Where To Get The Tiny Tortoise Minion in FFXIV

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The Tiny Tortoise Minion is obtained primarily through Fishing. Added in Patch 2.1 of A Realm Reborn, it’s available for catch pretty early on in your fishing exploits.

The particular fishing hole you’re looking for is located in Lower La Noscea. It’ll require you to be around Level 20 as the Fisher Disciple of the Land. You can easily hit that with just a few minutes of fishing – no worries!

Once you’re properly leveled and outfitted, head to The Salt Strand (Lower La Noscea, X:17 Y:36).

The Salt Strand is one of the nicer vistas in La Noscea, though it’s filled with monstrous crabs / FFXIV
The Salt Strand is one of the nicer vistas in La Noscea, though it’s filled with monstrous crabs.

Normally the Tiny Tortoise can only be caught using higher Level Baits, the Northern Krill (Level 50, purchased in Western La Noscea) and the Yumizuno (Level 48, craftable by Goldsmith).

This means that even if you technically meet the minimum Level to fish in The Salt Strand, you still wouldn’t get any bites from the Tiny Turtle.

But we can circumvent this entirely by using one nifty trick: the Versatile Lure.

Pop on over to Limsa Lominsa and look for the Merchant & Mender at the Ferry Docks (X:3 Y:13).

For a mere 300 Gil, you can purchase this Level 1 Lure and use it to nab almost any fish in A Realm Reborn. That includes Minions like the Tiny Tortoise or Gigantpole!

The only issue really is that every fish loves the Versatile Lure, so your odds dwindle a little bit.

Fishing at the docks of the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks / FFXIV
Fishing at the docks of the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

Whichever bait you put on your hook, you’re looking for a big bite. That’s denoted by three exclamation marks (!!!) above your character’s head.

Once that happens, tug your fishing rod and with any luck the Tiny Tortoise Minion will be on the end of the line.

The Tiny Tortoise is a frequent enough catch that it can actually be used as a pretty decent source of Gil. Especially if you’re a low-level or newer player.

So if you’re inclined to profit from this adorable minion, you can catch a whole gaggle of tortoises and throw them on the Market Board!

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