FFX Auto-Haste: How To Get It & Is It Worth It?

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Auto-Haste is an armor ability that automatically adds the Haste status buff at the start of each battle. It does this instantly before the first turn even begins, so it’s worth getting as soon as you can.

Haste in FFX works by increasing a character’s agility, thus giving them way more turns in a fight.

TIP: Auto-Haste’s effect can’t be dispelled or removed, so it’s actually even better than the Hastega spell. And the Auto-Haste ability also makes the wearer invulnerable to Slow.

Cactuar King battle screenshot / FFX HD
The Cactuar King

How Do You Get Auto-Haste?

You can customize Auto-Haste onto armor by using 80 Chocobo Wings.

These rare yellow bird appendages can be obtained two different ways: the slow way, and the fast/expensive way.

Note: Dark Mindy can drop armor with Auto-Haste already customized onto it. But Dark Mindy is a Dark Aeon, one part of the Dark Magus Sisters trio. So by the time you’re ready to win this fight you would have already been able to get Chocobo Wings way faster & easier. So pragmatically speaking, there are no fiends worth farming for Auto-Haste armor drops.

Your best bet really is to farm 80 wings per armor.

If you want all seven party members to have Auto-Haste then you’d need 560 Chocobo Wings in total.


The Slow Way (Steals)

The slow way involves stealing Chocobo Wings from the Cactuar King. It has x2 wings as its common steal, so you’ll have to steal from it forty times to get enough for one Auto-Haste.

The best farming strategy here is to steal the wings, use Flee to escape the fight, and then do that repeatedly.

This is slow, but it’s free!

Cactuar King will be unlocked after you’ve captured one copy of every fiend located on the Thunder Plains. These fiends are:

  • Melusine
  • Aerouge
  • Buer
  • Gold Element
  • Kusiraqqu
  • Larva
  • Iron Giant
  • Quactuar
Customizing Auto-Haste on Yuna's Phoenix Ring / FFX HD
Customizing Auto-Haste

The Fast Way (Bribes)

The expensive-but-quicker method to get Chocobo Wings is to bribe Machea enemies located in the Omega Ruins.

For a bribe of 450,000 Gil you’ll get 60 Chocobo Wings.

This is faster, but expensive. And one downside to this too is that you can only hold ninety-nine of any given item – so if you bribe a Machea twice then you’ll lose out on 21 Wings.

A trick to get around this x99 inventory limit is to halve the amount of gil you offer Machea.

Bribe it with 225,000 Gil and you’ll get half as many Wings, which is handy when going for Auto-Haste.

TIP: if you miss with the half-price bribe and it doesn’t give you any wings right away, all you have to do is keep offering Machea 1 Gil bribes until it accepts (it will remember the 225,000 Gil offer since bribed Gil will stack).

Machea fiend close-up in Omega Ruins / FFX HD
Machea fiend in the Omega Ruins

Is Auto-Haste Worth It?

Auto-Haste is required on any endgame armor build.

Any Ultimate Armor creation that you make for Final Fantasy X should have Auto-Haste on it.

This is easily one of the best abilities in the game – and its importance cannot be overstated.

It’s so good, and relatively easy to get, that there’s a good chance that Auto-Haste will be the first Auto ability most players will put on their ultimate armors.

So go earn those Chocobo Wings, post haste!

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