Wings to Discovery: Locations & Farming Guide For FFX

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The best way to accumulate more Wings to Discovery is to farm the Monster Arena original creation Shinryu. It drops x1 wing each battle at an 87% drop rate.

You’ll unlock Shinryu once you capture at least (2) copies of each underwater fiend in the Mt. Gagazet Cave area. There’s only three enemies you need to capture, but remember you need to get each of them twice:

  • Achelous
  • Maelspike
  • Splasher

The fastest way to get Wings to Discovery is through bribes, but you only have a couple options & they’re very pricey (more details about bribing further in this guide).

Wings to Discovery can be used to customize Break HP Limit onto armor, or to customize Triple AP onto weapons.

You need 30 Wings for Break HP Limit and 50 Wings for Triple AP.


Wings to Discovery Locations

While not rare, these Wings are among the slowest of all the items to farm in the game.

The most reliable & cheapest method is to farm Shinryu, who drops one wing per victory.

Shinryu is unlocked at the Monster Arena after capturing two of every aquatic monster from Mt. Gagazet.

Wings to Discovery Bribes

You can get these things really quickly by bribing Malboros or Great Malboros.

If your time is more valuable than your gil, or if you’re just that rich, then bribing is substantially faster than farming Shinryu.

It isn’t cheap, though.

  • You get 4 Wings from regular Malboros for 550,000 gil
  • You get 8 Wings from a Great Malboro for 1,280,000 gil

The easiest place to find Malboros is in the northwestern area of the Calm Lands.

The easiest place to find Great Malboros is probably inside the Omega Ruins, although they can also spawn inside the final dungeon too.

Shinryu Battle from Monster Arena / Final Fantasy X HD

Wings to Discovery Uses

Break HP Limit is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll go over it anyway:

It adds another digit to a character’s max HP, allowing it to go all the way up to 99999.

This is great because you have more HP to take hits, but it’s also that much harder to heal.

Still, it’s pretty useful having so much HP.

So it’s a personal judgment call whether it’s worth a slot.

Triple AP also pretty much explains itself.

AP is the lifeblood of the sphere grid. If you’re planning to do any of the endgame content, then filling out that grid is pretty important.

Earning triple the amount of AP per fight is a great help.

Triple AP is also a key ability in the Don Tonberry AP trick, which can get you 99 sphere levels in a single fight.

Wings to Discovery can also be used by Rikku in some great mixes:

Super Elixir (Ability Distiller): Restores all HP and MP to the party, as well as cleanses all bad status ailments.

Super Mighty G (Chocobo Feather): Applies Shell, Protect, Haste, and Regen onto the party.

Trio of 9999 (Blessed Gem): Makes all party members deal 9999 damage with every attack until the end of the battle.


Are Wings to Discovery Worth Farming?


As I said, Break HP Limit is pretty subjective. It is really cool to have so much HP, but at the same time, it makes it harder to heal.

Only Yuna really has the magical chops to heal over 9999 HP – and most items can’t exceed that amount either.

Also, most enemies in the game won’t deal more than 9999 – and for those that do, there’s often other ways to mitigate the damage.

That armor slot is probably better used with other more pragmatic abilities.

Triple AP is pretty handy, and key to one of the most powerful AP leveling tricks in the game – but weapons that already have it are dropped by One-Eye, another Monster Arena creation that’s much easier than Shinryu.

Even the mixes listed above can all be made with other, cheaper items.

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