Best Skyrim Staff Mods For More Magical Weaponry

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Whether you call them staffs or staves is irrelevant: you’ve come here to find the best magical sticks in the Skyrim modding community.

And I’m here to tell you exactly where you can download them.

Performing magical acts in Skyrim is fun, we all know that.

And I’m sure that if you’re like me, you also think the staffs that come with the game are pretty crappy. Well, not all but many.

Thankfully modders have created a bunch of cool new ones that come packed with amazing enchantments & spells that you’ve never seen before, which serves as a way to reinvigorate the magical experience of an old-fashioned playthrough.


10. Staff Enchanting Overhaul

Staff Enchanting Overhaul - Skyrim mod

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Okay, I actually wanted to focus on staffs only for this list. However I think leaving out this mod will be detrimental to your wizardry experience.

This is the Staff Enchanting Overhaul mod, and with this each enchantment will be scaled according to your level. This means that you’ll have access to much more powerful enchants the further you advance in the game.

That’s not all, though.

The mod also comes with a handful of customization options, which makes it a fantastic mod to install if you’re looking to completely change the way enchanting works and make it as close to what you envision as possible.


9. Dwarven Condenser

Dwarven Condenser mod preview

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The Dwarven Condenser is the steampunk version of a wizard staff.

And it’s one that also comes with the ability to shoot out some cool fire breath.

I mean, this is technically not a magical mod. But it does provide you with a much better staff anything that comes with the vanilla game.

Besides, it also looks like something that you’d see made by the Dwarven. It’s super lore-friendly.

If they ever got close to magic, they would’ve made something like this!


8. Saruman Staff (Lord of the Rings)

Saruman Staff for Skyrim - screenshot

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Alright time to move away from lore-friendliness for a minute and appreciate the fact that someone managed to model Saruman’s staff to perfection and added it to Skyrim.

With both universes sharing a lot of similarities, one would imagine that some modder was bound to do it eventually.

In any case, Saruman’s LOTR staff can be used to cast the Unrelenting Force shout as a bound enchantment. This means you don’t need to waste the powers of the Dragonborn to make your enemies fly.

Now you can do it while feeling like the powerful Saruman himself!


7. LifeSong – The Grove Matron Staff

LifeSong – The Grove Matron Staff Mod

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I recently wrote a guide about some of the coolest Druid mods for Skyrim, and even though I didn’t include this one, it was a really close cut.

LifeSong is a lore-friendly nature staff that allows you to control the powers of nature itself.

First, though, you’re going to need to find it and earn it.

This is one of the few mods on my list that actually comes packed with a full story behind it, supported by a magical environment made by the creator of the mod.

It might not be the first one on my list. But it’s one that I fully recommend you check out if you’ve got the time to search it out.


6. Staff of Shalidor

Staff of Shalidor House Mod - Interior Screenshots

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The Staff of Shalidor mod doesn’t really come with a background to it. It just gets added to your game as soon as you load a save with the mod installed.

However, as far as cool mods go, this is one staff you’ll want to have.

It’s a staff designed with a small house at its tip. And yes, you can actually access the house itself.

Freaky, I know.

Activate the staff and be transported to inside it… yes, inside the staff! Possibly one of the best houses you could get for a wizardly playthrough.


5. Iban’s Staff

Iban’s Staff for Skyrim

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If you’re a RuneScape player then you know exactly what Iban’s Staff mod does.

It adds Iban’s Staff, one of the RPG’s most popular staves in the game.

Resembling the effect that this staff had in RuneScape, Iban’s Staff for Skyrim fires a deadly skull that crashes into your enemies and sends them flying backwards.

It doesn’t really fit Skyrim’s lore, sure.

But the concept of the staff isn’t too farfetched either.

Besides, who doesn’t like shooting stuff towards your enemies and watching them fly away?


4. Ancient Staff

Ancient Staff Mod for Skyrim

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Another one based on a RuneScape staff, the Ancient Staff mod comes with a small extra dungeon that you need to complete to obtain it.

The staff itself is extremely powerful and can freeze your enemies to death in a matter of seconds. But beware: you’re going to need to charge it pretty often.

Be sure to use it only if necessary, and don’t spend all of its charges at once – regardless of how tempting it may be to do exactly that.


3. Staff of Magnus Improved

Staff of Magnus Improved Mod

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We’ve all grown to love the Staff of Magnus beyond our wildest dreams.

But we have to accept it – the texture of the staff is pretty crappy.

I mean, it was due for some improvements anyway.

So this handy mod adds a new retexture to the Staff of Magnus, which makes it look HD and just beautifully redesigned.


2. The Elianora – Master Wizard’s Staff

The Elianora Wizard Staff Mod

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Alright I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to find a custom staff mod as well done as this one.

The Elianora not only looks super cool, but also has a bunch of crazy effects. With fire, lightning, and ice enchantments all at once, it’s got to be the most powerful staff on this list!

That said though, there’s always another mod to tempt you…


1. Elemental Staffs

Elemental Staffs Mod for Skyrim

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This mod, although it doesn’t add a new staff to the game, creates a unique design for all of the Skyrim staves.

It basically lets them look unique according to their enchantment.

So all of the vanilla staves will get a retexture that adds a new color depending on their enchantment. A very subtle change, but damn this looks cool.

It might be a pretty basic aesthetic mod, but it makes the game much more immersive for a magical playthrough.

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