What To Do With Duplicate Characters in Counter:Side

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Running out of character slots and not sure what to do with your dupes? Well there are a lot of ways you can put your duplicate characters to good use:

  • Use Them for Rearming (Recommended)
  • Use Them as Limit Break Materials
  • Salvage Them for Fusion Cores
  • Salvage Them for Ownerless Business Cards

All four methods will allow you to increase your roster’s overall power one way or another, although using your dupes as Rearm materials is much more effective for long-term play.


Option 1: Use Them for Rearming (Recommended)

Prime Rearmament Data / Counter:Side
Prime Rearmament Data

Let’s start with arguably the best thing to do with your duplicate characters:

Saving them up and using them as materials for the Rearming certain units.

The Rearming System will allow you to strengthen specific units to a whole other level — improving their overall effectiveness in combat and giving them Leader Skills that boost their squad’s power.

You can access the Rearm System via the Laboratory. There you can also consume dupes as materials to get Rearmament Data which you need a lot of just to Rearm one unit.

Depending on which server you’re playing in, this feature might not be released yet (i.e. Global Server), but saving up dupes for it is critical simply because Rearmament Data will be among the rarest resources in the game.


Option 2: Use Them as Limit Break Materials

Kyle Wong (Limit Break with Duplicate) / Counter:Side
Kyle Wong (Limit Break with Duplicate)

One other way to get rid of your dupes is to use them as Limit Break materials.

Doing this will increase their star level, which then increases their max skill levels and stat growth rate.

Once you’ve reached the max star level, you can also use duplicate units as materials to get their level limit past Level 100.

This method is not entirely recommended though. Since you can use either APT Cores or Fusion Cores for Limit Breaking instead — both of which are comparatively easier to get than dupes.


Option 3: Salvage Them for Fusion Cores

Salvage Unit (Fusion Core) / Counter:Side
Salvage Unit (Fusion Core)

You can also Salvage your dupes to get some Fusion Cores if you need them to Limit Break other units.

Keep in mind that only the units you have pulled from the Recruit gacha will give you Fusion Cores. You can verify this by checking if the unit has a “Contract Obtained” prompt above their portrait.

For example, Farmable Characters from the Side Story don’t have this prompt and will give you no Fusion Cores regardless of rarity.


Option 4: Salvage Them for Ownerless Business Cards

Salvage Unit (Ownerless Business Card) / Counter:Side
Salvage Unit (Ownerless Business Card)

Ownerless Business Cards are one of the most important currencies in the game. Through them, you can purchase a lot of highly precious materials in the Exchange Shop.

And you can salvage your Dupes to get these cards.

The higher the rarity, the more Ownerless Business Cards you’re gonna get.

Although, do keep in mind that salvaging a unit for Ownerless Business Cards is recommended only if the unit is of a lower rarity — even better if they’re a farmable unit in the Side Story.

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