What Are The Best Troll Slayer Spots? (OSRS)

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Depending on how strong your character is, and whether you favor faster experience or better drops, these are all the worthwhile spots where you can kill trolls for your slayer task:

  • North of Jatizso (Best cannon spot, good drops)
  • North of Neitiznot (Safe spots, good drops)
  • South of Mount Quidamortem (Second best cannon spot)
  • Outside of the Troll Stronghold

Trolls are medium-level enemies that are usually found inhabiting the snowy or mountainous parts of the map, and are commonly assigned by slayer masters as a task.

Because the common mountain trolls have an unremarkable drop table, many players choose to kill their frosty cousins, the ice trolls, which can drop semi-valuable items such as the Granite Shield or the Rune Kiteshield.

Even though they’re not particularly strong, an inexperienced or under-geared adventurer might still find them difficult.

Additionally, higher level players may prefer to utilize a Dwarf Multicannon in a multi combat area to finish their task quicker.


The Best Troll Spots & Their Advantages


North of Jatizso

The ice trolls north of Jatizso / OSRS
The ice trolls north of Jatizso

Starting things off, the first spot we’re going over is found in the Fremennik Isles, just north of the city of Jatizso.

The small islands north of the city are packed to the brim with all kinds of Ice Trolls, and the area being multi combat makes it perfect for setting up a cannon.

What makes this better than other cannon-able spots, is that these trolls have precious items in their drop table, which can be sold or alchemized to recover some of the money spent on cannonballs.

Access to this place requires the start and partial completion of the experienced quest “The Fremennik Isles”.


North of Neitiznot

Guards and Trolls fighting it out / OSRS
Guards and Trolls fighting it out

Meanwhile, on the west side of the Fremennik Isles, there’s a perfect spot for low level players that just want to easily do their task while making some extra cash on the side.

Right after crossing the first bridge north of Neitiznot, you will find a few friendly Honour Guards battling against some Ice Troll Runts.

The strategy here is to wait until the Guards and the Trolls start fighting each other (you can easily lure the trolls to the guards), and then safely attack the preoccupied runts.

Doing this will get you less slayer experience than normally, but it’s an easy way to complete your task if you are too weak to take the trolls one on one.

Again, access to this place requires the start and partial completion of the experienced quest “The Fremennik Isles”.


South of Mount Quidamortem

Overlooking the trolls at Quidamortem / OSRS
Overlooking the trolls at Quidamortem

A few steps south of the entrance to the Chambers of Xeric on Mount Quidamortem, there are two easily-accessible multi combat spots with mountain trolls, perfect for a quick slayer task.

Thanks to the monster density, it’s also the best place to just normally do your task (without a cannon).

Just wear some prayer boosting gear like Proselyte, turn on your auto-retaliate and Protect from Melee prayer, and start bashin’ some troll faces.

It should be noted that no quest (or anything else) is required to get here, making it very appealing to some!


Outside of the Troll Stronghold

Fighting trolls outside the stronghold / OSRS
Fighting trolls outside the stronghold

The last place worth of note, is the good ol’ Troll Stronghold.

This is a single-way combat area, making it ideal for players that don’t want to bother with cannons, or waste money on prayer potions.

The entrance of the stronghold has plenty of trolls for you to kill, and there’s also a couple of rooms inside the fortress with multiple monsters close to each other.

While not directly required, completion of the intermediate quest “Eadgar’s Ruse” is ideal, since it unlocks the ability to teleport directly to Trollheim, making banking and getting back there significantly easier.


Extra Tips and Gear

Basic troll-fighting melee gear / OSRS
Basic troll-fighting melee gear

If you’re going on a troll slayer task, consider using some of the following useful items:

  • A Black Mask or Slayer Helmet should always be used, due to the incredible bonuses it provides both to accuracy and damage (around 15%).
  • A charged Soulbearer can be used to save inventory space by sending any ensouled monster heads directly to your bank. Currently, a charge costs less than an ensouled troll head, making it 100% worth it.
  • The Herb Sack can store up to 30 of each grimy herb, saving you additional inventory spaces while ensuring no poor little herb is left behind!
  • When fighting female ice trolls, wearing a Neitiznot Shield will decrease their maximum damage from 6 down to 2.
  • Lastly, players can earn Granite Cannonballs from the Grotesque Guardians boss. These raise the maximum possible damage of the cannon by 5, which translates to a DPS increase of about 16%.
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