How To Increase Loyalty in Counter:Side

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You can increase the loyalty of your units (and keep it high) with four simple things:

  1. Take Your Units Out on Battles
  2. Always Offer 30% More in Salary Negotiations (Best Method)
  3. Avoid Losing Battles
  4. Use Lifetime Contracts to Prevent Loyalty Loss

Loyalty is a very important mechanic to optimize if you want your units to perform their best. This is because maximum loyalty gives your units a bonus to all stats — amongst other things!


1. Take Your Units Out on Battles

Battle Won / Counter:Side
Battle Won

Taking your units out or deploying them to battles regularly will ensure that their loyalty will rise at a steady rate.

Of course, you’re going to have to win those battles if you want your units to earn Loyalty.

Each battle won will give your entire team one point of Loyalty per unit.

It will take a long time if you seek to improve your units’ Loyalty through this method alone, but luckily for us players, this is not the only method in the game.


2. Always Offer 30% More in Salary Negotiations

Negotiation Success (+3 Loyalty) / Counter:Side
Negotiation Success (+3 Loyalty)

Salary Negotiations are one of the two ways you can earn loyalty for your units, and are by far the best technique in terms of convenience.

Needless to say, this method of increasing your unit’s loyalty will consume quite a handful of Credits and Negotiation Materials. Be sure to spend them wisely!

Simply put, the more resources you spend, the more Loyalty Points and EXP your units will be rewarded with.

TIP: Do keep in mind that you won’t be able to earn any Loyalty Points if the EXP earned is below 15,000.

Also, you may consider the “Appeal to Passion” option instead once you’ve maxed out the unit’s Loyalty. Doing otherwise will simply cost you more credits to level up for very little return.


3. Avoid Losing Battles

Battle Lost / Counter:Side
Battle Lost

If you want to keep your units’ hard-earned Loyalty Points from falling, then it is recommended that you come in prepared before every battle.

After all, losing battles will deduct one point of Loyalty from every single unit on the squad you’ve chosen to run the failed battle with.

However, do keep in mind that this Loyalty Deduction mechanic only applies to stages that require Eternium to run. Feel free to fail on the ones that don’t require them all you want!


4. Use Lifetime Contracts to Prevent Loyalty Loss

Lifetime Contract (Business Card Exchange Shop) / Counter:Side
Lifetime Contract (Business Card Exchange Shop)

Lifetimes contracts are lifesavers. Not only because they prevent your units from losing Loyalty, but also because of the other perks they provide your units.

In addition to freezing the value of a chosen unit’s Loyalty at max, Lifetime Contracts can also increase their EXP gain by 30% — not to mention also give them additional expressions and voice lines!

If you have a favorite unit that you’re planning on using often, then there’s just no reason to hesitate. Use your Lifetime Contracts ASAP!

TIP: The 30% EXP gain bonus applies in both Contract Negotiations and battles, so be sure to take advantage of it.

You can get Lifetime Contracts from the Business Card Exchange Shop.

Their supply is quite limited, so use them wisely.

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