Epic Seven: Is Luluca Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Luluca is an Ice element Mage character who has Defense Breaks for days and solid supporting capabilities.

Equipped with her highly versatile kit, Luluca can either set up your damage dealers, help sustain your team with barriers, or even deal with the enemies herself with her high-damage attack skills.

To show you how good she is and why pulling for her might be worth it, let’s look into a few bits of info that you might want to know!


Skills Overview

Luluca (Skills Page) / E7
Luluca (Skills Page)

Here are all of Luluca’s skills and a brief description of how they work:

  • Wild Wave – Attacks a single enemy. It has a chance to decrease the target’s Defence for two turns. The damage scales off of the target’s lost health.
  • Reko’s Blessing – Increases the entire team’s defense and gives them a Barrier that lasts for two turns. The Barrier’s strength scales off of Luluca’s Attack. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, the cooldown of this skill will be reduced by two turns.
  • Wave of Vengeance – Attacks all enemies. It has a chance to decrease the entire enemy team’s Defense for two turns. This debuff stacks up to three times.

As we can see from Luluca’s kit, she is a fantastic Defense Breaker who has two skills that can decrease enemy Defense.

Not only that, but the only skill she has that cannot decrease enemy defense is a pretty solid support skill that allows her to increase her entire team’s sustainability.

She’s amazing!

From all this, it’s plain to see that Luluca is quite a versatile unit — able to both cripple enemy teams with her debuffs and support allies with her buffs.


Luluca in PVE

Luluca (Adventure Stage) / E7
Luluca (Adventure Stage)

Amongst all game modes, PVE is where Luluca shines the brightest because of her fantastic utility and potential damage output.

She’s great at speed farming Adventure Stages, clearing Labyrinths, clearing Abyss floors — heck, you can even count on her when it comes to slaying the hardest bosses!

All you need to do is surround her with half-decent attack buffers and CR Pushers and you’ll see her decimate almost every PVE stage in the game with ease.


Luluca in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / E7
Arena Loading Screen

It’s no surprise that Luluca does well in PVE — but in the Arena and the World Arena?

She’s actually a pretty darn good pick!

First off, you just cannot go wrong with her Defense Break-oriented kit. You can basically fit her into all kinds of team comps if you want because she’s just that versatile.

Would you like to use her as your main damage dealer? Go ahead!

How about a support/defense breaker hybrid for your cleave team? Of course, you can!


Recommended Builds for Luluca (Skill & Equipment)

Artifacts Page (Kal'adra) / E7
Artifacts Page (Kal’adra)

Recommended Artifacts: Kal’Adra, Etica’s Scepter, Spirit Breath

For general use, Etica’s Scepter will be the best Artifact for her and will allow her to spam her skills more often. If this artifact isn’t available, however, the other two will also work wonders for her.

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 0/3/3

For Luluca’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 3 because of the increased Defense Break chance and reduced cooldown.

Investing some molas on Skill 2 is also recommended if you want to improve her supporting capabilities.

Recommended Equipment Sets:

  • Speed Set & Crit Set Build
  • Speed Set & Hit Set Build

Considering Luluca’s role can be split between Defense Breaker and Damage Dealer, your priority main/sub stats should be Speed followed by Critical Chance, Attack, and Effectiveness.


So Is She Worth Using?

Luluca (MVP Screen) / E7
Luluca (MVP Screen)

Luluca is a premier Ice element defense breaker who can fulfill several roles for your team depending on what you want her to do.

Simply put, she’s a very flexible character who can potentially be used in a lot of different game modes.

Picking her up is definitely a good idea for most players out there.

Overall, I’d say she’s a definite must-have for those who are still looking for a fantastic defense breaker to build. Because Luluca is indeed that unit — and more!

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