Best Sims 4 Bedroom CC & Mods: Furniture, Décor & More

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Designing our lovely Sim’s living spaces is one of the most entertaining parts of playing TS4. And hardcore interior designers never have enough new wallpapers, floors, furniture, and all those goodies.

While Maxis and EA make sure to keep pumping out a healthy amount of Stuff Packs and expansions, it’s the CC creators that really keep the Sims 4 decoration scene alive.

If you’re on the lookout for some furniture to decorate your Sim’s bedroom, well then you’ve stumbled onto the right place.

I guarantee you’ll find something you love among our favorite picks here!


20. Bedroom Cologne 2020

Bedroom Cologne CC Set

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Let’s get things started by looking at a minimal, almost futuristic bedroom set by German creator ShinoKCR.

Unlike most sets which are born of inspiration from different sources, this simple and stylish bedroom is based on the products shown at the 2020 Cologne Furniture Fair.

Which I’m guessing the creator had the chance to visit? Who knows, but it looks great.

While most of the furniture, walls, and floors are available in very neutral grayscale hues, the patterned cushions and beautiful marine painting give it a spark of color that brings the room to life.


19. Elamia Bedroom

Elamia Bedroom CC Set TS4

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If you’re looking for a bedroom fit for a light-hearted Sim who enjoys experimental looks and unique furniture, look no further than Jomsims’ Elamia Bedroom.

While full of unusual furniture and experimental textures, there’s no denying the cozy, homely feeling this room gives off.

Especially if you choose the version with pastel pink and cream colors.

That said, you can achieve pretty different effects just by changing colors.

I especially like the green and purple combination, which makes me think of vineyards. You could also go full rockstar with an insane black and yellow look.


18. Milana Bedroom Furniture

Sims 4 Mod - Milana Bedroom Furniture

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I’ve always loved wooden furniture.

It’s a great way to bring some nature into a space, and the natural patterns of this living material never go out of style.

The Milana Bedroom by creator Severinka uses lots of appealing wooden furniture to create a look reminiscent a ship’s cabin. Just by mixing blue, yellow, and wooden surfaces for an at-home feeling.

That said, each one of the 12 creations that make up this set has a couple of different colors and textures. For example, white furniture can considerably age down the room, making it perfect for your Sim children.


17. Francium Bedroom

Francium Bedroom CC Set

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Creator Wondymoon delights us with their Francium Bedroom, featuring mostly Scandinavian design with some vibrant plants and refined textures.

This unique look makes this ten-piece set perfect for various Sims, such as occult aliens or anyone who likes going to their room to clear their head in a controlled space.

Among my favorite things about this CC set are the ceiling and wall lamps, which have a modern pill-like design and distribute light wonderfully.

The fur rug and wooden furniture contrast with the room’s orderly look and complete the room.


16. Zara Bedroom

Zara Bedroom CC Set for TS4

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On the opposite spectrum of “minimal” we find SIMcredible’s Zara Bedroom, an 11-piece set that evokes something like a clothing store or movie set dressing room rather than a bedroom.

That said, this unique style is ideal for the wannabe fashion designer and the kind of Sim who thinks there’s never too much of a good thing.

The exposed clothing rack and rows of light bulbs go well with the type of people who love the spotlight.

While the black, white, and gray hues create a striking and memorable look, choosing one of the lighter color palettes can go a long way toward giving this bedroom a homely feeling without sacrificing its eccentric nature.


15. Erin Bedroom

Erin Bedroom CC Set

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Another fantastic option that can change a lot by tweaking some colors is the marine-inspired Erin Bedroom, by Nynaeve Design.

It’s perfect for Sims on vacation in their second home, with intense colors and a very resort-like feeling.

This is further reinforced by the marine life and beach landscape paintings. I can basically hear the ocean!

If you don’t like this over-the-top resort look, changing the blue palette to another option is recommended.

The subtler gray palette goes a long way toward achieving a more refined aesthetic. There’s also a warm Autumn-inspired palette and one with a festival of violet, pink and purple shades.


14. Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan Bedroom CC for Sims 4

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Some Sims have a taste for the exotic and over-the-top.

And few things are more eye-catching than Severinka’s Moroccan Bedroom set.

This oriental-looking 14-piece bedroom furniture collection features bright colors, golden accents, and mandala-like designs on almost everything.

It’s gaudy like few others. But somehow, it works.

It may feel a bit wild for Western standards, so the author made sure to include several color palettes that are considerably more “chill”.

That said, I believe this set shines brightest in the default, unapologetically colorful version.


13. Alessa Bedroom

Alessa Bedroom CC for The Sims 4

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On the other side of the spectrum we find Onyxium’s Alessa Bedroom, a tasteful and straightforward set featuring straight edges and wonderfully detailed wooden textures.

While all 16 pieces of this set look fantastic, it’s the wooden items that bring it together for me.

Each of them comes in four different kinds of wood, giving you a lot of room for customization.

If I had to choose just one piece to keep, I’d go for the giant wardrobe with a massive built-in full body mirror. I mean, what Sim doesn’t like a large mirror?


12. Alwine Bedroom

Alwine Bedroom CC Set

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Plentiful wooden surfaces seem to be a trend among The Sims 4 CC designers.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Severinka’s Alwine Bedroom.

Depending on your preferred color palette, this room can look like a lover’s nest, a hunter’s cabin, or the home of a serial killer like Hannibal Lecter (as brought to life by Mads Mikkelsen in the 2013 TV show).

The author shows us several interesting configurations for the 14 pieces of this set.

Still, thanks to the creative wallpapers, attractive decals, and many roomy decorations, experimentation will probably give you the best results.


11. Princess Bedroom

Princess Bedroom CC Set

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Another one of Severinka’s masterful creations is this elegant Princess Bedroom CC set.

As the name implies, this room was built with the spoiled princess in mind – but not an actual monarch.

While it does have a bit of a Versailles look to it, it’s nowhere near as gaudy as what you’d find in a palace.

It features lots of white and beige surfaces with golden accents, and the carved panels and handles complete this elaborate girly space.

Get it for the child who’s the family’s royal jewel, or the young woman who saw way too many Disney Princess movies growing up.


10. Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack

Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack

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Rather than a pre-designed bedroom with some customization degree, consider trying IllogicalSims’ fantastic Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack.

Mimicking Maxis’ official stuff packs, this collection of CC will give everything you need to design a minimalist bedroom, a studio, or a mash-up of both.

Whereas most bedroom sets include 10-15 items, this unofficial Stuff Pack features 25 new objects, two entirely new wallpapers, and two new floor textures.

There are a lot of options when it comes to colors as well. But I’d say this looks the best when using beige, white, light brown, and gray tones.


9. Daisy Bedroom

Daisy Bedroom CC Set

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Every bedroom’s centerpiece has to be the bed where your Sim will be resting up to get those needs back to the green zone.

This Daisy Bedroom set by creator Severinka offers a unique bed frame built from simple cylindrical wooden beams.

This exotic frame is accompanied by colorful blankets and pillows, featuring mandala-like patterns that reveal a very bohemian influence.

The knit blanket and macrame decoration hanging over the bed are my favorite items in this 11-piece set.


8. Neutral Bedroom

Neutral Bedroom CC Set

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If rather than something exotic like the Daisy Bedroom you’d prefer something a little more traditional, consider Angela’s Neutral Bedroom.

This tasteful creation comprises seven items, including a double bed, a thick blanket, and a convenient bed bench.

Plus the simple clothes rack and sober colors make this CC set ideal for a busy Sim with a good eye for aesthetics.

Get it for the Sim in a quest for financial success who only uses their room to rest between 16-hour sessions of grinding.


7. That’s What She Bed

That’s What She Bed CC

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This humorously-named CC collection was designed to help young Sim parents give their offspring enough space without moving to a bigger home.

Among other furniture and decorations, this bedroom set includes a double bunk bed. This way a set of twins can share the same room without taking up all the floor space.

It also includes a tiny desk you can fit under the upper bed if your Sim is an only child, leaving the rest of the room free for toys, décor, or whatever your Sim’s little ones need.

While this playful and modern set includes eight color palettes and diverse wood patterns, you’ll be happy to hear it’s compatible with RAVASHEEN’s other CC packs – giving you a lot of creative freedom.


6. Tropic Like It’s Hot Beach House Set

Tropic Like It’s Hot Beach House Set - Sims 4 Mod

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One of those compatible collections is the Tropic Like It’s Hot Beach House Set, geared towards summer getaways to budget summer homes.

While most large lots close to the coast come at a pretty massive price tag in TS4, this set can help you make the most of the smaller ones thanks to its relatively small furniture and wall-hanging bunk beds.

These are ideal for children, but even adult Sims will appreciate them after a tiring day at the beach.

Other than that, every item in this set has a hardcore nautical vibe that’ll look amazing in marine colors such as navy blue and beige.


5. Armelda Bedroom

Armelda Bedroom Custom Content for The Sims 4

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If you do have the Simoleons for a bigger beach house, I’d recommend the Armelda Bedroom set by Jomsims to decorate your home.

Unlike other tropical-looking collections, this 12-piece CC set keeps the nautical gimmick to a minimum.

Instead it features discreet furniture that makes the room feel spacious and employs lots of rattan for extra authenticity.

It also includes several nature paintings to decorate your room, each corresponding to one of the available color palettes. I especially like the violet one, which employs darker wood and rattan textures.


4. Sandy Lane Bedroom

Sandy Lane Bedroom CC for TS4

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While most TS4 interior designers use asymmetry and clutter to give their rooms a more natural and “realistic” look, the Sandy Lane Bedroom is confidently uniform.

Creator Lulu265 managed to create a homely feeling despite the straight lines and copious squares. It’s simple, unassuming, and has incredible style.

The Sandy Lane Bedroom is perfect for the Virgo Sim in your life who needs everything to be tidy and organized if they’re going to relax at all.


3. Alisha Bedroom

Alisha Bedroom CC for TS4

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On the other hand we have the Alisha Bedroom set by Severinka, perfect for someone who’s eclectic and unafraid of experimentation.

This set employs several bold colors and textures as a backdrop for relatively simple wooden furniture, bringing together bohemian influences and Scandinavian design.

It’s comprised of 11 custom objects including curtains, mirrors, a variety of tables, and even a stylish ottoman.


2. Monica Bedroom

Monica Bedroom CC for TS4

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Severinka’s Monica Bedroom is one of the most ethereal, fantasy-looking sets available for TS4.

It’s very bright, employing light colors and elegant wallpaper designs to create a spacious feeling – almost like sleeping in the middle of a high-fantasy forest.

The combination of the hanging ceiling lamp’s floral design and white bird decals completes the look.

It’ll make your Sim feel like a Disney Princess. That’s what she’s going for, right?


1. Yslextius Adult Bedroom

Yslextius Adult Bedroom Content Pack - Sims 4

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Sometimes, you want a bedroom that’ll make your Sim feel like a king or queen.

And few achieve that as tastefully as Jomsims’ Yslextius Adult Bedroom CC pack.

The bed in this set looks a lot like an altar. But some candles and warm colors can make it the most romantic love nest ever.

In other words, it’s versatile – in part because of the wide variety of wooden textures.

Whatever combination you go with, I’m sure this bedroom set will make you feel like a master interior designer.

And your Sims will rest easy knowing their bedroom game is on point.

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