Top 15 Best Magic Weapons in Castle Crashers

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For Magic users in the world of Castle Crashers, you may find yourself casting magic spells as your main method of attack rather than using your trusty melee weapon.

You should know that even when you’re not using your weapon, it still gives you stat bonuses and special effects.

Out of the 32 magic-infused weapons available in the game, I’ve ranked 15 of the best melee weapons that’ll suit your magical needs & help on your adventure to defeat the Evil Wizard.


15. Emerald Sword

The Green Knight wielding the Emerald Sword Castle Crashers

Here’s a weapon you can access immediately if you’ve purchased BattleBlock Theater.

The Emerald Sword is a decent sword that grants the user 3 Magic skill points in exchange for a single skill point deduction on your Agility attribute.

Not a bad weapon to start your Castle Crashers journey with if you don’t mind it reducing a little bit of your Agility.

How to unlock the Emerald Sword:

  • Purchase Hatty Hattington in the Insane Store for 1200 gold
  • Purchase BattleBlock Theater

14. Black Morning Star

A Fire Demon armed with the Black Morning Star inside the castle barracks Castle Crashers

A spikey mace usually found in the hands of Fire Demons, the Black Morning Star gives you a single skill point stat boost for both Magic and Defense, as well as a 4% chance of a Critical Strike.

It doesn’t offer much in terms of a Magic boost – but the Critical Strike bonus is a huge.

Plus once you start smashing your opponent’s heads with it when you run out of mana.

The only drawback when using this weapon is that a chunk of your Strength will be taken away (3 skill points).

How to unlock the Black Morning Star:

  • Dropped by Fire Demons in the “Lava World” level
  • Unlock the Fire Demon by beating the game with Orange Knight

13. Zigzag

Orange Knight readies his Zigzag against the Giant Troll Castle Crashers

The Zigzag is a hook-shaped sword that gives the users 3 Magic skill points and 1 skill point of Defense.

Its stat boosts allow your Magic to have decent potency when cast, while also toughening you up a bit in battle.

This weapon will deduct 1 Agility skill point from you as well.

How to unlock the Zigzag: Use a Shovel and dig right beside the Industrial Prince’s portrait.


12. Lightning Sword

The Orange Knight equipped with the Lightning Sword standing outside the Industrial Castle Castle Crashers

The Lightning Sword gives you 3 Magic skill points while also giving you the 1% chance to Electrify your enemies when you strike them with this weapon.

Electrified enemies also receive damage and a mini stun.

This allows you to capitalize on the situation with your Magic abilities.

How to unlock the Lightning Sword:

  • Available for purchase at the Church Store on Insane Mode
  • Purchase the “Blacksmith Pack” DLC

11. Ice Sword

The Blue Knight taking down a Barbarian with the Ice Sword Castle Crashers

A simple frozen sword found inside the Ice Castle.

The Ice Sword is a decent magical weapon to use, and certainly not a terrible choice at any point.

It gives the user 2 Magic skill points and a 3% chance to freeze enemies when hitting them.

The ability to freeze your opponents makes it easier for you to blast them with your amped Magic spells. And this allows you to deal considerable damage while they’re in a vulnerable state.

How to unlock the Ice Sword: Use a Shovel and start digging at the upper right corner of the second room of the “Ice Castle” level


10. Gold Sword

The Orange Knight equipped with the Gold Sword Castle Crashers

The Gold Sword gives the user 4 skill points in Magic and 1 skill point in Defense.

It’s a good weapon that prioritizes giving the user a decent amount of Magic skill points, while also adding a little Defense in to the mix.

This weapon will make do while you’re in the hunt for better options.

How to unlock the Gold Sword: Use a Shovel and dig behind the neighboring houses in the “Marsh” level.


9. Evil Sword

The Pink Knight armed with the Evil Sword, passing through sleeping Barbarians Castle Crashers

Here we have a sinister-looking sword capable of giving the user a boost in both Magic and Defense.

The Evil Sword allows you to become the toughest Magic-user in the battlefield, giving you 7 skill points in Defense. A Magic stat bonus of 2 skill points is also given.

With no drawbacks, this weapon grants you the ability to confidently approach your enemy in close-quarters combat.

How to unlock the Black Morning Star:

  • Dropped by the Necromancer in the “Wizard Castle Interior” level.
  • Unlock the Necromancer by competing the “Industrial Castle” level on Insane Mode.

8. Demon Sword

The Orange Knight wielding the Demon Sword, imprisoned inside the Alien Ship Castle Crashers

The Demon Sword gives the user 2 skill points in Strength, Magic, and Agility. As well as a 2% chance to Ignite an enemy.

Choose this weapon if you want to a balanced distribution of bonus stats.

How to unlock the Demon Sword: Dropped by the Evil Wizard in the “Final Battle” level. You are only given a few seconds to grab the weapon.


7. Staff

The King looking to purchase the Staff at the Church Store Castle Crashers

Just a simple wooden staff, fit for battle mages and old men.

The Staff gives you a huge bonus of 5 Magic skill points, amplifying your magical damage output and your mana recovery.

If you prefer your character to be the “glass cannon” type, then this weapon is for you, since it also weakens your Defense by taking 2 skill points away.

How to unlock the Staff: Available for purchase at the Church Store for 195 gold


6. Electric Eel

The Blue Knight wielding the Electric Eel Castle Crashers

Yep, a dead eel that’s capable of giving a respectable bonus of 4 Magic skill points and a 3% chance to Electrify enemies.

Although the Electric Eel may lack variety in terms of giving bonuses to other attributes, at least the single attribute boost is huge.

A minor debuff of one skill point of Defense is expected.

How to unlock the Electric Eel:

  • Purchasable at the Swamp Village Store on Insane Mode
  • Purchase the “Pink Knight Pack” DLC

5. Ninja Claw

The Blue Knight armed with the Ninja Sword, attacked by a ship full of Ninjas Castle Crashers

Here’s a weapon that turns you into a magical spell-casting ninja.

The Ninja Claw gives you the ability to run faster, thanks to the +5 Agility skill points you’ll receive.

It also hands you +3 Magic skill points and 3% chance to Poison enemies.

The Ninja Claw is a great weapon that will help you execute your offensive schemes tremendously.

How ways to unlock the Ninja Claw:

  • Available for purchase at the Snow Store on Insane Mode for 650 gold
  • Purchase BattleBlock Theater

4. Snakey Mace

Two Snakeys armed with Snakey Maces approaching the King and Orange Knight Castle Crashers

The Snakey Mace is a solid magical-offensive weapon that gives a huge boost in Magic, while also giving you the ability to swiftly evade and position yourself against your enemies.

This weapon will give you the following bonuses:

  • +5 Magic
  • +3 Agility
  • +2% Poison

How to unlock the Snakey Mace:

  • Snakeys found in the “Marsh” and “Medusa’s Lair” levels have a chance to drop this weapon
  • Beat the game using the Thief

3. Glowstick

The Orange Knight prepares his Glowstick against the local Fire Demons Castle Crashers

If you don’t care about your Strength and are willing to trade it for Magic, then you might as well pick up the Glowstick as your main weapon.

The Glowstick takes away 4 Strength skill points in exchange for 5 Magic and Defense skill points. This allows you to become a tanky mage fit to be on the front lines of battle.

And this weapon will also give you a 1% chance to Electrify opponents.

How to unlock the Ninja Claw:

  • Can be dropped by Cult Minions
  • Unlock the Cult Minion by beating the “Ice Castle” level on Insane Mode

2. Unicorn Horn

The Orange Knight obtaining the Unicorn Horn after beating The Painter Castle Crashers

I’d say this will only be wielded by the purest of mages.

When equipped, it grants the user a 6 skill point Magic boost along with 1 Defense skill point.

The Unicorn Horn gives the user the highest Magic bonus out of any weapon, making it easily one of the top picks among all the magic weapons in Castle Crashers.

The only drawback to carrying the Unicorn Horn is that it reduces your melee damage by taking away 3 Strength skill points.

How to unlock the Unicorn Horn: Defeat the Painter while his unicorn painting is alive.


1. NG Gold Sword

The Orange Knight wielding the NG Gold Sword Castle Crashers

Topping our ranking at #1, this is perfect for players who prefer to blitz their enemies with every form of offense they have got.

The NG Gold Sword gives the user 5 skill points in Strength and Magic, allowing the user to cast and slash their way to the Evil Wizard.

Plus this weapon only suffers from a single debuff: 3 skill points in Agility are deducted from your stats.

How to unlock the NG Gold Sword:

  • Available for purchase at the Insane Store for 1200 gold
  • Unlock the Cult Minion by beating the “Ice Castle” level on Insane Mode
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