Best Gil Farming Methods in Final Fantasy XV

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If you’ve ever taken a road trip, then you know that money is a pretty important factor.

Supplies like food and fuel are a necessity to keep moving.

Noctis and his boys have further worries, such as new weapons and armor, as well as plenty of fun optional stuff – like upgrading their car and buying music for the ride.

There’s lots of ways to spend money in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

And thankfully there’s lots of ways to earn it, too.


5. Hunts

Hunt Preview in FFXV screenshot

At most every eatery in the game you can do three things:

Learn about the surrounding area, eat a meal, and browse the local list of hunts.

Hunts are monsters that are causing trouble for the local folk and need taking care of.

The rewards for doing these are your typical minor items and accessories, but also substantial amounts of gil.

Add to that the items you’ll get for defeating the hunts, and you’ll be swimming in money before you know it.

Get into the habit of clearing out whatever hunts you can when you arrive at a new restaurant, and you’ll have plenty of gil to consistently fuel your adventure.


4. Side Quests

Sample Side Quest / FFXV gameplay

Surely you’ve seen the tremendous amount of yellow question marks on the map?

These fellas are indicators that somebody in the world needs help.

There’s a lot of them.

200, to be exact.

Even if you’re not the kind of person to feel the compulsion to clear them all out, keep in mind that they’re one of the best sources of gil in the game.

Every side quest offers a decent monetary reward, with the upper echelon giving out tens of thousands.

Just like hunts, if you want to keep your coffers full, get into the habit of at least scoping out what people are asking of you & seeing if the price matches the time required.


3. Spiracorn Horns

Spiracorns in the wild / FFXV screenshot

Spiracorns are an equine-type of daemon that have big, spiral horns (as you may have assumed).

You’ll sometimes see them crossing roads, or you may even tussle with a few here and there while running around.

As an enemy, they’re not too hard and mostly forgettable.

As a source of money, however, they’re pretty valuable – especially early in the game.

Travel to the Coernix Bypass parking spot and start wandering around. This place is a Spiracorn breeding ground.

You’re not here to defeat them outright: you’re after their horns.

Put on weapons that increase monster break rates, or use ‘Warp Strike – Ambush’ in Wait Mode and get to work.

Aim for their horns and snap, snap, snap.

Each Spiracorn horn sells for 1,300 gil – and you can get tons of them in a matter of minutes once you get into a groove.

Is it ethical to hunt a creature just for its horn? Probably not, but it sure is profitable.


2. Wyverns at the Rock

FFXV Wyverns gameplay screenshot

The Rock of Ravatogh is a giant volcano on the western edge of the map.

Noctis and the crew head there for a variety of quests (including finding a Royal Arm). The nearby Verinas Mart rest stop has some hunts for you too, with the most important being Verinas Mart Under Threat, which tasks you to defeat a flock of wyverns nearby.

The flock is pretty close, less than a minute on chocobo.

So for farming gil, the loop you’ll want to establish is to accept the hunt, ride to the wyverns, and clean house. Then return to the car, turn in the hunt, and repeat.

Wyverns reliably drop their wings, and they sell for 1,600 apiece.

If you’re doing this in chapter 15 you can use the Ring of the Lucii to make it even faster – and earn upwards of 300,000 gil an hour!

Even better, you’ll also rake in hundreds of thousands of experience points!


1. Justice Monsters 5

Justice Monsters 5 Pinball / FFXV gameplay screenshot

One of the most popular minigames in all of Eos is Justice Monsters 5, a hybrid pinball-RPG game that rewards you with items and accessories, should you have the required skills.

Honestly, the game isn’t too hard to learn.

And you’ll be maxing the machine in just an hour or two of playtime.

The real money from Justice Monsters 5 comes from the high-roller version you can find in Altissia.

It costs 10,000 gil a play – but if you’ve got the game down pat you can rack up 99 chests (JM5’s in-game currency) in an hour. Then you can purchase a Wind-up Lord Vexxos item, which you can sell for a cool 500,000 gil.

This may not be the most exciting way to farm gil.

But it is one of the most reliable – especially once you’ve nailed down playing Justice Monsters 5.

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