FFX: Basik Ronso Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Basik Ronso can be found at Dock Number 4 in Luca.

He’s a member of the Ronso Fangs, so you’ll have to wait until that contract expires before you can snap him up.

He costs 3,500 gil per game, and can be hunted as soon as you can play blitzball from save points.


Who is Basik Ronso?

Basik (assumedly pronounced ‘Bah-sick’) is a member of the Ronso Fangs.

He has good stats for Shoot (SH) and Endurance (EN), but is also terribly slow (as most Ronso players are).

And the rest of his stats don’t really go anywhere as he levels up.

His Shoot and Endurance stay really high, though.

If you’d like to make him a forward, he has the chops for it.

Basik Ronso blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

He even starts out with a variety of techniques, including Sphere Shot, Wither Shot, and Volley Shot.

So maybe try him out – it’s worth a shot! Sorry.

Basikally, Basik has a few particularly good points, but not too much other than that…

And it’s worth mentioning that he’s also super expensive!

At 3,500 gil per game, he is the single most expensive player in all of Final Fantasy X.

Maybe he’s the son of the Blitzball Commissioner or something?

What gives you value, Basik!?

Basik Ronso fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Basik Ronso Worth It?

Oh, no. No, no, no.

His price alone is absolutely prohibitive.

And I just don’t think you get value for that cost.

You’d be paying tens of thousands of gil for a season with a player that can’t manage too much outside of managing the ball.

Basik can stay right where he is and enjoy his luxurious life on the Ronso Fangs, who can apparently afford his stupidly high asking price.

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