Epic Seven: Is Tamarinne Worth It? (Unit Review)

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Tamarinne is a Fire element Soul Weaver who’s considered as one of the best healers available in the game. When it comes to PVE game modes, her performance is rarely matched by any other Soul Weavers out there – simply because of her kit’s absurd versatility and effectiveness.

To show you how good Tamarinne is and why pulling for her might be worth it, let’s dive more into her nitty-gritty details.


Skills Overview

Tamarinne (Skills Page) / Epic Seven
Tamarinne (Skills Page)

Here are all of Tamarinne’s skills and a brief description of what they can do:

  • Serene Tune – Attacks a single enemy and heals her ally with the lowest health. Decreases the cooldown of Shining Star by one turn upon usage. If she is in Idol Form, Tamarinne will attack all enemies and dispel all of their buffs. Additionally, a dual attack with an ally with the highest Attack stat will be executed. Soul Burn is available for this skill. If used, Tamarrine will heal all of her allies.
  • Song of the Forest – Heals all allies and decreases the cooldown of Shining Star by one turn upon usage. If she’s in Idol Form, Tamarinne will heal her allies as well as boost their Attack (for two turns) and Combat Readiness.
  • Shining Star – Dispels all debuffs from her allies and fully restores Tamarinne’s Health. She attains Idol Form for three turns.

As we can see, Tamarinne’s kit has almost everything a player can ask for in a support unit — mass healing, debuff cleansing, CR Pushes, buff dispels, and even attack boosts!

This is why when it comes to pure versatility, Tamarinne has very few peers amongst her fellow Soul Weavers.

Simply put, she’s a jack-of-all-trades who can do it all and someone who excels in almost every game mode you put her in.


Tamarinne in PVE

Tamarinne (Adventure Stage) / Epic Seven
Tamarinne (Adventure Stage)

Tamarinne has held the unofficial title of the “PVE Queen” for a very long time now — and for good reason.

This is because her kit can easily get her teammates out of tricky situations in almost every PVE stage you put her in, whether it be in Adventure Stages, Labyrinth Stages, or Abyss Floors.

Her relentless healing is a huge factor when challenging the hardest PVE game modes, making her a highly valuable centerpiece of almost every PVE-oriented team out there.


Tamarinne in PVP

Arena Loading Screen / Epic Seven
Arena Loading Screen

For Arena and World Arena battles, Tamarinne can be considered a very solid pick for the healer/supporter role.

While her performance drops off by quite a lot in PVP compared to her performance in PVE, going against Tamarinne still shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you leave her alone, Tamarinne can single-handedly stall the battle with her healing and mess with your set-ups with her buff dispel.

To make up for her weakness, players can even pair her up with Iseria who can fully decrease an ally’s skill cooldowns — potentially allowing Tamarinne to use Skill 3 as soon as she gets her turn.


Recommended Builds for Tamarinne (Skill & Equipment)

Wondrous Potion Vial (Artifacts Page) / Epic Seven
Wondrous Potion Vial (Artifacts Page)

Recommended Artifacts: Wondrous Potion Vial, Rod of Amaryllis, Magaraha’s Tome, Prophetic Candlestick

For general use, Magaraha’s Tome and Prophetic Candlestick are the two best artifacts for Tamarinne as they will allow her to get to her Idol Form quicker.

If you want her to be a better healer, however, you can use the other two artifacts instead.

Recommended Skill Upgrades: 0/7/1

For Tamarinne’s skill splits, your priority should be her Skill 3 because of the reduced cooldown. Investing in her Skill 2 is also recommended if you want to improve her healing and CR pushes.

Recommended Equipment Sets: Speed Set & Health Set Build/ Health Set & Counter Set Build

Seeing as Tamarinne’s heals scale off of her ally’s max health instead, your priority main/sub stats can be Speed followed by Health and Defense for additional survivability.


Is Tamarinne Worth Pulling?

Tamarinne (MVP Page) / Epic Seven
Tamarinne (MVP Page)

If you want to pull for (or invest in) Tamarinne, I say go for it.

Why? Because she’s one of the best healers you can ever get your hands on, that’s why!

In fact, simply acquiring her from tickets or the summon gacha would likely mean a significant power increase for your account.

After all, just like all the other remarkable units in the game, Tamarinne has that uncanny potential to make your overall gaming experience an absolute cakewalk compared to if you didn’t have her.

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