How To Make Paper in Spiritfarer

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Paper, or homemade paper, is made by combining sawdust and household glue in the kitchen.

However, you can’t make this item until you’re asked to later in the game. And Stanley the spirit will be the one that introduces it to you as part of his many requests.

Furthermore, you also need to build the sawmill and kitchen, as well as acquire the kitchen improvement from Atul the spirit.

This guide will give you a complete breakdown of everything you need to get some paper. Let’s get started!


Step 1: Building the Kitchen

You can build more than one kitchen in Spiritfarer / Spiritfarer
You can build more than one kitchen in Spiritfarer.

The first part of this journey begins with making the kitchen, which is also one of the earliest buildings that you will need in this game.

The building is first introduced by Gwen (the first spirit Stella meets) in her request “I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry.”

Upon getting this request, you’ll be pleased to find that the kitchen is automatically unlocked via the Beginner Blueprint Station. It requires these materials:

  • 5 Maple Logs
  • 8 Bright Jellies

Depending on where you are in the game, you most likely already know where to get maple logs. If not, then you can get them by chopping maple trees in Greenhalten Bay, Mosstein Cove, and Berkensheim Creek.

As for the bright jellies, you can get them from the mini-game that Gwen introduces to you: the Jellyfish event. For a refresher, here are all the jellyfish event locations in the map:

  • Stage 1 – X:80, Y: 92
  • Stage 2 – X: 63, Y: 163
  • Stage 3 – X: -8, Y: 92
  • Stage 4 – X: -49, Y: 131
Catch as many jellyfish as you can in order to get Glims (yellow) and Bright Jelly (green) / Spiritfarer
Catch as many jellyfish as you can in order to get Glims (yellow) and Bright Jelly (green).

Simply catch the green jellyfish for some bright jelly until you get the desired amount.

Build the kitchen after gathering all of the items, and get yourself acquainted with the cooking process. Simply put some food inside the oven and wait for the timer to run out.

Once this is over, you can interact with the oven again to pick up your food. However, the basic kitchen only allows you to use one ingredient per dish.


Step 2: The Kitchen Improvement

Atul will introduce you to the kitchen upgrade / Spiritfarer
Atul will introduce you to the kitchen upgrade.

To make paper, you need two ingredients – and that means upgrading the kitchen so you can combine two items at once.

To do this, just follow the requests given by the spirit Atul. If you’re still early in the game, you can find him in Berkensheim Creek at the coordinates X: 5, Y: 117.

From here it’s only a matter of following his requests until he eventually gives you the kitchen improvement blueprint.

Here are the requests to follow, in order:

Request What to do
Sticky Fingers Jump in the pond to recover Atul’s Lemon.
Welcome Aboard Welcome him onto the ship.
Sea Master 2000 Go fishing in the back of the ship for Atul.
The Drawing Board Upgrade blueprint at Albert’s Shipyard.
Woodwork Build a sawmill.
The Sommeiler Open a bottle you fish from the sea.
Measure Twice, Cut Once Use the sawmill to cut some logs.
Atul’s Workshop Build a house for Atul to stay in.
Movie Night Cook some popcorn and give it to Atul.

Once these tasks are done, you’ll get the “Big Stove” request, where Atul will ask you to improve your kitchen. This is where you’ll get the kitchen improvement blueprint.

After getting this blueprint, you’ll be asked for these materials:

  • 5 Bright Jellies
  • 8 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 0 Glims

You can get lightning in a bottle from the event that Atul introduces to you, while linen fabric is acquired by weaving linen thread in the upgraded version of the Loom.

The lightning in a bottle minigame / Spiritfarer
The lightning in a bottle minigame.

The loom itself is unlocked via the hobbyist blueprint station in Albert’s Shipyard, where all of the upgrades can be purchased.


Step 3: Finding Stanley

Next up is finding the spirit Stanley.

As mentioned above, you can’t make homemade paper until a certain spirit requests it. In this case, it’s Stanley, the child-like mushroom spirit that you’ll meet later in the game.

Stanley looks like a mushroom with arms and legs / Spiritfarer
Stanley looks like a mushroom with arms and legs.

To find Stanley, you need to recruit a maximum of four spirits into the Everdoor – which is why you can only find him later in the game.

After bidding goodbye to the spirits, start fishing.

This is because, unlike other spirits in the game, you can only find Stanley by fishing for a mysterious seed.

This seed can be fished from anywhere on the map, and the chances of immediately finding it or not is all random.

If you have no such luck in fishing for the seed, the easier path is to buy the seed from Francis the Wandering Merchant. If you find it in his store, it can be bought for 550 Glims. If not, you need to keep fishing.

After acquiring the seed, plant it in the garden and wait for 2 and a half in-game days. The seed will grow and Stanley will eventually come out. You can also use the guitar to make it grow faster.

Make sure you regularly water the seed once you plant it / Spiritfarer
Make sure you regularly water the seed once you plant it.

Note: You can also read a more in-depth guide on finding Stanley in our guide for finding Bottled Ectoplasm.


Following Stanley’s Requests

Once Stanley is aboard the boat, follow these requests in order:

Request What to do
Big Boy’s Room (1) Give Stanley some Linen Fabric once he takes over the Guest Room.
Big Boy’s Room (2) Give Stanley any item that’s under the ‘Tchotchke’ category in your inventory.
Unnamed Request/Dust Shades Mini-Game Finish the Dust Shades minigame in order to gain Bottled Ectoplasm.
Dr. Splash’s Strange Experiments Stanley will ask you to do a number of “experiments,” including:
– Smelt Old Shoe in Foundry
– Crush three uncommon items at the Crusher
– Smelt three uncommon items at the Foundry
– Thread three uncommon items at the Loom
(Note that each item can be three of the same time, and you can use all of them at the same time to speed up the process)

Making Homemade Paper

You can get sawdust by cutting any type of log in the sawmill / Spiritfarer
You can get sawdust by cutting any type of log in the sawmill.

After finishing the quests above, it’s time to finally make homemade paper.

Stanley will start the “Junior Architectural Designer” request, where he will ask you to make some paper.

For this, you will need two materials: household glue and sawdust.

Household glue is made by smelting the old shoe in the foundry, from one of Stanley’s earlier requests. Additionally, you can purchase some old shoes from Francis for 8 Glims if you run out of them.

Sawdust is acquired by cutting any wood in the sawmill. Whether or not you do well in the mini-game inside, you will still get sawdust with each log.

Note: You can learn everything you need about the sawmill in our guide on how to use the sawmill.

Once you have these two items, simply cook them in the kitchen and wait for the timer to run out. Once it does, interact with the oven to get your homemade paper.

You can then give this paper to Stanley to end the request.

Make homemade glue by combining sawdust and glue in the kitchen / Spiritfarer
Make homemade glue by combining sawdust and glue in the kitchen.
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