Stardew Valley Crops & Foraging Mods (All Free)

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Farming and foraging are both a huge part of Stardew Valley.

I mean, duh – it is a farming sim after all!

Despite the fact that a large part of gameplay revolves around planting, hoeing, watering, and harvesting these crops, there isn’t exactly a huge amount of variety around the options you can choose.

So here’s a collection of some great mods that’ll up your farming game, along with some customized foraging too.


10. Fantasy Crops

Fantasy Crops Mod for Stardew Valley

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This super neat mod introduces some new, fantastical crops to Pelican Town.

They’re super useful for you, because instead of planting fruits, vegetables, or flowers… you’re planting metals!

That’s right. Get ready to grow Iridium, Gold, Copper, and any other metal in the game in the form of plants.

They’re super beautiful both as seeds and fully grown.

And if you’re embracing the wackier & less realistic side of the game, this is totally for you.

Also, growing Iridium?

Never have to go to the Skull Cavern again?

Sign me up.


9. Extra Yields

Extra Yields Stardew Valley mod

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Here’s another weird but cool mod to try: Extra Yields.

With this installed, you can specify extra things to come when you harvest your crops.

It doesn’t even have to be plants!

You can essentially ‘program’ your crops into yielding things like fish when they come to fruition.

Hey, whatever you gotta do to fill out that community center!


8. Better Crops and Foraging

Better Crops and Foraging in Stardew Valley

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If you feel that the colors and designs of the original crops and forageables are too loud, this mod might be for you.

It tones down the colors a bit and reworks the pictures to be a little more realistic looking.

They look absolutely fantastic – or I absolutely recommend giving them a glance, at least.

The blackberries especially are a super good fix.


7. Bonster’s Crops

Bonster’s Crops Stardew Valley mod

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This handy mod adds new crops and trees to the game.

There’s a lot here, too.

And there’s interesting choices to check out: taro, blackcurrants, blue corn, rosehips, among lots of others!

For the new trees available, we get cloves, dates, and pandans.

And they each have their own period of fruiting, just like the vanilla ones.

This mod also seems to get new versions every so often, being updated with even more stuff added each time.

So do keep an eye on this from time to time for any new extras.


6. Ancient Crops

Ancient Crops Mod for Stardew Valley

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Ancients Seeds are some of the best seeds in the vanilla game.

They take a while to grow, but once they do, they produce Ancient Fruit – which can be used to make Ancient Fruit Wine, which sells for a lot of money.

What I usually do is have my greenhouse going with Ancient Fruit year round, but that takes a while.

This mod takes the Ancient Fruit and turns it into an adjective.

Now there’s multiple kinds of Ancient Fruits for you to try growing.

There’s actually a handy written guide to the mod too (the link for this guide is right here, but note that it does spoil some things).

With so much detail, this almost feels like a little expansion pack.

Definitely go check it out if you need something new – or old – to freshen up the farm.


5. Succulents

Succulents Stardew Valley mod

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Succulents are such a trendy thing to have these days.

They’re cute, and take virtually zero effort to care for. So no surprise there.

If IRL succulents just aren’t doing it for you anymore, add them to your game with this handy mod!

Two varieties are added as crops, and then there’s also some new crafting recipes, presumably using the yields from the new crops.

They’re really cute, and definitely worth looking into!

Ooo, maybe you could do a desert themed farm…?


4. More Giant Crops

More Giant Crops Mod for Stardew Valley

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Giants crops are one of the coolest things that can happen in-game.

With pumpkins, melons, and mushrooms, sometimes you’ll get lucky and a square patch of them will merge into one enormous crop.

This has to be hacked at. But when it is, it explodes into a huge yield for big money.

Well this custom mod makes it so that more harvests can become giant crops.

There’s giant potatoes, giant corn, and interestingly, giant starfruit!

Starfruit wine is a great way to make a ton of money in Stardew – so I recommend checking this one out.


3. Crops Anytime Anywhere

Crops Anytime Anywhere Stardew Valley mod

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I don’t play video games to replicate real life.

So if I want to grow corn in the winter, why can’t I?

I bet that’s what this creator was thinking when they made this mod.

Now you can plant anything, anywhere, any time of year.

Do you want roses in the town square in the winter? You got it.

Pumpkins by the river in the spring? You got it.

Starfruit in the forest in the fall? YOU GOT IT!

It’s nice, because there’s a lot of unused space around – especially in the woods and along the paths.

Make use of it now, because capitalism, baby!


2. Better Beach Forage

Better Beach Forage Mod for Stardew Valley

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The beach is easy money in the early game when, you know, a hundred gold actually means something to you.

By the time you start hitting sprinklers and having big crops, though… it’s kinda more like a waste of time.

This mod ramps up the foraging possibilities at the beach with a mega increase in spawn rate and more crabs, which are worth a lot.

Give it a try, beach bum!


1. Winter Crops

Winter Crops Preview / Stardew Valley mod

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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: winter is boring.

The trees barely grow.

There’s no crops.

In first year you usually don’t have much livestock, if any.

The whole month is spent grinding the caves and chatting up villagers, if you’re feeling productive.

Well no more!

This winter-centric mod adds new crops that thrive in the colder months.

Squash, spinach, onions, flowers, and even new fruit trees.

In total there’s 10 new crops, 3 new trees, and even some new craftables with teas you can make.

But check out the mod page for more details.

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