Where To Get Zamzi Ronso in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Zamzi Ronso can be found at the end of Dock Number 4 in Luca.

He’s a blitzball player for the Ronso Fangs, so you’ll have to wait out his contract with them before you can pick him up.

He also goes for 300 gil per game (not cheap) and can be hunted as soon as you can play blitzball from save points.


Who is Zamzi Ronso?

Well, he’s a Ronso, for starters.

He’s also a fairly decent blitzball player, and primarily a goalie at that.

If you decide to put him on your team, his stats say that he should stay a goalie.

That’s just about all he has going for him.

Zamzi Ronso blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

His Catch (CA) and Block (BL) are his best attributes, and everything else is just… eehhhh.

His Endurance (EN) is okay, but stuff like Pass (PA) and Attack (AT) are super low – this dude really was made to be a goalie.

Putting him anywhere else is a true recipe for disaster.

And he’s slow!

Even at level 99, his speed doesn’t exceed forty – and for context the general default speed for most other players is sixty.

Park this boy in the goal and he’ll do you fairly good.

Zamzi Ronso fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Zamzi Ronso Worth It?

Yes, but there’s also so much better.

Zamzi is a goalie, and not much else.

And there are a lot of better goalies kicking around.

Raudy is available in Luca as well – a better choice and cheaper.

And when you get the airship, you can get Nimrook, the best goalie in the game.

Zamzi is a good goalie. But at best he’s just a temporary member to your team until a better option can be obtained.

So sorry, Zamzi, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Go polish your horn.

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