The Best Civ 6 YouTube Channels & Streamers

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The fun from a game like Civilization 6 doesn’t stop when we close the program.

Whether it’s streams or YouTube videos, we can get a lot more fun from our favorite games by watching others play and talk about them.

It’s not only about learning new strategies for Civ 6, but acquiring new perspectives on how others enjoy the game & simply relating to them – just like when we discuss our playthroughs with our gamer friends.

Nowadays, there are so many creators that it can be hard to find one you really like.

Let me give you a hand and point you in the direction of some notable streamers & YouTubers that’ll change the way you look at Civilization 6.


10. Peppermint_Butler

Peppermint_Butler YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

I’m all for supporting smaller creators, and at around 800 subs on YT and 3000 on Twitch, Peppermint_Butler is running a truly grassroots operation.

Don’t let that turn you off from checking him out, though.

He’s a skilled Civ 6 player who streams quite often. At his level, he’s way past just “playing on Deity,” so you’ll see him come up with crazy handicaps or challenges like exclusively using Teddy Roosevelt’s Unique Unit for Domination.

His streams and calm and relaxing.

It’s perfect if you don’t want someone like Ninja screaming into your ears over every little thing.


9. JackTheRipperGB

JackTheRipperGB YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

If you like watching multiplayer games to learn the ins and outs of dealing with real foes instead of the AI, you can’t go wrong with JackTheRipperGB.

This Russian streamer is part of the Civilization Player’s League and usually goes head to head against highly-skilled players. It’s fast-paced and high-level, so check it out if you’re someone who enjoys watching e-sports matches.

Something hilarious – whether you speak Russian or not – is that he’s liable to start yelling in Russian spontaneously whenever something nasty happens in-game.

You can check out most of his past streams on his YouTube channel or catch him streaming on Twitch several times a week.


8. The Spiffing Brit

The Spiffing Brit YouTube channel page screenshot


The Spiffing Brit is one of the largest channels we’re covering today.

Based in the UK, Tom is a born entertainer. He’s been uploading content to YouTube since almost 10 years ago, and by now, he’s an expert in planning videos and making them exciting.

You don’t get to 3M subscribers just playing Civ 6, so you’ll see him uploading all sorts of strategy and simulation games like Rimworld, Europa Universalis IV, and Hearts of Iron 4.

When it comes to Civ 6, you’ll have a ton of fun watching him abuse the game’s mechanics and completely break the game with different Leaders and Civilizations.


7. The Game Mechanic

The Game Mechanic YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

I tend to grade streamers on how well I can integrate them into my daily life, such as chores or cooking, without feeling disruptive.

The Game Mechanic is one of the top contenders in that regard.

He’s calm and collected, has a melodious voice, and generally sticks to single-player matches, which are more slow-paced and easy to digest.

Something else I love about TGM is that, while he’s a skilled player and always plays on Deity difficulty, he’s generally more relatable than some of the other high-level players.

You can find most of his past streams chopped into bite-sized 45m videos on YouTube or tune into his Twitch to watch him stream almost every day of the week.


6. Inquisitive Otter

Inquisitive Otter YouTube channel page screenshot


If you’re looking for something a little bit more short-format, Inquisitive Otter is your creator.

His YouTube channel is full of fun and unique challenges, custom maps, and experiments like starting on a one-tile island or not buying or building any military units and still getting a Domination victory.

This Otter is an outstanding player, so most of the time, he’s able to make things work. His content is not educational, but you can learn a lot about the game by watching his insane strategies in action.

He uploads at least a couple times a month, and you’ll even see him streaming on YouTube occasionally.


5. Ursa Ryan

Ursa Ryan YouTube channel page screenshot


Ursa Ryan is a charming British gamer with a lovely accent who seems committed to showcasing the best parts of every Leader and Civilization by playing them masterfully.

His videos range from highlight reels of his latest victories against Deity AI to insane challenges like defeating modded extra-hard Deity++ AI starting in the middle of the desert.

Whether you want to check out what happens when you take Hojo Tokimune’s excellent District-building abilities to the limit or find out whether it’s possible to win if 50 civs team up against you, Ursa Ryan is here to provide.

With an excellent taste for background music and no face cam – which I know some of you dislike – Ursa Ryan is definitely worth checking out.


4. TheCivLifeR

TheCivLifeR YouTube channel page screenshot


We all know eating a healthy Mediterranean diet is the best way to stay in shape and stave off an array of medical conditions – but most of us would still pick a Big Mac over a salad any day.

That’s the same feeling I get whenever I click on one of TheCivLifeR’s videos.

There are better creators if you want an in-depth look at how to play the game, but when it comes to reliable and plentiful entertainment, it’s hard to beat this hard-working YouTuber.

TheCivLifeR is brimming with energy and terrible, cringey jokes less funny than Amy Schumer giving a TED Talk about ecological collapse – and I’m here for it.

He’ll give you a new perspective on some game mechanic or Leader at least twice a week, every week. Mad respect.


3. VanBradley

VanBradley YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

Wilfrid Laurier mains have extra reason to watch VanBradley, a Canadian streamer from Vancouver.

Bradley is all about keeping games fun. He might be a good player – maybe even a great one – but that has little to do with why it’s entertaining to watch him.

He’s charming, energetic, and highly creative.

Moreover, his community is engaged, and you’re likely to get hooked on his content, even if it’s not only Civilization 6.

Along with our favorite historical strategy game, he also plays other popular titles like Crusader Kings 3 or Pokémon! He’ll also try smaller or newer games like Dorfromantik.


2. Boesthius

Boesthius YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

Assuming you’ve already got the basics down and want to watch someone who’ll astonish you with their skill and creative strategies, Boesthius won’t disappoint.

This guy is so good that he can make the Hermetic Order work! That’s saying something.

Besides high skill, he brings a lot of variety to the table, including challenges like winning a Culture game without meeting other players or mod showcases.

Other games you might enjoy in his roster include ARA and Humankind.


1. PotatoMcWhiskey

PotatoMcWhiskey YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube / Twitch

Hey, spuddies!

PotatoMcWhiskey is the gold standard when it comes to learning about Civilization 6. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this Irish creator has something for you to watch.

Some of his best videos belong to the Overexplained series, where he explains game mechanics and different leaders in depth.

Even game developers recognize his influence in the medium, with the Humankind devs going so far as to include him in the game.

Along with Civilization 6, PotatoMcWhiskey is also your primary source of info on other games in the genre like Old World and Dune: Spice Wars.

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