FFX: Durren’s Location & Blitzball Stats Guide

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Durren is a recruitable blitzball player that can be found next to where the Rusty Sword is found, in the same area as the entrance to the Cavern of Stolen Fayth.

He costs 400 gil per game to sign onto your team.

And it’s important to note that Durren is the only missable blitzball player in the game, disappearing as soon as you enter the final dungeon.

So if you want this guy to play for the Aurochs then you better sign him early.

Durren is also a Crusader in FFX – he just happens to enjoy blitzing on the side.

Durren Blitzball Contract Info in FFX HD (Screenshot)

You’ll find him practicing with his sword near the entrance to the Cavern of Stolen Fayth, and he’s more than willing to be signed onto the Aurochs.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t bring his sword with him as he blitzes.

But as far as stats go, Durren is a very middle-of-the-road blitzball player.

He excels as a goalkeeper only for low-to-mid levels, and then he devolves to one of the worst blitzers in Spira. At higher levels his stats are easily surpassed by just about any other player on the planet.

I suppose his heart will always truly belong to being a Crusader – maybe that’s why he’s never fully dedicated to the sport.

Durren Full Location Area / FFX Screenshot

Is Durren Worth Getting?


Even by the time you arrive at the Calm Lands to recruit him, there are better choices for goalies, and actually just better recruitable players in general.

Durren is fine if you have nobody else.

But let’s be honest: there is somebody else – lots of them.

Also, Durren becomes unrecruitable after you enter the final dungeon (for reasons unknown – he just disappears from his location) which really just cements his position as one of the most forgettable so-so blitzball players in the game.

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