How To Counter Violet in Epic Seven

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The best counter to Violet in Epic Seven is using Burns or Bombs. Violet’s specialty is being able to evade most attacks and unleash devastating counters.

However, multiple Burns or Bombs will be able to one-shot him, alleviating the need for prolonged attacks.


Burns & Bombs To Counter Violet

Several Fire Heroes come equipped with debuffs that can defeat Violet.


#1: Seaside Iseria

Seaside Iseria / Epic Seven
Seaside Iseria

One of these units is Seaside Iseria. Seaside Iseria’s first skill and Artifact apply bombs to a unit. Her skill three will then detonate all the bombs afflicted on all enemies, and deal damage proportional to her attack.

Seaside Iseria’s bombs bypass Evasion.

Furthermore, Seaside Iseria can Soul Burn her first skill for free once at the start of the battle, making it easier to apply multiple bombs right from the get-go.

Depending on your Seaside Iseria’s attack stat, one bomb should be enough to take out any Violet (5k+ attack). However, even if you don’t one-shot him, he will likely be low-health and stunned. This makes it very easy to take him out with your next unit without fear of being counterattacked.

Note: The only downside to using Seaside Iseria is that she has to use her skill one multiple times on Violet to apply bombs. If Violet counters any of these attacks and 15% critically hits your likely low-health Seaside Iseria, she may end up dying before you get a chance to detonate the bombs.


#2: Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot / Epic Seven
Researcher Carrot

Researcher Carrot can apply burns with her third skill, before detonating them with her first. Additionally, her passive Flame Barrier applies burns whenever someone attacks her (also granting her a shield).

Because of this, it is very safe to attack a Violet, proc his counterattack, and have him apply burns to himself.

Then all Carrot has to do is attack with her first skill and, if her attack is high enough, Violet should die instantly.


Other Ways To Counter Violet

Damaging Debuffs are by far the best way to cripple Violet. Even debuffs like Silence are good at slowing him down and stopping him from applying Perception with his second skill.

However, if you’re trying to kill Violet before he snowballs, here are some other methods to try out.


Method 1: Anti-Counter Heroes

Rimuru / Epic Seven

Several Heroes in Epic Seven are designed to counter heroes that rely on counterattacks.



Roana is less of a Violet counter and more of a Violet mitigator. Her passive increases the combat readiness and heals the team whenever a party member suffers an extra attack.

Violet’s constant counterattacks, although powerful, can be tanked a lot more easily, thanks to Roana.



Rimuru’s Be Ready will counterattack when a buffed enemy attacks your team. Violet’s often carry Moonlight Dreamblade, meaning they will often have Attack buffs. Additionally, Violet’s second skill applies the undispellable Perception buff.

Rimuru will counterattack Violet when he attacks and copy the Attack buff applied by Moonlight Dreamblade.

Tip: This attack will likely still miss unless equipped with the Artifact Symbol of Unity. See below for more information.


Specter Tenebria

Specter Tenebria’s first skill cannot trigger a counterattack, making her a great counter against Violet.

Additionally, her permanent stealth negates Violet from ever attacking her, as all his skills are single target.


Mercedes (Magic For Friends)

After upgrading Mercedes and acquiring her specialized Artifact, she becomes a great counter to Violet.

If an ally is attacked when it’s not the caster’s turn, Mercedes has a 15% chance to activate Dimensional Rupture and deal damage to all enemies.

This can trigger when suffering a counterattack, making it easy to abuse cocky Violets.


Lionheart Cermia

Lionheart Cermia grants herself a defense buff and effect resistance buff whenever your team suffers an extra attack.

She will likely still miss when attacking a Violet, but this should be enough to wipe the rest of your enemy’s team.


Method 2: Splash / Additional Damage

Little Queen Charlotte / Epic Seven
Little Queen Charlotte

Several Heroes have the ability to deal indirect damage via their skills.

This indirect damage is a great way to counter Violet.


Little Queen Charlotte

When attacking a Dark Hero with her third skill, Little Queen Charlotte will deal splash damage to all other enemy units based on her attack stat.

This splash damage bypasses evasion and, if your LQC has a high enough attack stat, could potentially one-shot him.



Rimuru’s third skill deals fixed damage up to 10,000 damage, based on the number of buffs the target has.

Note: This fixed damage will only apply to successful hits. Meaning that if you miss on the enemy Violet, the fixed damage will not apply.

Tip: It is recommended to equip Symbol of Unity to your Rimuru to increase the chance of successful hits. See below for more information.


Method 3: A Symbol of Unity / Increased Hit Chance Units

A Symbol of Unity / Epic Seven
A Symbol of Unity

At max limit break, the Artifact Symbol of Unity increased hit chance by 20% (and damage dealt by 16%).

This drastically increases your chances of landing a successful hit through Violet’s evasion.

Additionally, heroes with increased hit chance on their abilities (such as Zahhak) also make good counters to Violet.

Zahhak / Epic Seven

Note: Symbol of Unity can be purchased from the Guild Shop for X armbands per copy. You will need 6 copies in total to max limit break it.

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