Epic Seven: Is Yuna Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Yuna is an Ice element Ranger who specializes in AoE attacks and mowing down hordes of enemies. The bigger the horde, the better.

Her kit also allows her to buff her entire team and push her own Combat Readiness. Pretty amazing for a free unit, no?

But as a whole, what she can offer is available from other units. So generally she isn’t worth it except for specific circumstances.

That said, let’s check out extra info on Yuna + some build suggestions for her.


Skill Overviews

Here are all of Yuna’s skills and a brief description of how each of them works:

Yuna (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Yuna (Skills Page)
  • Homing Laser – Attacks all enemies and boosts Yuna’s Combat Readiness per enemy target hit. The damage dealt scales on her Speed and is increased if the enemy team has less than three members. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the damage dealt by this skill will be increased.
  • Upgrade – Increases all of her allies’ Attack and Speed stats for two turns.
  • Meteor Cannon – Attacks all enemies and deals a guaranteed Critical Hit upon a successful hit. If the enemy team has less than three members, the damage dealt is increased. Grants Yuna an Extra Turn.

As we can see, Yuna’s kit leans heavily on giving her team a few instrumental buffs and mowing down enemy units with her two AoE skills.

She also gets a CR Push off of her Skill 1. This is pretty neat since this means she can be a self-sufficient DPS character who doesn’t need a dedicated CR Pusher as an ally.

Even though she’s arguably not fit to be the main damage dealer over most modern DPS units nowadays, Yuna is still a pretty good second option as a DPS for your team!


Yuna in PVE

Yuna (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Yuna (Adventure Stage)

Yuna’s best selling point is how well she performs in most PVE game modes like Adventure Stages, Labyrinth Stages, Abyss Floors, and others.

With her great cleaving capabilities, Yuna can carry almost every team comp through the harder PVE stages – or most importantly, the easier ones that are for speed farming.

As mentioned before, her Increased Attack and Speed buffs also help her tremendously in terms of team spacing, since you won’t really need a dedicated support buffer with her around.


Yuna in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

Although she does terrifically in PVE, PVP is where Yuna struggles a bit because of her attack skills’ lack of useful utility or debuffs.

The main problem is that while Yuna can fill the role of a damage dealer and support buffer, her performance doesn’t surpass those who are specialized exclusively in those roles.

However, do keep in mind that Yuna is still a viable choice for cleave teams as the main or secondary DPS unit. Heck, you can even use her solely for her Attack and Speed buffs if you want!


Recommended Builds for Yuna (Skill & Equipment)

Artifacts Page (Rosa Hargana) / Epic Seven
Artifacts Page (Rosa Hargana)

Recommended Artifacts: Daydream Joker, Rosa Hargana, Bloodstone

Depending on which game mode you’re tackling, either Rosa Hargana (for PVP) or Daydream Joker (for PVE) will work well with her. Although if you want to increase your entire team’s survivability as well, you may consider using Bloodstone instead.

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 0/2/0

For Yuna’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 2 because of the additional Soul gain and reduced cooldown. The rest is optional and should only be upgraded if you plan on using her often.

Recommended Equipment Sets: Speed Set & Crit Build Set / Speed Set & Destruction Set Build

Just like all speedy, hard-hitting cleavers, Yuna’s priority stat/substat will be Speed followed by Critical Chance and Critical Damage.


So Is Yuna Worth Getting?

Yuna (MVP Page) / Epic Seven
Yuna (MVP Page)

Yuna is a jack-of-all-trades-ish unit who can increase her own Combat Readiness, increase her entire team’s damage output, and cleave enemy teams like there’s no tomorrow. But she’s not exactly a “must-have” character, simply because many other units outshine her in all of those aspects.

The final verdict?

Well, I recommend that you don’t try to pull for her (obviously) because you can just get her for free via Hero Connections.

But should you bother investing into her?

I say go for it if you either don’t have any good cleavers in your roster, or if you’re a collector/veteran with over 20+ Units fully built already!

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