30 Fun Facts About Doduo and Dodrio

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These double and tri-headed bird Pokémon are some of the most well-known creatures from players of the early games.

They’ve been around for a while and they may not be the most popular flying type, but they are certainly recognizable! But how much do you really know about the Doduo evolutionary line?

Let’s dive into 30 really weird and interesting facts covering all sorts of interesting things about these gen 1 bird creatures.

1. Their name comes from the Dodo, an extinct flightless bird.

Dodo birds were natives of the eastern parts of Madagascar and as you can tell by these funny creatures, none of them had wings.

Funny enough Doduo and Dodrio can actually learn fly in most of the games. Go figure!

2. They were the first ever Pokémon that are completely based off of an extinct animal.

The Dodo birds were inhabitants of the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Eventually humans set foot on the Island and started killing these birds for food.

Based on current knowledge the dodo bird became extinct in 1681.

3. A Doduo is about 5’11 in height and weighs around 85.2 kg(almost 188 lbs).

That’s a little less than a newborn elephant’s weight.

4. Doduo and Dodrio live mostly in wide open plains, savannas, and grasslands

Although they sometimes can be found in scrublands and deserts too, but most commonly in the typical “tall grass” that we all know and love from Pokémon games.

5. Apart from having three heads, Dodrio also has three sets of hearts and lungs

This makes it capable of running very long distances without any rest so it’s generally one of the fastest land birds in any game.

6. Doduo runs faster than Dodrio

The three headed evolution can run up to 40mph while Doduo is stated to run up to 60mph.

That’s almost as fast as a cheetah’s running speed which usually ranges from 68-80mph.

7. Doduo’s two heads are always doing something

One head is always awake and always vigilant for any sign of danger. The other sleeps for two. Of course they are known to alternate shifts.

8. It is said Doduo’s two heads have completely identical brains that can communicate their emotions to each other through telepathy.
9. Each of Doduo’s head has a purpose.

While the one head controls motor skills and intelligent thoughts, the other is often seen as more of the animalistic or emotional head. Weird, right?

10. You know how they say twins can sense the other’s thoughts and emotions?

Well both of Doduo’s two heads can do the same.

11. Ever wonder what goes on inside the three heads of a Dodrio?

Their brains are responsible for collecting data and formulating strategies three times as wisely.

However Dodrio has a tendency to over-think which can cause issues, especially if it’s already affected under confusion or a similar status ailment.

12. Each of Dodrio’s heads has its own personality

They represent, joy, sorrow, and anger.

13. Dodrio’s heads tend to argue with each other sometimes

The fighting won’t stop until one of them can ultimately get some food.

If one head gets to eat, all of them become satisfied and chill out.

14. Like Dodrio, one head of the Dodrio stays alert or when the other is drinking, eating, or sleeping.
15. When Doduo runs it leaves giant footprints up to four inches deep
16. Dodrio was the first Pokémon to appear in the flesh in the anime

The rest were either in Ash’s dreams or shown on the TV in his room.

17. Dodrio is the only Pokémon whose National ‘dex number actually matches its body weight(if you measure in kilograms).

Makes you wonder if they did that on purpose!

18. Dodrio has a much higher base speed than Doduo, even though the latter is claimed to run faster.
19. Even though capturing a Doduo is not too difficult in some games, the FireRed Pokédex entry says that Dodrio is rare to find in the wild.
20. You can distinguish these creature’s genders by checking their neck color

Females have beige colored necks while males usually have black ones.

21. Dodou and Dodrio have the ability fly, but their short wings make it hard for them to fly efficiently
22. Ironically these creatures are designed after the extinct dodo, but they look a lot more like ostriches.
23. When a Doduo evolves into a Dodrio, one of its heads splits into two during evolution(rather than growing a third head).
24. Dodrio actually has the same name in Spanish, French, and Italian versions of the game.
25. Ever noticed that the third head of Dodrio always looks depressed? Each of the three represent a different emotion(well, most of the time anyway!)
26. If a Dodrio’s enemy looks away even for a second it results to one thing: pecking.
27. One should be careful when Dodrio’s three heads are looking in three separate directions

This means that it is alert and on its guard.

This is the most dangerous state to approach a Dodrio with and going near it may result in a severe pecking.

28. Dodrio resembles an ostrich despite its name bearing a similarity to dodo birds.
29. Doduo often needs to balance the extreme weight of its heads to prevent falling onto its side.
30. One Pokémon legend says that these birds was born out of a sudden mutation.

One theory says that Doduo may have been a mutated Farfetch’d, others say it’s a mix of many bird Pokemon and others claim Doduo is the close cousin of the extinct dodo we all miss so much.

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