20 Best Stairs & Staircase Mods: Free CC For Sims 4

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After years of being straight, staircases in The Sims 4 are finally bending to all the right directions!

It took EA five long years to make customizable stairs possible in TS4, thanks to the relentless downpouring of requests from frustrated players.

While configurable stairs aren’t exactly an earth-shattering add-on to the base game, they did open new possibilities in elevating homes to new heights (literally).

Now that L-shaped, U-shaped, and other-shaped staircases are a reality, there’s only one thing left for content creators to do…

Keep you one step ahead in building your simulated dream house!

Here are some of the best custom staircase CCs to stop you in your tracks and rethink home design in your next session.


20. Al Natural Steps

Al Natural Steps - Outdoor Patio Stairs CC

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Wanting to install “stairs” doesn’t always necessarily mean you need an upper floor.

Single-storey houses like bungalows and ranch homes have no space-consuming need for a staircase, but there’s always room for some innovation.

The Al Natural Steps from nikadema is part of this charming outdoor dining set that is perfect for a mom’s afternoon tea party.

These decorated steps can also be placed anywhere inside the house which can help add space in an otherwise flat room.


19. Stair Carpets

Stair Carpets for The Sims 4

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Staircases are much more than a piece of wood connecting point A to point B.

Even if it does get stepped on daily, staircases can set the whole look and design of your Sim’s house.

It’s only reasonable to give stairs the makeover they deserve.

Stair carpets are a nightmare to clean in real-life. But Sims only have to worry about which color they want to try next.

This CC set has 20 swatches ranging from luxuriously dark colors to light pastel colors. All worth trying.


18. Manor Stair Carpet Recolor

Manor Stair Carpet Recolor CC - TS4

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It seems stair carpets are in demand these days. And I’m not complaining.

It’s nice to have a fully-clothed staircase and have Sims look like a royal descending to make a grand entrance.

The classy carpet designs can uplift humble spaces to elegance, becoming the focal point of any Sim residence.

If you haven’t really thought about beautifying a set of steps to your Sim’s bedroom, then this CC might convince you to get a move on.


17. Blue Glass Railing

Blue Glass Railing CC

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Stair railings have guided countless people from falling seven feet above the ground.

But for Sims, it’s just another piece of furniture they won’t touch unless commanded to.

Blame it on Sims’ low center of gravity or perfect balance, but stair railings in TS4 are virtually useless.

Unless used as a visual prop to make staircases look fancy.

This Blue Glass Railing CC from maloverci can elevate your dull staircase for the better.

Displaying colored glass customizable to your preferences, this CC benefits from the fact that no dirty handprints will defile its immaculate surface.


16. Folding Attic Stairs

Folding Attic Stairs CC

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Almost every horror movie has had its scariest scenes around an attic.

We’ve all watched predictable protagonists creeping up the attic stairs, investigating the very obvious presence of a killer ghost within its shadowy depths.

It’s always the attic that writers paint as the nest of evil. But if you still want to build one, then at least make it realistic.

This folding attic stairs from Leosims is purely decorative, ensuring that no phantom demon is about to climb down and get you.


15. Gosik/Ez2ciamaprincess Stairs

Stairs customized - Sims 4 CC

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A staircase is the metaphorical spine of the house.

It provides continuity between spaces, allowing players to lead Sims in a wild-goose chase of commands from top to bottom.

It doesn’t have many purposes beyond being a static escalator… but that doesn’t lessen its value as a key component in a stylish home.

Save some time tinkering on build mode and install this prebuilt staircase to set a simple but refined style for your Sim’s interiors.


14. Victoria Kids’ Room Stair Shelf

Kids Room Stair Shelf CC

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Check Out This CC (Right Version)

Sim children are literally too underdeveloped by EA to appreciate good furniture.

This decorative stair shelf from Severinka is made to adorn a kid’s bedroom, but it’s far too stunning for child’s play.

This CC has two variants that can be fitted on either side of your living room bookshelf, bedroom closet, or more!

You can also try decorating the steps with indoor plants, a stack of books, or other random clutter to capture your Sim’s personality and hobbies.


13. Wooden Stairs

Wooden Stairs Custom Content

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For the sake of newcomers and would-be Sims freaks, there is an absolute truth that you must realize and take to heart.

Base game options suck and everyone knows it.

There are a few exceptions… but it’s a fact that anything EA-made can be improved by a CC creator.

Just take this as an example!

Tenebrae’s Wooden Stairs has 5 swatches to replace a staircase’s default base game look.

With its wooden treads and rustic charm, any Sim would feel right at home.


12. Argunfuntur Decorative Stairs

Decorative Stairs tech design CC

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If you think you’ve seen it all in TS4, I raise you this: a Tron-themed bedroom.

Jomsims’ Argunfutur collection has a set of items befitting a world where Skynet isn’t bad and helped human technology evolve.

Even though a set of decorative stairs isn’t exactly a world-changing invention, it does fulfill its only purpose – to look super cool in the background.

This CC will probably increase your Sim’s power bill, like a lot. But if it means having furniture even a Terminator would buy, then count me in!


11. Natural Stone Steps

Natural Stone Steps - TS4 CC

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Leaning towards a contemporary look means thinking outside of the box and reinventing existing concepts with artistic expression.

Like how these Natural Stone Steps were reinvented to become a clutter holder instead.

Staying true to its design roots, this CC has wood and natural stone textures, clean lines, and muted tones to make other stuff pop.

Check out this set by SIMcredible to see how best you can utilize this gorgeous CC!


10. Decorative Spiral Staircase

Decorative Spiral Staircase CC for The Sims 4

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If you love spiral staircases that lead to nowhere, then this is the perfect CC for you!

Exuding an old-world charm, this ornate stairway to nothing can be your Sim’s newest in-house art installation.

On each step, you can place antiques and other trinkets, because what else can you do with a non-functional staircase?

Even though it’s only decorative, this winding structure is an architectural statement befitting the most exquisite home builds.

Probably more of a humorous mod than anything else, but this is totally worth a try if you like a good chuckle.


9. The Cubby Hole

Cubby Hole - Custom Stairs CC

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Before he was The Chosen One, Harry Potter was The Boy Who Lived In The Cupboard Under The Stairs.

The suffocating space Harry was forced to call home was proof enough that the Dudley’s were Death Eaters in another life.

It’s definitely not anyone’s dream bedroom, but if you ever feel like subjecting your Sims to the experience, then to The Cubby Hole they go.

This CC, originally by OhBehave, is as maddeningly small as our favorite wizard’s first home.

It’s only big enough to house a bed.

But if your Sims ever need a break from becoming a full-fledged spellcaster, then tuck in!


8. Pool Stairs

Pool Stairs CC Sims 4

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Watching Sims drown in a pool is one of the most common death scenarios since time immemorial.

Too many Sims have died in its blue waters (rarely accidental, mostly intentional).

But this fact does nothing to deter players from building one anyway.

There have been a lot of amazing pool builds, but most are lacking the flair that these Pool Stairs can provide.

Add some style to your pool of death and fool your Sims into thinking they can climb away from your daily dose of sadism.


7. Industrial U Stairs

Industrial U Stairs CC

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Architects and professionals would say that a staircase is a sculpture in itself.

In this case, MXIMS did create a piece of art worthy of display.

An industrial-style staircase is best paired to those with a taste for neutral colors, edgy design, and a gritty vibe.

It’s certainly not the perfect match for anyone wanting to have wallpaper as colorful and varied as the Teletubbies.

Sleek, strong, and packing heavy metal, this CC comes in 11 swatches and 3 textures such as rustic wood.


6. Under the Stairs

Under the Stairs CC for Sims 4

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Ever since the Tiny Living Stuff pack was released, I’ve been healthily obsessed with maximizing small spaces with ingenious furniture.

Seeing as staircases are space-eating necessities (if your Sims have an upper floor anyway), there have been numerous smart solutions to optimize it.

Starting with adding a multi-purpose drawer or dresser Under the Stairs.

If you’re a Micro Home Challenger hellbent on finding a workaround for your Sim’s ginormous staircase, then this CC is heaven-sent.


5. Stairs Add-on Part 2

Stairs Add-on pt2 for TS4

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Ever since modders and CC creators had a taste for changing the game, The Sims has never been the same.

Four titles in, we’ve arrived at accepting the fact that breaking the rules of the base game is a much more enjoyable objective.

Like adding stairs at places where they’re not supposed to be placed.

Leading the rebellion against the limitation on base game staircases is CC creator mutske, who is armed with a pack of 24 CCs.

Whether you want to add additional stairs in one corner or around, this CC pack has got you covered on all sides.


4. Stairs Add-on Part 1

Stairs Add-on pt1 - Red Porch Stairs in TS4

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It’s normal to expect the sequel to be better than the original. But I guess the latter would always be far more superior.

Mutske’s Stairs Add-on Part 2 only had half of the essentials… but Part 1 can stand alone on its own.

This CC pack also has straight and convex treads with the addition of open Eastern stringers, perfect for outdoor installation.

Like Part 2, sadly, these stairs are not walkable.

But if your goal is to simply increase the feeling of space, then no other CC can do the job best.


3. Staircase Deco

Staircase Deco CC for Sims 4

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Contemporary yet not, Leosims’ Staircase Deco displays a combination of new and old elements in the form of wooden steps and ceiling-hung balustrade.

Under this decorative stairway, the remaining space is used as storage for random clutter, an encouraging sight to make Sim houses feel homier.

Although it only leads to the ceiling and a hard bump in the head, this CC perfectly captures a real-life staircase design trend that is way beyond anyone’s home budget.

But thanks to The Sims mod-friendly environment, you can have this staircase installed at no cost!


2. Under-Stair Shelves & Deco Spiral Stairs

Under-Stair Shelves + Spiral Stair CC

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Enjoy splurging on random baubles and knickknacks without having to worry about where to place them!

Take advantage of the huge amount of storage space available under the stairs and see what other objects you haven’t bought in Miscellaneous.

This CC pack also comes with a decorative half-spiral staircase and a multitude of colors to follow the current aesthetic of your Sim’s interiors.

Minimalist, versatile, and surprisingly colorful, this CC from ShinoKCR can breathe new life into plain boring staircases.


1. Stuff for Tiny Houses

Stuff CC Pack for tiny homes - Stairs

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When you’re tight on square footage, you don’t have the luxury to buy just any furniture.

Maximizing a petite property is one of the ultimate challenges of a master builder in The Sims.

To get it functioning as a normal home, you’d need the right equipment to make sure it doesn’t look like a pretty prison.

This stuff pack for tiny houses has all the bare necessities for Sims to live a normal life in a 5×5, 3×3, or even a 2×2 if you dare.

It also has a makeshift staircase/storage, giving you that 2-in-1 advantage for your Sim’s new way of life.

Small homes might not be your thing, but these CCs will have you stepping out of your comfort zone for a better living.

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