Where To Farm Basilisk Eggs in FFXIV (Location + Uses)

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Basilisk eggs can be found by miners in Lv50 Mineral Deposits in Northern Thanalan (X:22.8, Y:24.3). The quickest way to get here is to take the Ceruleum Processing Plant aetheryte, then travel southeast to where it says “Bluefog” on your map.

There are level 49 Basilisks wandering around this area that are aggressive, so make sure you have your sneak ability up if your level is still somewhere near 50. Some level 49 FATEs spawn nearby as well, so be sure to be mindful of enemies that spawn from those.

Basilisk eggs are also obtained from defeating basilisk-type enemies and from retainer ventures. Of these options, I’d say gathering the eggs as a miner would be the fastest way to fill up your inventory.

But we’ve added a table below that outlines all of your options:

Source Type Location Description
Lv50 Mineral Deposit Mining Node Northern Thanalan (X:22.8, Y:24.3) Obtained by mining
Basilisk Level 49 Monster Northern Thanalan (X:22.8, Y:24.3) Random drop
Butcher Basilisk Level 38-42 Monster Bluefog Spawned from levequests
Quicksand Basilisk Level 38 Monster Cutter’s Cry Random Drop, spawns inside dungeon
Field Exploration IX Level 40 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Highland Exploration X Level 45 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 42 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete
Mining Exploration Venture Level 46 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete

Hunting Basilisks

Level 49 Basilisk / Final Fantasy XIV
Level 49 Basilisk

There are a few kinds of basilisk that drop their eggs after being defeated. Here’s a list of what they are and where to find them:

  • Quicksand Basilisk, Level 38 – found in the dungeon “Cutter’s Cry”
  • Butcher Basilisk, Level 38-42 – Spawned from level 40 levequests “Necrologos: Pale Oblation” and “Someone’s in the Doghouse”
  • Basilisk, Level 49 – Spawns in Northern Thanalan near the mining points that also contain basilisk eggs (X:22.8, Y:24.3)

Since quicksand basilisks and butcher basilisks only spawn in instances or under certain conditions, it’s best to stick with the level 49 Basilisks in Northern Thanalan for farming basilisk eggs.


Retainer Ventures

Hunting Exploration Ventures / Final Fantasy XIV
Hunting Exploration Ventures

Retainers can be tasked to go out and farm items for the player through ventures. There are a handful that can produce basilisk eggs.

Both Field Exploration IX and Highland Exploration X are ventures that take 18 hours to complete and have a chance at obtaining basilisk eggs. The former can be assigned to retainers that are Disciples of War or Magic while the latter is assigned to miners.

Because the items brought back from these ventures and their long duration, they are not recommended for farming items. In fact, these ventures are mainly used as a method of leveling up your retainers.

Hunting exploration ventures can be given to a battle class retainer, and at level 42 the option for obtaining basilisk eggs becomes available. This type of venture will take 40 to 60 minutes to complete depending on your retainer’s level and bring back 5 to 15 basilisk eggs depending on their average item level.

Mining exploration ventures also take 40 to 60 minutes to complete, but these are assigned to retainers that are miners. The option for basilisk eggs here becomes available at level 46. Retainers that are sent out on these ventures can bring back 15 to 50 basilisk eggs depending on their perception stat.

As you can see, mining exploration ventures are your best bet here.

Keep in mind that in order to assign a class to your retainer, you must have that class unlocked and leveled yourself.

A player’s current level for any class will be the retainer’s level cap for that same class.


Basilisk Egg Uses

Barbarian's Bardiche / Final Fantasy XIV
Barbarian’s Bardiche

There are two crafting recipes that involve the use of basilisk eggs – one for the Basilisk Grinding Wheel and another for the Basilisk Whetstone.

The basilisk whetstone is another item that is used in over 50 crafting recipes, and can be made by level 40 goldsmiths with 5 wind shards and 1 basilisk egg.

One of the many items that can be crafted with basilisk whetstones is the Barbarian’s Bardiche (pictured above). This is a level 50 craft, item level 55 weapon for Warriors.

And Basilisk eggs can be used to complete your daily Grand Company Miner Supply Mission. Or your Grand Company Personnel officer may also request 10 basilisk eggs for this mission if you have miner at level 46.

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