Where To Recruit Botta in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Botta is found in the Besaid Aurochs locker room in Luca. This is the same locker room used during the blitzball tournament in the game’s story.

Though he is an original member of your team, you can let Botta go after his contract expires. If you decide to have him re-join the Aurochs, approach him like you would any other free agent blitzball player in Spira.

Botta’s salary is 50 gil per game.


Botta’s Starting Techs, Stats, and Key Techniques

Botta During a Blitzball Match / FFX
Botta During a Blitzball Match

As one of the default members of the Besaid Aurochs, Botta doesn’t have any Techs in the beginning. Of course, this is only at the start and you will have plenty of opportunities to have him learn new abilities through Techcopy and league prizes.

Each player’s list of learnable Techs is limited, but you can expand these by having them learn their Key Techniques. Key Techniques will differ for each player, so here are Botta’s:

Tech Effect
Venom Shot SH +3, 40% chance of applying Poison to defending players who touch the ball
Venom Pass 2 PA +5, 60% chance of applying Poison to defending players who touch the ball
Nap Tackle AT +3, 40% chance of applying Sleep

Botta starts out as the Right Defender for the Aurochs but he can fill either of the defensive positions.

Here’s a table of his stats at level 1:

Stat Value
HP 105
SP 60
EN 3
AT 10
PA 6
BL 2
SH 1
CA 1

Is Botta Worth Having on Your Team?

Botta Readying a Tackle / FFX
Botta Readying a Tackle

As mentioned earlier, Botta is your starting Right Defender. At lower levels, he has decent AT but will start seeing higher boosts in his BL later on.

However, it’s his other stats that keep him from being a top-tier player. You may notice that his EN and PA are on the low side, making him good at taking the ball from the opposing team but not so great at actually keeping it.

As a whole, the original members of the Besaid Aurochs are a group of players with mediocre stats – and Botta is arguably the weakest link.

That being said, dominating leagues and tournaments with the original Aurochs lineup is very doable.

Some people keep the original Aurochs team just for the extra bit of challenge, or for lore reasons.

You may also consider keeping Botta on your roster if you plan on convincing Wakka to come out of retirement and using the Aurochs Spirit tech. This ability boosts Wakka’s SH by an amount determined by the stats of any original Aurochs players that are still on the team.

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