Zev Ronso’s Location & Blitzball Guide (FFX)

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Zev Ronso can be found standing around on the Number 5 Dock in Luca.

He can be contracted onto your blitzball team for 150 gil per game, and is available to recruit as soon as you can start recruiting players.

As you can probably guess, Zev is a big blue Ronso blitzball player.

This furry friend is a good early-game player that can be put into any position without too much problem. However, Zev’s stats take a long time to get anywhere good – and most of the time he’ll be as middle-of-the-road as it gets.

Zev’s best stat is his AT.

And at higher levels (past 70) his AT becomes one of the highest of all available players.

Zev Ronso Blitzball Recruit Info in FFX HD (Screenshot)

Combine this with his decent SH (Shoot) stat and a high-level Zev is a goal-making machine.

He also starts with both Wither Pass and Wither Pass 2, which are always handy to have.

Plus he’s one of the faster Ronso players, with a swim speed comparable to the Al Bhed Psyches.

Zev Ronso Location on Luca Dock #5 / FFX HD Screenshot

Is Zev Worth Getting?

No, not really.

The problem with Zev being such a beast at higher levels is the process of getting him there.

There are a lot of other players that are better all the way through, and Zev will fall behind while leveling to his power zone.

That said, if you’re looking for a cheap pick-up to fill out your team while you get through the game (or just to pass the time) then Zev isn’t a bad choice. Just don’t expect to get to the top with him signed on.

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