Where To Recruit Jassu in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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You can find Jassu hanging around inside the Luca Stadium locker room. You’ll find him and the rest of the original Aurochs lineup in the same locker room that you used during the blitzball tournament on your first visit to Luca.

Jassu will be your Left Defender when you start the game, but he will leave the team just like any other blitzball player if you don’t renew his contract.

If you let him go but decide later on that you want him back on the Aurochs, you can sign him for 10 gil per match.


Jassu’s Starting Techs, Stats, and Key Techniques

Jassu During a Blitzball Match / FFX
Jassu During a Blitzball Match

Since Jassu is part of your default team when first playing blitzball, he’ll start off at level 1 with no Techs learned. Jassu can learn new Techs like every other blitzball player – through Techcopy and tournament or league prizes.

Each blitzball player can only learn a fixed set of Techs, but this can be expanded by learning their Key Techniques. The following are Jassu’s Key Techniques:

Tech Effect
Wither Tackle AT +3, 40% chance of halving opposing player’s EN, PA, or SH
Wither Tackle 2 AT +5, 70% chance of halving opposing player’s EN, PA, or SH
Nap Tackle 2 AT +5, 70% chance of applying Sleep

As your first Left Defender in the game, Jassu’s stats suit either of the defender positions.

Here are Jassu’s stat numbers at level 1:

Stat Value
HP 100
SP 63
EN 7
AT 10
PA 7
BL 5
SH 1
CA 1

Is Jassu Worth Having on Your Team?

Jassu Winding up a Tackle / FFX
Jassu Winding up a Tackle

At the start, Jassu is a pretty decent defender.

However, as you continue to play more blitzball and players start reaching higher levels, he gets left behind.

So Jassu is not exactly the best player out there, but it’s perfectly fine to keep him on your team early on in the game. If you’re looking to sign better defensive players to the Aurochs, I’d recommend replacing Botta first.

But there’s really only a couple of reasons why you might want to keep Jassu signed to the Aurochs.

  1. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge. The original members of the Besaid Aurochs aren’t exactly the best but some people like to keep them throughout their entire playthrough to make blitzball matches more challenging.
  2. If you want Wakka back to the team to use Aurochs Spirit. Aurochs Spirit will boost Wakka’s SH by an amount determined by the stats of any original Aurochs players still on the team.

All in all, doing well in blitzball is still very possible with Jassu on your team. Keeping him around really just depends on your preference when it comes to playing blitzball.

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