How To Get The Tiny Troll Minion (FFXIV)

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The Tiny Troll Minion is acquired rarely from “The Aitiascope” Dungeon. This is a Level 89 Dungeon in the Endwalker Expansion.

It’s unlocked as part of the Main Story Quest “Her Children, One And All”.

So the good news is that you won’t have to hunt down any sidequests.

The unfortunate part is that this Minion is exclusively available here. So it can’t be sold on a Marketboard.

You’ll need either 3 fellow Adventurers, or to utilize the Trust system to finish the Duty.

That second option is more enticing, because if the Tiny Troll drops, it’s yours.

Otherwise you’ll need some luck to beat everyone else on a loot roll.

While Trusts are much slower, it’s better than seeing someone else run off with your Minion.

The Tiny Troll Minion itself was actually introduced in Labyrinthos. If you haven’t, be sure to check out the journey of Shaggles. You can start it by accepting the Quest “Lost Little Troll” from the Distracted Archivist (Labyrinthos, X:30 Y:19).

Not only do you get to meet the fuzzy little creature, but you get an Aether Current for your troubles.


The Aitiascope in Perspective

The vast Aetherial Sea that leads to Hydaelyn and her secrets / FFXIV
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The Aitiascope is actually reminiscent of all the Journeys your Warrior of Light has gone on.

It holds many renewed old foes, and the spirits of long-departed Scions.

Having a heads up on their new tricks, especially if you joined after A Realm Reborn, can help.

Here’s a breakdown of all of your reanimated nemeses:


Livia the Undeterred

  • Aglaea Bite – Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Frustration – Room-wide AOE, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Odi Et Amo – Two Party Members will be targeted by ground AOEs, while a third gets a stack marker. Bait the AOEs out and then stack with your friend.
  • Disparagement – A cone-shaped AOE that casts facing the target of the stack marker. Simply dodge.
  • Aglaea Climb – Livia spreads her arms and two of them will glow. These will cleave that particular direction in a 90 degree arc. Move to an arm that isn’t glowing to avoid damage.
  • Aglaea Shot – Eight line AOEs will spread outward from Livia. After a short while, they will fire back in the same spot. Dodge the first and remain in one of the safe spots.
Rhitahtyn Trial boss, soon to be removed from the Trial Roulette / FFXIV
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Rhitahtyn the Unshakable

  • Anvil of Tartarus – Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Tartarean Impact – Room-wide AOE. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Tartarean Spark – Line AOE on a random Player. Move out to avoid damage.
  • Shrapnel Shell – After firing mortars, two AOEs will appear. These will spread outward in two directions, making two areas unsafe. Move to an open corner to avoid damage.
  • Vexillatio – Fills two-thirds of the arena with immovable crystals. Stand in the center to avoid damage and knockback.
  • Shield Skewer – Rhitahtyn absorbs energy from crystals on the walls. Each will have a meter, with one depleting faster than the others. Move to the area where the crystals deplete first. This attack will be combined with Shrapnel Shell, simply watch the wall opposite of the AOEs to find the safe spot.
One of the many clones of Fandaniel, Amon the Undying of the Allagans / FFXIV
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Sundered Soul: Amon the Undying

  • Dark Forte – Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Entr’acte – Room-wide AOE, mitigate and ehal as necessary.
  • Eruption Forte – Two circular AOEs are placed under players, and after a brief period they’ll explode. Move out to avoid damage.
  • Thundage Forte – A large proximity AOE followed by two sets of cone AOEs. Move out to avoid heavy damage then watch the ground. One set of AOEs will have a ground marker moving faster than the others and will explode first.
  • Strophe – Amon summons circular disc AOEs that appear on the ground.
  • Antistrophe – The summoned discs will raise and fire a line AOE from both sides. The safe spot will be perpendicular to the faces of the discs. Basically don’t stand in front of the flat part.
  • Left / Right Firaga Forte – Amon will cleave one of the sides of the arena. It is based on the direction he is facing. If you’re looking at Amon, his right is your left.
  • Curtain Call – Two Eruption Fortes will go off and Shiva will appear. She’ll spawn a large crystal right in the center. Just hide behind this crystal before Curtain Call resolves or you’ll be killed instantly.

Once you’ve triumphed over your fashionably dressed foe, it’s time to open the coffer.

Pray to RNG that it contains your Tiny Troll Minion, and maybe an Aetherial Sea Orchestrion Roll – if you’re feeling greedy, that is.

Best of luck in your Troll hunt!

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