Skyrim: Best Demonic-Themed Mods For Custom Builds

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Roleplaying different character archetypes is one of the best ways to keep enjoying Skyrim after your first playthrough.

I’ve played as a Black Knight, a Paladin, a mystical Elf, and a reborn Aedra – and now, I’d like to play as a demon.

Necromancer spells and Daedric artifacts like the Wabbajack definitely make it easier.

But this is Skyrim. Modding the game is half the fun!

And I’ve found some fantastic demon-themed mods that anyone with a taste for wrongdoing would appreciate. Check these out!


8. Demonic Horns (& Angelic Halos)

Demonic Horns (& Angelic Halos) Skyrim mod

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Demons are very different across different cultures, but one thing that keeps popping up is demonic horns.

This mod by Volvaga0 makes it easy to make your character look like a hellspawn by having them grow a pair of demonic horns. They can even be on fire!

Players looking to make a divine character will also appreciate the fine variety of fancy halos included by the mod.

Much like the flaming horns, there’s a “Fallen Halo” variant that sets the floating circlet ablaze – which would actually look fantastic on a fallen angel.


7. Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes mod for Skyrim

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Nothing is keeping a demon from concealing their horns to hide their identity and pass as a normal human being – but the eyes?

The eyes are the windows of the soul – and demons have a notoriously dark soul.

Demon Eyes by creator Rx310 will help your character look like he just escaped from hell.

The eyes are available in some different colors, but red is the most devilish.

A pair of blood-red eyes with slit pupils will make any race look sinister, though on Argonians it just looks like a slightly unique trait.

I mean, they’re already horned reptile people.

How much more diabolical can they really look?


6. Dao of the Deadlands – Voiced Daedric Follower

Dao of the Deadlands – Voiced Daedric Follower Skyrim mod

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Some demons may be proud, but they’re not stupid.

There’s strength in numbers, and any smart demon needs a worthy companion to help him eat children or push old ladies down the stairs.

Dao of the Deadlands by Dama Karmelowa is a beautiful but deadly follower who looks like a nymph but fights like a Daedra.

Her dialogue is pretty bloodthirsty, and overall she definitely feels like a demon.

She used to work for Mehrunes Dagon, and now she can work for you. That’s gotta give you some credibility at the next demon fair.

But if you’d rather have someone a bit more obviously demonic follow you around, check out Molag Bal’s daughter.


5. Daedric Castle

Daedric Castle mod for Skyrim

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You’ve got the horns, the eyes, the follower… you’re just a couple steps from becoming a full-fledged demon!

That said, unless you want to be some low-ranking demon who needs to haunt a kid’s closet or the underside of their bed to stay tethered to the mortal plane, you’ll need an ominous temple hideout.

This Daedric Castle is just the thing you need.

It’s built and furnished in the style of the ancient Cyrodiilic Ayleids, but with a notorious demonic tinge.

The bright red crystals evoke the sight of flowing blood, there are paintings of Oblivion planes on the walls, and Oblivion banners fly wherever appropriate.


4. Forbidden Death Magic

Forbidden Death Magic Skyrim mod

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Demonhood isn’t about how you look or where you live – it’s about your actions.

Even the average kid in Skyrim can cut down a man in just a few swings of a sword. So just killing innocent people isn’t going to cut it.

You need to go hard.

One great way to leave mortals speechless is through Dukkha’s Forbidden Death Magic, which lets your character detonate their victims, disintegrate them until only ashes are left, or even tear the flesh from their bones.


3. Overlord – Become an Evil Lich

Overlord – Become an Evil Lich mod for Skyrim

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Anime where the main character gets transported to another world is practically a dime a dozen these days.

But some of those isekai series are really worth a watch – Overlord among them.

This unique series follows an average salaryman who gets trapped in a video game and decides he’ll conquer the world under the identity of Ainz Ooal Gown – a powerful Lich.

Creator Mrx16 clearly loves the series, and they crafted a magnificent Skyrim mod that lets you live the life of Ainz Ooal Gown.

There’s an all-new Lich race, a new skill tree, tons of new spells, and much, much more.

Even if you don’t choose to play as a skeleton, having your own personal dungeon and all of these new evil spells and minions is simply ideal for the up-and-coming demon.


2. The Crimson Samurai

The Crimson Samurai Skyrim mod

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I’ve talked a long while about what it takes to be a demon and how your actions matter more than how you look – but there are limits.

Nobody is going to take you seriously in Iron armor, no matter the size of your horns.

If you’re into Eastern mythology and aesthetics then perhaps this diabolical Samurai armor is the better choice for you.

The runes, the patterns, the bright red on the black-lacquered plates… and that horned mask.

It’s just perfect for an envoy of the darkness.


1. Crimson Blood Daedric Knight Set

Crimson Blood Daedric Knight Set mod for Skyrim

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For something a bit more lore-friendly, consider SirRumple’s diabolical rework of the regular Daedric armor.

The Crimson Blood Daedric Knight set is a badass fiery version of the vanilla Daedric set.

It’s lighter, a bit more powerful, and it showcases the blazing fires of hell that give birth to all demons.

It also affects Daedric weapons, so you’ll have a whole arsenal of matching arms to rain fire down on your enemies.

Plus, it’s immersive!

I won’t spoil it, but there’s an item needed to craft this armor that no law-abiding hero would ever acquire. Perfect for roleplaying a demon!

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