How To Find Light Burst in Spiritfarer (And How To Use It)

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The Light Burst ability can be obtained from the shrine located in the Hidden Island shrine.

Once obtained, this ability lets Stella emit a burst of light from the Everlight, which is particularly useful for collecting various in-game items.

But before you can get this ability, these are the prior abilities that you’ll need first:

Ability/Requirement Where to Find
Double Jump Hummingberg Island
Glide Furogawa
Zipline Nordweiler
Bounce Oxbury
Buck the Spirit Hikarishima Lighthouse

For a more in-depth explanation, we’ve made this guide to teach you everything you need to know to complete this journey.

Let’s begin!


Prerequisite Abilities

As mentioned above, the road to getting the light burst ability is a fairly lengthy one.

Because there are prior abilities that you need first before you can reach the spot where Light Burst is located.

Luckily, by following the game’s story, you will eventually come across these abilities yourself, especially if you keep on progressing.

That said, it’s still entirely possible to progress most of the story without these abilities, so there’s a chance that you can miss them.

If you find yourself in the same situation, here’s what you need in order to get all the required abilities.


1. Unlocking Double Jump

The double jump ability shrine in Hummingberg / Spiritfarer
The double jump ability shrine in Hummingberg.

The first ability to unlock is double jump, which lets Stella jump a second time while in the air to reach higher places.

Luckily, getting this ability is straightforward.

Simply visit Hummingberg Island in the coordinates X: 39, Y: 139 and go to the middle of the town to find the shrine and receive the ability.

Do note that this ability costs two obols; something you automatically get from spirits boarding the ship and from exploring all the islands.


2. Unlocking Glide

The glide ability shrine in Furogawa / Spiritfarer
The glide ability shrine in Furogawa.

The next ability that is required is Glide – which as the name implies, allows Stella to descend slowly while in the air.

This is particularly useful for landing on hard-to-reach places.

For this ability, you need to visit Furogawa, located in the coordinates X: -150, Y:67, with the nearest bus stop at X: -162, Y: 51.

Luckily, you don’t need any sort of boat improvement or ability to reach the island and visit the ability shrine.

Just walk right until you pass by the Racoon Inc. shop to locate the ability shrine and unlock glide. Alternatively, there are also updrafts in the island that you can use to practice gliding once you get it.

Furogawa is also the island where you can find the spirit Gustav, standing on the porch of one of the houses.

Note: If you want to go ahead and recruit Gustav, you’ll need the double jump ability first, as he’ll have a small request where the ability is necessary.

Like double jump, glide also requires 2 obols.


3. Unlocking Zipline

The zipline ability shrine in Nordweiler / Spiritfarer
The zipline ability shrine in Nordweiler.

The next ability is zipline, which allows Stella to ride up and down ropes and wires, which is also quite useful for getting to high places or even catapulting yourself up into the air.

However, while zipline is useful, it’s not necessarily needed to eventually get the light burst. That said, it can still come in handy should you ever need it.

If you do want to get it, you’ll need the Ice Breaker boat improvement from Albert’s Shipyard, found at X: 61, Y: 64.

The Ice Breaker improvement itself requires these items:

  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 12 Oak Planks
  • 18 Linen Fabrics
  • 1 Spirit Flower
  • 5 Slates
  • 800 Glims

After getting the upgrade, proceed to Nordweiler, found at X: -3, Y: 185 in the map’s northern sector.

The shrine itself is easy to find if you explore the whole wintery town, and the ability costs 2 obols. Once unlocked, you can immediately zip around the wires all over town.


4. Unlocking Bounce

The bounce ability shrine found in the bustling town of Oxbury / Spiritfarer
The bounce ability shrine found in the bustling town of Oxbury.

Next up is bounce, which allows Stella to bounce from certain objects to reach higher places.

For this ability, you will need the Rock Destroyer upgrade, which can be found in Albert’s Shipyard.

To unlock this boat improvement, you will also need:

  • 10 Aluminum Ingots
  • 8 Marbles
  • 6 Fireglows
  • 2 Spirit Flowers
  • 1700 Glims

After getting this upgrade, you’ll be able to break through the rock barrier blocking the region where Oxbury Island is. Nevertheless, the coordinates are at X: 233, Y: 18.

Upon arriving, just walk right into the city until you find the ability shrine for bounce. As always, this costs 2 obols to unlock, and you can immediately try it in certain areas on the island.


Finding the Spirit Buck & Getting the Light Burst

Buck the spirit is found on top of the Hikarishima Lighthouse / Spiritfarer
Buck the spirit is found on top of the Hikarishima Lighthouse, which you can reach with the bounce ability.

After getting Bounce, the next step is to recruit the spirit Buck.

To do so, simply head on over to the Hikarishima Lighthouse at the coordinates X:137, Y: -14.

If you’re far, the nearest bus stop is at X: -120, Y: -27.

Upon arriving, just head on over to the benches and find the propped-up umbrella. Then, use bounce on top of it until you reach the platform with the lighthouse.

After reaching the lighthouse, you will be greeted by the spirit Buck at the top, who will then automatically go to your canoe. However, you can still climb the top of the lighthouse, should you wish to.

Once he’s aboard the ship, it’s all a matter of following his questline to finish these two quests:

  • A Lair of Wonders
  • The Silver Company

The first quest requires buying a blueprint and building accommodations for him, while the second one consists of recruiting three of his role-playing buddies in easy-enough places.

The oracle tree in Furogawa / Spiritfarer
The oracle tree in Furogawa.

Just in case you need help, however, the friends he wants to recruit for “The Silver Company” can be found in:

  • Jerome in Hummingberg (you can find him in the second house you will see)
  • Bob in Oxbury (he’s beside the shrine, on the left side)
  • Bryan in Bottom Line Corps. (there’s a red storage container you can find when you first arrive, and he’s standing on top of it)

After finding them (and getting the required snacks) visit Nordweiler in X: -3, Y: 185 in the Hummingberg region and talk to him there.

He will send you on another quest, which will take you back to Furogawa at X: -150, Y: 67.

There you’ll find the Oracle tree, where you’ll get the coordinates X: -185, Y: -92.

The hidden shrine location / Spiritfarer
The hidden shrine location, found on the bottom-right corner of the map.

Head back to the boat and look for this place in the map projector and head to it. You’ll also get another Obol in this part.

Once you arrive in the coordinates, you’ll find the Hidden Shrine island, where Buck and his three friends are.

From here, it’s only a matter of platforming up (using double jump and glide) to reach the shrine at the top, where you’ll get the Light Burst ability.

After getting it, you should be able to use it in dark places, as it emits a ray of light around Stella for a brief amount of time.

The ability itself is useful for collecting various items from the many minigames found in the game. You can use it for:

  • Collecting Dust Shades
  • Collecting Pulsar Rays
  • Catching Jellyfish
  • Catching Fireflies
The light burst ability shrine on top of the hidden shrine island / Spiritfarer
The light burst ability shrine on top of the hidden shrine island.
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