Where To Farm Frostbite Venom in Skyrim

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You can loot Frostbite Venom from dead Frostbite Spiders. The best places to find these spiders in large numbers are Cronvangr Cave and Redbelly Mine.

They also spawn randomly in the wild, especially in the areas around the Rift and in the Morthal swamps.

Each spider will have 1 Frostbite venom, while the Giant Frostbite Spiders can have up to 2.


Cronvangr Cave

Cronvangr Cave location map / Skyrim

You can find Cronvangr Cave east of Mixwater Mill, south-southwest of the city of Windhelm.

Also, you can follow the river to the south and look for a dead mammoth caught in a web. A few spider egg sacks can also be found at the entrance.

The entrance can be easily identified by the spider egg sacks / Skyrim
A swarm of Frostbite Spiders / Skyrim

There will be 6 Frostbite Spiders in the first room, and they will swarm you – but don’t worry. These spiders are relatively easy to kill.

To the left there’s a small tunnel leading to a path down into a puddle of water at the bottom of the cavern. Another group of Frostbite Spiders can be found along this path.

A giant Frostbite Spider at Cronvangr Broodlair / Skyrim

At the bottom of the cavern, you can follow a path to the east.

This leads to another area called Cronvangr Broodlair, where a Giant Frostbite Spider is waiting for you (along with several small ones).


Redbelly Mine

Inside Redbelly Mine / Skyrim

Redbelly Mine can be found in the town of Shor’s Stone, north of Riften.

You can get the quest “Mine or Yours” from the town blacksmith Filnjar before entering the mine. In this quest, you need to clear Redbelly Mine from Frostbite Spiders.

In here there are several Frostbite Spiders on the bridge that will attack you. So take them out and loot for Frostbite Venom. Then follow the wooden path to the left and into the bottom of the mine, where another group of spiders can be found.

Frostbite Venom Item Screen / Skyrim
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