs.

Head up to the stairs on the right (shown in the screenshot below).

The right side of the cave containing an exit and a set of stairs / Pokemon HGSS

Walk up these stairs and along the path. Eventually you’ll find an item on the ground at the end, this is another Moon Stone!


Method 4: Mt. Moon (Monday Night Only)

This next method is perhaps the most precise one, requiring you to go to Mt. Moon Square on a Monday night.

But this method is infinitely repeatable, meaning every Monday night you can earn yourself a shiny new Moon Stone.

Fly to Pewter City and then walk right onto Route 3, and eventually you’ll find a small rocky area with a Pokémon Center and Cave Entrance.

Go inside the cave, and then go up the ladder on the right.

This will bring you to a small rocky room – head through the glowing white exit and it’ll bring you to Mt. Moon Square.

Small rocky room inside the cave in route 3 / Pokemon HGSS

From here, you’ll be brought to a grassy area with a building and a lake.

Head down to the left until you see the lake, which should be surrounded by Dancing Clefairy.

Lake surrounded by dancing Clefairys in MT. Moon / Pokemon HGSS

They’ll perform a short musical dance number before noticing you in the audience.

At that point they’ll run off in a hurry, but the last Clefairy will leave behind a Moon Stone.

Getting a Moon Stone at Mt. Moon Square / Pokemon HGSS

As mentioned before, this method is infinitely repeatable as long as it’s a Monday night.

So you can return to the Dancing Clefairy once a week to farm as many Moon Stones as you need.

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