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You can buy all sorts of items using Credits, Quartz, Admin Coins, and other farmable in-game currencies in the Shop.

These are the four available shops in the game:

  • Seasonal
  • Exchange Center
  • Package
  • Skin & Interior

And in this guide I’ll show you the best items you should consider buying from the shop – considering both a complete F2P player and a P2P player.


Best Items To Buy (F2P & Spenders)

The following items or groups of items should be prioritized by both F2P Players and Spenders.


#1: Classified Recruitment Quartz Package (Package)

Classified Recruitment Quartz Package / Counter:Side
Classified Recruitment Quartz Package

This item is the only item F2P players need to buy regularly from the Package Shop.

This package will give you 220 Classified Recruitment Contracts for 2,750 Quartz, which is practically a steal. Make sure to buy it every week!


#2: Today’s Deals Items (Exchange Center)

Today's Deals (Shop Items) / Counter:Side
Today’s Deals (Shop Items)

Almost every item in this shop that can be bought with Credits is worth it. Avoid buying items with Quartz unless they’re Classified Employment Contracts or Employment Contracts.

The best items you can buy from this shop are:

  • Classified Employment Contract & Employment Contract
  • Ship Material
  • Special Catalyst
  • APT Core
  • Appraisal

Always remember to refresh the shop items up to five times a day.

Refresh Shop Items Prompt / Counter:Side
Refresh Shop Items Prompt

Doing this only costs 75 Quartz in total, which is a very small amount compared to the returns you can potentially get with each refresh!


#3: Convenience Goods – Single/Package Items (Exchange Center)

Convenience Goods (Single/Package Shop Items) / Counter:Side
Convenience Goods (Single/Package Shop Items)

The items in the Convenience Goods shop are only purchasable by Quartz, so you have to be careful not to overspend.

The best items you can buy from this shop are:

  • Fusion Core (x2 Weekly)
  • Attack/Anti-air/Defense Training Permit (Valuable for beginners but optional for veterans)
  • Set Binary Package I (x1 Monthly)

#4: Consortium Items (Exchange Shop)

Consortium (Shop Items) / Counter:Side
Consortium (Shop Items)

The items from this shop can be bought using Coalition Tokens which you can only earn after joining a Consortium.

If you still haven’t joined a Consortium, then you better join one now!

The best items you can buy from this shop are:

  • Set Binary (x5 Weekly)
  • Fusion Core (x1 Weekly)
  • [S-APT Core] Coupon (x3 Weekly)

#5: Business Card Items (Exchange Shop)

Business Card (Shop Items) / Counter:Side
Business Card (Shop Items)

Another Shop that sells the best items a F2P player can buy is the Business Card shop.

You can buy items here by using Ownerless Business Cards, which you can get by dismissing fodder or duplicate units.

The best items you can buy from this shop are:

  • Lifetime Contract (x1 Monthly)
  • Prime Rearmament Data (x6 Monthly)
  • [S-APT Core] Coupon (x10 Weekly)
  • [10 APT Cores] Coupon (x3 Weekly)

Best Items To Buy (Spenders Only)

The following packages are the best premium items for players who don’t mind spending some money on the game.

Note: Item cost and availability may vary depending on factors like location and time-limited events/discounts.


#1: Admin Coin Packages (Package)

Admin Coin Packages / Counter:Side
Admin Coin Packages

Admin Coins are the true premium currency in this game. It is more valuable than Quartz, which is why you should always prioritize buying them before anything else with your money.

The best package to buy if you want Admin Coins are the Daily Supply Contracts — as shown in the image above.

Items Cost
18-Day Supply Contract (Admin Coins) $4.99
30-Day Supply Contract (Admin Coins) $12.99

#2: Counter Pass (Special Plan)

Counter Pass Options / Counter:Side
Counter Pass Options

Buying the Special Plan for the Counter Pass allows you to earn much better rewards compared to the Normal Counter Pass.

This purchase is even more valuable for players who’d like to get the featured unit after reaching Counter Pass Level 15 and Level 30.

Items Cost
Special Plan (+15 Pass Levels) 3,370 Admin Coins
Special Plan 2,170 Admin Coins

#3: Golden Binary Packages (Package)

Assorted Packages / Counter:Side
Assorted Packages

Golden Binaries are one of the hardest materials to farm in the game – and are arguably more valuable than even Quartz.

I recommend spending your Admin Coins on Golden Binary packages more often compared to other premium items.

The best package you can buy in the shop if you want some Golden Binaries is the Binary Special Package — as shown in the image above.

Items Cost
Binary Special Package 1,990 Admin Coins

#4: Company Growth Packages (Package)

Completion Package B / Counter:Side
Completion Package B

Finally, we have Company Growth packages. Buying them will give you all sorts of valuable rewards as soon as you reach certain levels.

These packages are divided into three types:

  • Completion Package A
  • Completion Package B (Best Option)
  • Completion Package C
Items Cost
Completion Package A $21.99
Completion Package B $33.99
Completion Package C $45.99
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