FFX: Gazna Ronso Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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You can find Gazna Ronso on Dock Number 4 in Luca along with the rest of the Ronso Fangs. Since Gazna is actually the team captain of the Fangs, you may need to wait a while for his contract to expire before you can recruit him to the Aurochs.

When Gazna’s contract with the Fangs does expire, you can sign him for 150 gil per game.


Gazna Ronso’s Starting Techs, Stats, and Key Techniques

Gazna Ronso Playing Blitzball / FFX
Gazna Ronso Playing Blitzball

When signing up new blitzball players to the Aurochs, they may already have some Techs learned depending on their current level. Here’s a quick look at some Techs Gazna may start with after joining your team:

Tech Effect
Anti-Wither 50% chance to resist the Wither status
Elite Defense Allows a player to start chasing the character with the ball from further away
Wither Pass 2 60% chance to halve EN, PA, or SH of blocking player, PA +5
Wither Tackle 40% chance to halve EN, PA, or SH of player holding the ball

As for Key Techniques, Gazna’s are Drain Tackle, Venom Pass, and Volley Shot 2. Learning these techs for Gazna will allow him to learn even more abilities as you continue playing blitzball.

And then let’s take a look at his stats at level 1:

Stat Value
HP 389
SP 40
EN 20
AT 7
PA 11
BL 5
SH 4
CA 1

Is Gazna Worth Recruiting?

Gazna Ronso Throwing a Pass / FFX
Gazna Ronso Throwing a Pass

Gazna is best played as a midfielder, though he can fill a defender position at later levels. That being said, he’s decent at best, and you’ll have plenty of better options when it comes to recruiting new players.

Like other Ronso blitzball players, Gazna’s most obvious weakness is his low speed.

One way to make up for this is to have him learn the Brawler tech. Although you could always just find someone faster to fill your team slots.

All in all, Gazna isn’t necessarily terrible. But there are a lot of better players you can sign to the Aurochs, especially if you are looking to fill the midfielder position.

And since Gazna won’t even be available to recruit right away when you start playing blitzball, he is generally not worth recruiting onto the Aurochs.

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