Epic Seven: Is Ken Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Ken is a Fire element unit who shines best as a tanky bruiser who can both take and dish out lots of punishment.

His kit allows him to fit in several high-Defense and high-HP team comps, but he can also be built as a high-Speed, pure damage dealer who can obliterate fragile units in one turn.

To elaborate on how good Ken really is (and if he’s worthy of pulling for and investing in), here’s some info that you might want to know.


Skills Overview

Skills Page (Ken) / Epic Seven
Skills Page (Ken)

Here are Ken’s skills and a brief description of what they do:

  • Knockout – Attacks one enemy and has a chance to decrease their Defense. If Ken has Vigor, this attack will also inflict Burn.
  • Celestial Kick – Attacks one enemy and has a chance to decrease their Defense. Grants Ken increased Speed and 40 Fighting Spirit. If Ken has Vigor, this attack will ignore the target’s Effect Resistance.

    Soul Burn is available for this skill and it grants Ken an extra turn when used.

  • Phoenix Flurry – Attacks one enemy with a chance to inflict Stun on the target and decrease their Attack. Grants Ken Vigor as well as 50 Fighting Spirit if it’s the first battle and 5 Fighting Spirit for every attack he endures.

It’s apparent just from his skillset that Ken is a very versatile and effective single-target damage dealer who overshadows most of his peers.

He can be built in several ways, but the easiest to pull off is by far the tanky bruiser build, which gives him a lot of HP and Defense to work with.

And since all of Ken’s skills scale off of his max HP, you don’t really lose much in the damage department if you decide to equip a full-on HP set or HP/Defense hybrid set on him.


Ken in PVE

Adventure Stage (Ken) / Epic Seven
Adventure Stage (Ken)

While Ken won’t be competing with top-tier speed clearing characters anytime soon, his farming potential isn’t all that bad.

After all, his single-damage attacks are nothing to scoff at — especially if he’s built as a pure damage dealer.

I’d say he’s a pretty solid PVE unit overall, especially if we consider how well he performs against most PVE bosses.


Ken in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

In PVP battles, there are only a few units who can match or exceed Ken when it comes to taking heavy damage, surviving, and dishing it right back to the enemy team.

Ken is usually found in Counter-heavy PVP teams that aim to outlast the enemy instead of just relying on Speed and burst damage like most teams in the Arena.

If you lack any good Fire element damage dealers for your PVP team and Ken happens to be a feature unit in the gacha, then I highly recommend that you pick Ken up and invest in him right away!


Is He Worth Building?

MVP Page (Ken) / Epic Seven
MVP Page (Ken)

Ken is a definite must-have for players who’d like to build a tanky defense or offense team that can both outlast and even out-DPS enemy teams in the Arena.

He’s also a great pickup for players who lack solid Fire element damage dealers in their account.

Overall, Ken is a fantastic character who would definitely make your life easier in both PVP and PVE battles – if you prefer building a sturdy and less “mainstream” team comp.

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