Beat Saber: The Best Custom Note Block Mods (All Free)

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cutting clean through a stylish note block with a swing of your motion controllers.

It’s like popping bubble wrap bubbles! It never gets old.

Except when it does.

By now, Beat Saber fans have sliced so many cubes in half, you need a PhD in mathematics to count that high. After so many swings, you start craving some extra motivation to keep attacking the blocks.

Thanks to the Beat Saber Mod Assistant, it’s now easier than ever to get some custom assets into your virtual environment – including blocks!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on Easy or finessing the most brutal Expert+ tracks; these custom block mods are a great way to bring some novelty to Beat Saber.


10. Randomized Minecraft Blocks

Randomized Minecraft Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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First up: the obligatory Minecraft mod.

Can’t have a ranking without it!

Randomized Minecraft Blocks by Wolfy does just what you’d expect: it replaces each note with one of over 200 possible block textures from the immensely popular sandbox title.

These textures include everything from the humble dirt block to solid gold, and everything in-between.

While every block features a dot or arrows so you know which direction they should be slashed from, the randomization tends to create a chaotic environment. Try to avoid this one if you’re grinding for a high score.


9. Cursed Centipede Notes

Cursed Centipede Notes Block Mod for Beat Saber

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Bobby’s Cursed Centipede Notes is another note mod you definitely want to avoid if you get distracted easily.

It turns Beat Saber into a surreal horror game.

Not only does every one of these blocks have nice, shapely legs, but they’re all animated – meaning you’ll see a horde of blocks walking vigorously toward you throughout the song.

Strings of blocks will inevitably look like the Human Centipede, though that might actually motivate you to slash at them.

Alternatively, you could check out the T-Pose blocks by the same author. They’re just as eerie and hilarious.


8. Drip Notes

Drip Notes Beat Saber mod screenshot

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Our next entry also adds lower extremities to our note blocks, but these are not your everyday legs.

These notes have mad drip.

Each one of these blocks has ten times the swagger of an average note.

You see those Nike shoes? Don’t think for a moment you could wear them with this much style.

These notes should be especially appealing to Among Us fans – after all, these blocks look kind of sus. Creator Bobby based these on an existing Among Us Drip design.


7. Bullet Kin Notes

Bullet Kin Notes Mod For Beat Saber

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I’m absolutely obsessed with Dodge Roll’s hard-as-nails Enter the Gungeon.

And now I can even kill bullet kin playing Beat Saber on my VR headset.

This mod by Bobby replaces your notes with some rank-and-file enemies from Enter the Gungeon, rendered in a 3D voxel model that retains the same appeal as their pixelated 2D counterpart.

They’re adorable and amusing to cut in half.

I just wish they played the adorable bullet kin death sound whenever a block is cut.

If any modders are reading this: I just gave you a million likes idea, free of charge.


6. Neon Fork

Neon Fork Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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For something a bit more normal but no less appealing, consider the Neon Fork notes by creator AdameK1926.

Bright cyan and gold lights peek through these black boxes to create a sleek design that’ll probably remind you of TRON.

These blocks have the aesthetic of a cryptocurrency trading website. They really put the “block” in “blockchain”!

Get them if you spend most of your time obsessively refreshing Binance.

The same creator offers us two more variants of these neon notes: one featuring a double arrow design, and a minimalist pointer version.


5. Don-chan Notes

Don-chan Note Blocks mod for Beat Saber

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Rhythm game enthusiasts might recognize the mascot from a Japanese classic: Taiko no Tatsujin.

Namco’s iconic arcade drumming game has become a staple of arcades, which has helped to extend its popularity far beyond Japan’s borders.

This block mod by Bobby includes both the regular drum notes and the game’s anthropomorphic taiko drum mascot – Don-chan – who replaces arrow blocks.

Get this if you can’t get enough of hitting Don-chan’s adorable mug for points.


4. Osu! Notes

Osu! Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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Osu!’s website describes the famous title as “the bestest free-to-win rhythm game,” and I think that’s pretty accurate.

Anyone with a somewhat decent computer and a mouse can play Osu!

This has earned it the love of gamers worldwide – especially in anime-loving circles. If you count yourself among Osu! ‘s dedicated playerbase, these Osu! Notes will make you feel at home.

Creator Uiop327 went the extra mile and added an animated hit circle that closes in on the note as it draws closer, mimicking Osu’s own animations.


3. Colored Arrows

Colored Arrow Blocks mod for Beat Saber

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I know many mod-loving gamers just want to customize their experience a little bit, rather than completely changing it by, say, putting legs and Nike shoes on their note blocks.

If you’re looking for a tasteful improvement that’ll bring some novelty into your block slashing hobby, these chic and simple Colored Arrows by DomeVR are the way to go.

These black blocks with neon highlights in cyan and green remind me a lot of Monster Energy drinks.

Maybe you’ll get a paid sponsorship if you put these on your YouTube channel? It can’t hurt to try!


2. Cat Notes

Cat Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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Cats have been a crucial part of internet culture since the beginning.

I love them, and you probably do too – so check out these adorable Cat Notes by Kyle1413.

These beautiful neon-bright feline blocks have little ears and a tiny tail!

You’ll feel hypnotized by their cuteness, and it’ll take some time before you stop trying to pet the blocks and start slashing them.

This pack features a confused-looking kitty and a vacant-looking one that makes me feel slightly inadequate the more I look at it. Am I not entertaining you, chonker?


1. Headcrab Notes

Headcrab Note Blocks / Beat Saber mod

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Fans of Valve’s massively influential first-person shooter Half-Life will undoubtedly recognize the Headcrab – a parasitic lifeform from space that plays a significant role in the series.

Headcrabs are a bit like ticks – except they attach to your skull.

From there, they take control of your nervous system and turn you into a meat puppet. Feel motivated to start cutting yet?

These blocks by creator Thijinmens are nice and fleshy – making them perfect for a little Halloween gaming.

Be sure to couple this with the Crowbar Sabers for maximum Half-Life immersion.

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