Alchemy Stars: Is Sariel Good? (Unit Review)

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Put simply: YES! Sariel is an amazing unit, and if you have her, you should definitely be using her on your Water team.

Sariel doesn’t offer much besides her Converting Active Skill, but Converters are so important that it doesn’t matter.

Her skill is also Preemptive, meaning that it can be used at the start of the first turn. Even better, it starts off Preemptive. No dupes needed!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Sariel doesn’t do much besides Converting
  • Her Chain Combo (CC) is mediocre at best
  • Her Equipment is also mediocre at best
  • Sariel’s CC and Equipment being mediocre doesn’t matter, she’s still an amazing unit
  • Converters are arguably the most important part of any team
  • At the time of writing, Sariel is the only Preemptive 6* Water Converter, making her very important

Unit Breakdown: Active Skill

Sariel’s Active Skill, Turbid Wheel, is what makes her so good. When used, it Converts the 4 nearest Red or Green tiles to Blue, and has a chance to generate up to 2 enhanced tiles.

Active Skill circled in red / Alchemy Stars
Active Skill circled in red

The enhanced tiles are nice, but aren’t too important.

The important thing about this Active Skill is its Conversion effect, 2-Round cooldown, and status as a Preemptive Strike.

Turbid Wheel has a low cooldown and is also Preemptive.

Preemptive Strike means that a skill can be used on the first turn, without waiting for its cooldown to finish.

Turbid Wheel is Preemptive / Alchemy Stars
Turbid Wheel is Preemptive

In Sariel’s case, that means she can immediately place down 4 Blue tiles at the start of a level. It might not seem like much, but it’s incredibly powerful, and an important factor of any team.

Turbid Wheel also has a low cooldown of 2 Rounds.

A 2-Round cooldown is VERY low / Alchemy Stars
A 2-Round cooldown is VERY low

This Active Skill is also Preemptive at no Breakthroughs (BT), meaning that you don’t need any dupes to use it on round 1.

As you can see, my own Sariel is BT2 (which requires no dupes), and her skill is still Preemptive.

Breakthroughs 1 and 2 only require Hearthstones- not dupes / Alchemy Stars
Breakthroughs 1 and 2 only require Hearthstones- not dupes

All of this makes Sariel one of the strongest Converters in the Water element.

Note: Converters are generally more important than damage dealers. Damage is also important, but without the right color tiles, you won’t be doing much of it.


Chain Combo – Tidebreaker

Unfortunately, her Converting power is the only thing that Sariel has going for her.

Her Chain Combo, Tidebreaker seems alright at first glance.

Damage and number of hits increase with tile count / Alchemy Stars
Damage and number of hits increase with tile count

390% Damage isn’t anything special, but it’s not bad – until you read the second half of the description.

Tidebreaker’s damage is awful / Alchemy Stars
Tidebreaker’s damage is awful

If Tidebreaker hits the same enemy more than once, the damage is halved from the second hit forth. Unfortunately, the damage isn’t only halved once – it keeps getting halved.

For example, let’s say that Tidebreaker hits the same enemy 5 times, and that the first hit does 520 damage.

The second hit would do 260.

The third hit would do 130.

The fourth hit would do 65.

The fifth hit would do 33 (rounded from 32.5)

The actual numbers would be much bigger, but you can see how low her damage output is.


Equipment Skill – Drizzle Curtain

Unfortunately, Sariel’s Equipment Skill Drizzle Curtain is similarly bad.

Defense isn’t really an important stat / Alchemy Stars
Defense isn’t really an important stat

Defense might not seem so bad, but it doesn’t have much use. It also only affects Sariel, not the entire team.

It’s so bad that I haven’t even bothered upgrading her Equipment.

Upgrading Murky Wheel serves no purpose outside of bonus stats / Alchemy Stars
Upgrading Murky Wheel serves no purpose outside of bonus stats

Note: Even though I haven’t, it’s probably worth upgrading Sariel’s Equipment anyways. Upgrading Equipment deals more damage to counter elements (in this case, fire), and grants extra stats.


Is Sariel Worth Using?

Even though her Chain Combo and Equipment Skill aren’t very good, Sariel is still an amazing unit.

Her low damage and useless Equipment Skill don’t really matter, because her Converting power is nothing short of excellent.

If you have Sariel, you should be using her in your Water team. Converters are just that important.

Also, she has a nice skin.

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