Where Do You Get The Coblyn Larva Minion? (FFXIV)

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Added in Patch 2.1, The Coblyn Larva Minion is obtained from Mining. Specifically, from an Unspoiled Node in Eastern Thanalan (The Burning Wall – Burgundy Falls, X:28 Y:22).

The Node only appears once every Eorzean day, from 9AM to 12PM before vanishing.

The Coblyn Larva is also not guaranteed to be there, but it is pretty common.

Unspoiled Nodes are available to both Botanist and Miner starting at Level 46. You’ll need to use the Action “Truth of Mountains” or “Truth of Forests” to reveal them. This Action is automatic once you reach Level 60 in that respective Disciple of the Land.

There’s also a second method of acquiring the Coblyn Larva, should you not have Miner leveled.

Your Grand Company offers both Material 3.0 and Material 4.0 Containers / Final Fantasy XIV
Your Grand Company offers both Material 3.0 and Material 4.0 Containers.

For a mere 20,000 Grand Company Seals, you can purchase a Material Container 3.0 from your respective Grand Company.

The three Quartermasters are:

  • Flame Quartermaster – Ul’dah – Steps of Nald, X:8 Y:9
  • Serpent Quartermaster – New Gridania – The Adders’ Nest, X:10 Y:11
  • Storm Quartermaster – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:13

You’ll need to have ranked up to Lieutenant with your Grand Company before they’ll be for sale. But once you have, these Coffers can contain nearly any Minion from Heavensward or A Realm Reborn! That also includes a few rare Mounts.

The full list of possible rewards from the Material Container 3.0 are:



  • Black Pegasus – only elsewhere available in The Palace of the Dead on Floors 170 – 200.
  • Zu – only available as a rare acquisition from Free Company Airship Voyages to Sea of Clouds Sector 24.
The Black Pegasus Mount in the night skies of Eastern Thanalan / Final Fantasy XIV
The Black Pegasus Mount in the night skies of Eastern Thanalan.


  • Assassin Fry
  • Atrophied Atomos
  • Baby Brachiosaur
  • Baby Opo-opo
  • Baby Raptor
  • Bite-sized Pudding
  • Bluebird
  • Bullpup
  • Calamari
  • Calca
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Clockwork Barrow
  • Coblyn Larva
  • Demon Brick
  • Dress-up Alisae
  • Dress-up Thancred
  • Dwarf Rabbit
  • Eggplant Knight
  • Fat Cat
  • Fenrir Pup
  • Fledgeling Dodo
  • Gaelikitten
  • Gestahl
  • Gigantpole
  • Gold Rush Minecart
  • Gravel Golem
  • Hunting Hawk
  • Infant Imp
  • Iron Dwarf
  • Kidragora
  • Korpokkur Kid
  • Lesser Panda
  • Littlefoot
  • Magic Broom
  • Mammet #001
  • Mandragora Queen
  • Miniature Minecart
  • Minute Mindflayer
  • Morpho
  • Mummy’s Little Mummy
  • Onion Prince
  • Nana Bear
  • Naughty Nanka
  • Nutkin
  • Owlet
  • Page 63
  • Paissa Brat
  • Plush Cushion
  • Shaggy Shoat
  • Slime Puddle
  • Smallshell
  • Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII
  • Tight-beaked Parrot
  • Tiny Bulb
  • Tiny Tapir
  • Tiny Tortoise
  • Tomato King
  • Ugly Duckling
  • Unicolt
  • Wide-eyed Fawn
  • Wind-up Edda
  • Wind-up Tonberry

See? No worries if you don’t want to gather.

Along the way you can pick up tons of magnificent prizes in pursuit of your Coblyn Larva Minion!

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