Best Ravenfield Mods To Try (Maps, Weapons, Vehicles & More)

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Not all games need a massive development team. Some of them only require a single dedicated developer to make an amazing game.

Ravenfield, developed by Swedish developer Johan Hassel, may not reach the complexity of other competitive first-person shooters. But it makes up for that with style, featuring a single player experience that’s highly customizable the whole way through.

And with the following mods you’ll be able to turn Ravenfield into a fully-featured game without all those DLC packs that publishers seem to love.


10. Stamina and Damage Indicator

Stamina and Damage Indicator Ravenfield Mod

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Two different mods from one download? And with two good mods to boot?

Sign me up!

Stamina and Damage Indicator introduces a stamina mechanic into Ravenfield, which makes the experience deeper and more in line with those big AAA shooters we love so much.

Plus this adds a damage indicator that makes it easier to understand the current state of your health. Modernization, anyone?


9. Condo Raid CQB

Condo Raid CQB Mod for Ravenfield

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Things in Ravenfield hardly get as intense as with the Condo Raid CQB map.

This custom map is a compact battleground best suited for Point Match and Battalion. It’ll see you and your team try to breach an apartment complex, or defend it against waves of enemies.

The compact size of the map makes it so matches will be intense and fast-paced. So you’d better be at the top of your game if you want to win here.


8. Wholesale

Wholesale Ravenfield Mod screenshot

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Like the Condo CQB map, the Wholesale map is a custom add-on that’s perfect to hone your close quarters Ravenfield skills.

It’s even smaller than the Condo CQB, and so it makes matches even more intense.

For a more chaotic experience, use the Wholesale Blackout and feel like those Amazon workers who have to continue working even after the lights went out. Now that’s what I’d call hardcore to the bone.


7. M998 Humvee

M998 Humvee for Ravenfield video game

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The M988 Humvee is a high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle that has been used by the US Army since 1985.

It’s also an amazing Ravenfield vehicle mod.

This modded vehicle is extremely realistic and faithful to the original, so fans of realism are sure to adore this.

Plus the AI can’t really use it properly, and without any multiplayer mode you can show off as much as you want: no one will ever complain.


6. T-90A Vladimir

T-90A Vladimir Ravenfield Mod

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You’ll hardly find a more reliable tank than the T-90A Vladimir: a third-generation Russian battle tank that has been in service since 1993.

Attention to detail is through the roof with the T-90A Vladimir mod, as it not only brings an extremely faithful recreation of the vehicle, but also tons of other details like a unique HUD, 3D tracks, custom explosions and particles, a realistic damage system, and even a destroyed vehicle mod.

You know, for when this tank proves to be way too much for your driving skills.


5. Fall of Berlin 2140

Fall of Berlin 2140 Ravenfield Mod

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If you thought Ravenfield could never compete with the likes of Battlefield, you should know that you’re wrong. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this mod really proves it.

Fall of Berlin 2140 is a modded map that offers a recreation of the map of the same name seen in Battlefield 2142.

It isn’t a 100% accurate recreation, though. So you’ll still find some new elements that might surprise you, and make each and every match set on this map exciting.


4. Desert Ruins

Desert Ruins Mod for Ravenfield

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Desert Ruins sits near the exact opposite of the Fall of Berlin 2140 map, at least on the Ravenfield spectrum.

If that map lifted from Battlefield 2140 doesn’t look like it belongs in Ravenfield, then this Desert Ruins map more than does. It’s a low-polygon map that doesn’t feature a whole lot of detail.

What it lacks in graphics, however, it more than makes up for it with gameplay. The map allows for some intense close-quarter combat that won’t give enough time to even look at the low-resolution dilapidated buildings and outdated tree models.

You’ll all be too busy fighting to notice.


3. Headshot Feedback

Headshot Feedback Ravenfield Mod

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It’s hard to know when you’ve done a true headshot in Ravenfield… well, until you install this handy modification.

Headshot Feedback introduces a sound that plays when you manage to hit a bot in the head.

Better yet, you decide which sound to play, being able to choose between a selection of sounds lifted from the most popular first-person shooters of the last decade like CS:GO, Call of Duty: World War II, Battlefield 1, CoD Modern Warfare, and a few other games like The Division and… surprise, Minecraft!

Easy to install and setup, but oh so fun to play with.


2. First-Person Ragdoll Mutator

First-Person Ragdoll Mutator Ravenfield Mod

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Ragdoll physics are tons of fun.

But did you know they’re even more fun when you yourself become the ragdoll?

First-Person Ragdoll Mutator does exactly what you would: introduces a first-person view when the ragdoll mechanics are activated upon a kill.

While this doesn’t change how the game is played, it will give you a better perspective of what happens when you take out a bot. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them on, as they say!


1. Multiplayer Mod

Multiplayer Mod for Ravenfield

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Ravenfield becomes a completely different game with this Multiplayer Mod.

And it’s a game that can rival the best multiplayer FPS titles ever released.

This Multiplayer mod, which introduces online multiplayer support for the game, is a community developed add-on that has shown how much the community can accomplish once it bands together.

Not only does the mod support online play, but it also adds wind and bullet penetration, slower strafe and prone speeds, and balance changes. All of this offers an experience that’s unlike anything seen in the vanilla game.

Try this out: you will not be disappointed.

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