How To Get The Twintania Mount in FFXIV

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The Twintania Mount is obtained by exchanging 15 Gold Chocobo Feathers with the Calamity Salvager, located in in one of these places:

– Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, X:12 Y:13
– Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, X:11 Y:14
– Old Gridania, X:10 Y:8

Golden Chocobo Feathers are acquired by using Square Enix’s Recruit a Friend Campaign. You earn 5 Feathers per friend you sign up via your personal recruitment code. And you earn additional Feathers the longer they subscribe (150, 210, and 270 days.)

Unfortunately, this is the only method of obtaining the Feathers (and the Mount) as of this writing.

The good news is that it’s always a great time to invite your friends to play FFXIV.


But Wait, There’s More!

The Calamity Salvager of Ul’dah preparing to make a trade (FFXIV)
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If Twintania herself wasn’t enough motivation to pursue those elusive Golden Chocobo Feathers, other prizes await.

Separate from your dragon, other mounts are also available, as well as special dyes from the Salvager (Deal in Spoils > Gold Chocobo Feather Exchange).

Here’s a list of what you can get:

Reward Cost
Pure White Dye (5) 1 Feather
Jet Black Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Pink Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Green Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Blue Dye (5) 1 Feather
Pastel Purple Dye (5) 1 Feather
Metallic Silver Dye (5) 1 Feather
Metallic Gold Dye (5) 1 Feather
Aetheryte Ticket (10) 1 Feather
Twintania Neurolink Key (Mt) 15 Feathers
Amber Draught Chocobo (Mt) 8 Feathers
Managarm (Mt) 8 Feathers

It should be noted that the Dyes obtained here can also be brought back by your Retainers via Quick Ventures.

Ideally that means you’ll be saving up your Feathers for those exclusive Mounts.


Friends With Benefits

Confronting Twintania in Turn 5 of The Binding Coil of Bahamut (FFXIV)
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You might be wondering what your friends get out of this while you flutter about on your new dragon.

They’ll receive the following benefits:

Friendship Circlet, a helm that increases Experience gained by 20% when level 25 and below (including synced).

Aetheryte Ticket (x99). When teleporting you will not incur a Gil fee, great for early game travel when you’re poor.

Ballroom Etiquette – Improper Greetings (/fistbump, /brofist). A unique emote to signify your newfound Eorzean bond.

10 Silver Chocobo Feathers. Also traded at the Calamity Salvager, these are exchanged for high-end gear. 5 will net you a corresponding coffer for level 20, 50, 60, or 70.

You additionally receive the following when they subscribe a certain amount of days:

The Friendship Circlet (30 Days)

Aetheryte Pendulum (30 Days) – This allows you to Teleport to the Aetheryte closest to anyone with the “New Adventurer” status on your friend’s list free of charge. Great for those spot field resurrections when they die to angry Hunt Marks.

Draught Chocobo (90 Days) – Not to be confused with the Amber Draught Chocobo you exchange for Golden Feathers, this two-seater is also extremely useful.

Not to mention you’ll have a great group of friends to save Hydaelyn with!

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