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The Mentorship System is one of the many rewards systems in the game.

It can be used to earn all sorts of valuable resources such as Quartz, Employment Contracts, APT Core Coupons, and lots more.

This is why every player shoudl discover and make use of this system as early as they can to maximize the rewards they can get.


What is the Mentorship System For?

Mentorship System Page (Mentee) / Counter:Side
Mentorship System Page (Mentee)

The Mentor and Mentee page can be found on the Partners page, which is then located on the Lobby Screen that you see right after opening the game.

Here you can either apply as a Mentee to a player, or accept other players as Mentees if you’re a Mentor.

You’ll then be able to receive varying rewards depending on your Mentorship status.

Keep in mind that the Mentorship System resets every 34 Days (hence you can farm the rewards every 34 days or so) and that Mentee Missions are only accessible at Levels 25 and under.

After reaching Level 26, you will not be able to access the Mentee Missions and rewards. Instead, you will be registered as a Mentor and are liable for the rewards from the Mentor Missions.


All Obtainable Rewards (Mentee & Mentor)

To show the difference between the rewards that Mentees and Mentors can get every month, here are the lists of all Mentor and Mentee Missions & the rewards they give upon being cleared:


Mentee Missions & Rewards

Lifetime Contract (Mentee Reward) / Counter:Side
Lifetime Contract (Mentee Reward)
Reward Requirement
Quartz x500 Reach Company Level 15
Lifetime Contract x1 Recruit 50 Times
APT Core Coupons x10 Consume 5,000,000 Credits
S-APT Core Coupons x10 Consume 100,000 Eternium
Employment Contract x10 Fully Clear Main Stream Episode 3
Imaginary Core x1000 Clear 15 Dives
Superconductive Token x100 Participate in a Raid 5 times
Info x5000 Perform Dispatch Missions for 50 hours

Mentor Missions & Rewards

Quartz (Mentor Reward) / Counter:Side
Quartz (Mentor Reward)
Reward Requirement
Employment Contract x5 1 Mentee completed the missions
Quartz x200 3 Mentees completed the missions
Fusion Core x2 5 Mentees completed the missions
Golden Binary x500 7 Mentees completed the missions
Quartz x500 10 Mentees completed the missions

Mentorship Do’s and Don’ts

Machine G.A.P. (In-game Cutscene) / Counter:Side
Machine G.A.P. (In-game Cutscene)

To farm as many rewards from the Mentorship System as you can, here are a few very important things to keep in mind:

  • Do clear all of your missions ASAP as a Mentee. You’re likely to be able to do them only once before upgrading to a Mentor status upon reaching Level 26
  • Don’t rush your leveling, and apply as a Mentee as soon as you can. Remember, you won’t be able to apply as a Mentee again as soon as you reach Level 26
  • Do try to pick only active players as a Mentee if you’re a Mentor. Otherwise you might not be able to reach your monthly quota
  • Don’t idle too much as a Mentee. Because a Mentor can kick you as a Mentee if they see that you are not active enough
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