How To Recruit Giera Guado (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Giera Guado is, as you’d expect, living in Guadosalam. You’ll find him standing outside the upper house.

He’s a member of the Guado Glories, so you’ll have to wait until his contract expires before he can join the Aurochs.

He costs 1000 gil per game (seriously!) and is available as soon as you arrive in Guadosalam.


Who is Giera Guado?

He’s a blitzball player who specializes in aggressive play.

He has decent stats for Endurance (EN), Shoot (SH) and Pass (PA), which lends to his goal-oriented role.

Blitzball goals, I mean, not his personal goals (one of which is actually to become the next Guado Maester).

Giera Guado blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

Putting Giera as anything but a forward is a fool’s errand – and a great way to hamstring yourself.

What he does, though, he does well.

He’s able to make the shots and pass the ball, which are pretty useful tools for a blitzball player.

And he’s fast! He has an above-average speed (like most Guado players) but lower HP in exchange (again, like most Guado players).

What you’ll probably notice most about Giera is his cost.

At a thousand gil per game, he’s easily one of the most expensive blitzball players in all of FFX – and a real roadblock for players who either just arrived in Guadosalam, or haven’t reached a point in the game where they can make decent gil.

Why are you so expensive, Giera?

Giera Guado fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Giera Worth It?

Not really, no.

He is awfully expensive, and his stats just aren’t worth that squeeze.

There are better players out there, even many players you can get well before you arrive at Guadosalam.

Heck, you can get better forwards in Luca alone.

Giera isn’t a bad player, not at all.

But there are better and much cheaper options.

Good luck with your life, Giera. I’m glad the Guado Glories have pockets deep enough to keep you on their roster.

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